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Why the digitization of operational processes needs 5G Special

5G has become an integral part of digital transformation strategies for many companies. As some firms strive forwards, those without business tactics centered on 5G will see themselves lagging behind. An expert explains more.

Why and how organizations need to optimize Wi-Fi

Many types of businesses are seeing the advantages of Wi-Fi technology as an enabler for the Industrial Internet of Things. The advent of W-Fi 6 will improve speed, increase efficiency and reduce congestion in heavy bandwidth usage scenarios.

How to avoid waiting on hold for 4 hours during COVID-19 Special

According to CEO and Chairman, Louis Tetu, there’s a need for companies to go digital so they can avoid the four hour wait times that happening due to people calling customer service in every industry. With this direction, AI solutions can also help.

Q&A: What consumers really want out of 5G Special

How will 5G influence the world of work and the lives of users? From the business perspective, 5G promises to make remote working easier and for the consumer higher-quality content will be delivered faster.

Q&A: Why local government needs unified communications Special

With state and local government agencies are frustrated by tight budget restrictions, outdated technology and slow processes, the answer is in a unified communication strategy.

New motion sensitive approach to wireless technology

Waterloo-based startup Cognitive Systems, at the world’s biggest and most influential consumer technology trade show CES, presented a new approach in wireless technology based on sensing motion.

The world’s best cities for freelancers to stay connected

Staying connected has never been more important for freelancers, with access to the Internet and the rest of the world enabling freelancers to travel across the globe whilst working. But which destinations are the best to work remotely?

Essential Science: Self-repair 'smart' satellites in development

Imagine if satellites were capable of self-repair or if nearby satellites could fix one another through robotics? The impact would help to maintain telecommunications coverage. Such an idea is edging closer to reality.

Looking into the truth about perception and misinformation

New research assesses why it is often challenging for consumers to internalize the types of retracted information that are issued by enterprises or from media organizations. This is symptomatic of the digital age.

Q&A: How AI tech can make humans more emotionally intelligent Special

Research has shown that behavioral signaling is largely universal – not only across cultures, but across species too. Based on this knowledge, Cogito Corp. has created an AI technology to analyze how humans interact with each other during conversations.

New messaging app could save health service millions annually

A new messaging app, designed for use with the U.K.’s National Health service (NHS), could provide annual savings of around £44 million ($60 million) according to research. The app has been developed with input from British medics.

Progress towards a quantum Internet gathers pace

The path towards a quantum Internet has seen a significant leap forward as scientists demonstrated a different method for transmitting quantum information across long distances.

Here's why the internet is obsessed with 'number neighbors'

The viral trend has users texting phone numbers that are one digit away from theirs and seeing what kinds of responses they get and what hilarity ensues.

Soon your cell phone will be picking up signals from space

A space startup has announced plans, following a successful test, to launch thousands of satellite ‘cell towers’ in space which will connect to the typical smartphone and which carry the promise of improved communications.

Q&A: How chatbots are developing to be more like us Special

Most chatbots come across are stilted and artificial. However, advances in programming are leading to novel ways for chatbots to communicate and interact with users.

Q&A: As creepy new deepfakes emerge, should brands worry? Special

Bill Bronske, from Globant, discusses the good, the bad and the ugly that comes from using deepfake technology. Bronske has been at the forefront of developing AI-driven technologies that are helping the public and private sector identify deepfakes.

Q&A: How effective is Slack for workplace productivity? Special

Slack is closing in on six million daily users. However, some businesses have been questioning Slack’s effectiveness on workplace productivity — and there are alternatives, according to Philipp Weiser of AnyDesk.

Developing ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi with semiconductor lasers

Advances to WiFi may be possible with new technology centered on semiconductor lasers. This is based on the use of lasers, for the first time, as radio transmitters. The results are sufficiently promising for the technology to be investigated further.

New material discovered to power electronics in new ways

The functionality of electronics are set to improve due to the discovery of a new material. The material can function in two different ways, simplifying the number of materials required to be used in electronic devices.

ClassDojo, an app for teachers and parents, raises $35 million

The classroom communication app, ClassDojo, has announced that it has raised $35 million in Series C funding. This app helps facilitate communication among teachers, parents and their children at the school setting.

SK Telecom first live TV broadcasting over commercial 5G network

SK Telecom have achieved the world’s first live television broadcasting over a commercial 5G network. This was a New Year’s countdown event held at Bosingak in real time via SK Telecom's commercial 5G live broadcasting solution ‘T Live Caster’.

Antenna assessment boosts 5G network capacity

The big word in communications technology for 2019 will be 5G. To help advance this, researchers have shown how a novel antenna evaluation method can boost 5G network capacity as well as cutting operation costs.

Get ready for Li-Fi in 2019

LEDs are now commonly used in lamps and other lighting devices. These Forms of light generation are potential data providers for new optical wireless communication technology LiFi (light fidelity).

Gabon bans opposition party from state media for three months

Libreville - Gabon authorities said Saturday they have banned an opposition party from state media for three months over statements about the health of President Omar Bongo, who has been in a Saudi hospital for a month.

Why GPS is set to become more accurate

GPS - the global positioning system that most of us rely upon - is about to become more accurate, with the U.S. FCC ruling that smartphones and other devices will be able to access the European Galileo system.

MobiCom 2018 to showcase latest innovations

MobiCom is one of the major showcases for innovations in mobile communications. This year’s event open sin New Delhi, India on 29 October 2018. Hot topics include virtual assistants and cybersecurity.

Top three chatbots revealed in new poll

A combination of rapid progress in natural language processing, AI, and the global presence of text messaging applications has led a myriad of chatbots being used by companies for different services. A new review highlights the leading ones.

Spray-on antennas offer smart-tech breakthrough

Philadelphia - Scientists have constructed a novel method for spraying ultra-thin antennas composed if a two-dimensional metallic material. These antennae offer a range of applications linked to flexible, smart electronics.

Honeywell taps AT&T to help bridge spotty IoT connections

This story is sponsored content from Cognizant. Unreliable communication networks meant transportation companies are unable to capture full value from the IoT. But that’s changing.

Why it matters who gets 5G first: Q&A Special

The first country to transition to 5G will determine who has the lead in development and IT. Deploying 5G technology will likely cost upward of $200 billion a year for the next five to 10 years.
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speak to everybody clearer, louder and with respect
Image capture from Microsoft team (calendar used by Tim Sandle)
Image capture from Microsoft team (calendar used by Tim Sandle)
speak to everybody clearer  louder and with respect
speak to everybody clearer, louder and with respect
speak to everybody clearer  louder and with respect
speak to everybody clearer, louder and with respect
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