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Communications News

Telecom sector makes progress in digital transformation

A recent survey has found that the telecom sector is leading the way with digital transformation. Close behind are financial services.

Bill Gates backs holographic beamforming market

Holographic beamforming is a new communications technique, superior to other methods for delivering ultrafast data. The technology has attracted the interest of Bill Gates who has selected one start-up for funding.

Interview: Future of Communications Platform as a Service Special

The world’s first end-to-end Communications Platform as a Service provider has been formed, aimed at bridging a leading cloud communications platform with one of the largest global carriers in the world.

New development for ultra-fast communications

Salt Lake City - A special kind of perovskite appears to be a a vital component for the communications system of the future, allowing use of the next generation of communications bandwidth.

Digital transformation is reshaping communications

As companies move through the digital transformation process one consequence is the reshaping of communications. Notably this often includes communications platform-as-a-service for customer engagement and greater use of cloud computing.

Cyberattack leaves millions without mobile phone service in Venezuela

Caracas - A massive cyberattack that took down government websites in Venezuela earlier this week also has left seven million mobile phone users without service, the government said Thursday.

New software edits voices like text

A new type of software is set to revolutionize audio recordings of the human voice. The software allows the user to add or replace a word in an audio recording of a human voice.

Microsoft's new app strips Skype back to basics for India

Microsoft has launched a new Skype app aimed at users who struggle with limited data plans and patchy network connectivity. Skype Lite is a basic version of the popular messaging app that's smaller to install and uses less data.

Google Voice gets its first major update in five years

Google has announced a total revamp of its popular but neglected Google Voice communications service. After largely abandoning its apps for years, the company has released an all-new interface and several new features.

Wireless data transfer speeds hit a record high at 6 Gbps

Researchers in Germany have successfully set a new world record for the speed of wireless data transmission. A transfer rate of 6 Gigabits per second, far beyond that of current fibre networks, was observed experimentally over a distance of 37 kilometres.

Symposium warns we could have another 'Carrington event'

We have talked about solar flares before, and generally, we think of them as creating beautiful auroras seen close to the Earth's poles. But what if one of these flares was a "super flare?" What could it do to the Earth?

Sun flare disrupts radio — New geomagnetic storm predicted

The strongest solar explosion this year took down radio communications on Wednesday. Further disruption is expected today and tomorrow when another geomagnetic storm hits.

North Korea's Internet down again, say U.S. experts

Washington - North Korea's connections to the Internet were cut for the second day running Tuesday, according to a U.S. Internet research group that has been tracking the country's struggle to stay online.

Op-Ed: Say what? Better communications for a healthier workplace Special

When France declared that, by law, employees would have to unplug from their workplaces at 6 p.m. every day, everyone working a 45-hour week huffed saying "Well, I wish!"

Terahertz tech gets a major push

A $1 million grant has been awarded by the W.M. Keck Foundation to Rice University to develop terahertz-based technology. This could enable a dramatic advance in wireless communications and other disciplines.

Study: Canada is #1 in digital diplomacy, Pope dominates retweets

How social media changes our culture and our very lives is something many are researching today. A recent study praised Canada for their online diplomacy and also noted the sheer influence available online to Pope Francis.

Business set to prefer video conferencing by 2016

Video conferencing is expected to be the preferred business communications tool in 2016. This is according to new survey on global video conferencing trends.

Vodafone reveals surveillance across multiple countries

The massive mobile phone giant Vodafone has revealed the extent of Irish communications snooping and surveillance in many other countries.

Waterloo's startup weekend crowns an All-Girl Champions Special

Cambridge - From a competition of 12 dynamic teams, the winner of Waterloo's Startup Weekend has been selected: Barn Raiser — the only all-girl team in the running.

EU court rules that data collection rules violate privacy rights

On Tuesday, a data communications collection requirement was struck down in the European Union and declared invalid, on the grounds that it infringed on basic privacy rights.

Israeli firm working on 30-second phone charger

Jerusalem - An Israeli startup said on Tuesday that it was working to develop a bio-organic system that can recharge a smartphone battery in just 30 seconds.

Pentagon working to share reserved airwaves with industry -officials

The Pentagon said on Thursday it was working to find ways to share more of its reserved airwaves with commercial wireless companies that need greater bandwidth for smartphone and t...

Financial marketers discuss content marketing at rooftop event Special

New York - At the Financial Communications Society's Case Studies in Multi-Channel Content Marketing event, panelists found a common thread in "device agnostic" content.

New York Businesses Get Creative Special

New York - For years, many have made a distinction between business types (also sometimes known as 'the suits'), and 'the creatives', but that classification is becoming increasingly outdated as the line today between 'business' and 'creative' blurs.

45,000 Verizon employees go on strike

Nearly half of the workforce employed by Verizon Wireless Communications Inc. are opening the week on strike. The movement follows a breakdown in labor negiotiations between the union and Verizon.

Op-Ed: Edelman's perspectives parallel modern branded content solutions

Speaking at the Holmes Report's Think Tank Live summit in Prague last week, Edelman CEO Richard Edelman positioned the opportunities for public relations companies along 'complexity' lines versus the 'simplicity' produced in advertising agency circles.

Facebook retained PR firm to smear Google on privacy concerns

After an email string surfaced on the Internet from an employee at PR shop Burson-Marsteller looking for a blogger to write an op-ed piece against Google's privacy position, the client behind the push was revealed to be Facebook.

Op-Ed: Email string reveals PR challenges and need for branded content

An email exchange between a vice president at public relations concern Burson-Marsteller and an activist blogger revealed the underpinnings of the modern challenges facing corporate communications professionals and the need for branded content solutions.

Government cutting communications in Egypt to curb protests

In an effort to curb the violence in Egypt all Internet and telephone traffic has been pulled by the government. Today tens of thousands of protesters are in the streets with media saying that the nation is on the brink of revolution.

Trapped Chilean miners complain of censorship, restrictions

Santiago - The letters sent by relatives of some of the Chilean workers trapped underground are being retained by authorities because of concerns about psychological impact. This is causing uncertainty and upsetting the miners.
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The ViaSat-1 communications satellite
The ViaSat-1 communications satellite
NASA s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this ultraviolet-light image of an X1.1 flare erupting fr...
NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this ultraviolet-light image of an X1.1 flare erupting from the Sun Oct. 19.