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100 years after 'Spanish flu', new global pandemics feared

Davos - Ebola, zika, SARS: a century after the "Spanish flu" killed 50 million people, humanity now risks a new wave of deadly diseases, and in today's globalised world another such pandemic may be unavoidable, experts warned at the Davos summit this week.

Chinese consumers spend billions in 'Singles Day' shopping binge

Shanghai - China's smartphone-wielding masses unleashed billions of dollars in e-commerce spending Saturday as they rushed to snap up bargains on "Singles Day", billed as the world's biggest one-day online shopping festival.

In China's e-commerce boom, it takes a village

Xuzhou - Workers wielding screeching hand-held wood sanders toil overtime in Cheng Huaibao's bunk bed factory, rushing to prepare for the wave of orders about to break on manufacturing businesses like his across China.

Offline retailers can use data gleaned from online retail

New York City - New research demonstrates that savvy offline retailers can review and use data gleaned from online retail to boost their own sales.

US Secretary Ross said NAFTA exit still possible

Washington - US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross on Friday reiterated the threat of leaving the North American Free Trade Agreement if the outcome of the ongoing negotiations with Mexico and Ottawa does not satisfy Washington.

Soweto's urban entrepreneurs take on the world

Soweto - At the back of Mandisa Zwane's typical yellow plaster-clad Soweto house is a bustling hive of activity set to a soundtrack of gospel music and crying babies that emanates from nearby.

Russia suspends free-trade deal with Ukraine from 2016

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday signed a decree to suspend its free-trade agreement with Ukraine as of January 1, according to the official document posted online.

Britain-India trade deals announced as Modi speaks out on EU

London - Trade deals worth £9 billion (12.7 billion euros, $13.7 billion) will be announced during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Britain, David Cameron said Thursday, as Modi indicated he wanted the UK to stay in the EU.

WikiLeaks raise reward funds for info on U.S.-EU trade deal

London - WikiLeaks on Tuesday launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise a 100,000 euro ($110,000) reward for anyone leaking insider information on a proposed free-trade deal between the United States and European Union.

France woos Chinese investors as PM wraps up fruitful trip

Toulouse - French Prime Minister Manuel Valls promised Chinese investors "the best welcome in all of Europe" as his Beijing counterpart wrapped up a visit in which he signed billions of euros in accords with France.

Photo Essay: Museum of the Great Lakes, Toledo, Ohio Special

Toledo - The Museum of the Great Lakes in Toledo, Ohio, shows the importance of the five Great Lakes in World War II, American Independence, commerce in the United States and throughout the world and recreation. Digital Journal took a tour of the museum.

Proposed bill strengthens punishments for mislabeling seafood

Senator Alex Padilla has proposed a bill for tougher restrictions on labeling seafood. While it is already illegal to mislabel products the bill would put harsher penalties on those caught doing so.

Australia 'optimistic' about Japan free trade talks

Tokyo - Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Sunday he was "optimistic" about his country's free trade talks with Japan but was unsure when the two countries could strike a deal.

China's commerce minister warns against over-expansion

Beijing - China's commerce minister on Friday warned industries and companies not to over-expand, after the collapse last year of a key unit of the world's biggest solar firm.The country's decades-long boom has turned it into the world's second-largest economy a...

White House counters attacks on free trade deals

Washington - The White House moved Tuesday to fend off liberal criticism of its efforts to seal two new giant free trade pacts, saying the deals would benefit US workers and protect the environment.Under attack from its core liberal support base over the Trans-Paci...

US takes India to WTO on solar energy

Washington - The United States said it was taking India to the WTO to open up its solar industry, raising a new dispute weeks after a bitter feud over a diplomat's arrest.The United States asked for talks under the World Trade Organization to change India's require...

US takes India to WTO on solar energy

Washington - The United States said Monday it was taking India to the WTO to open up its solar industry, raising a new dispute weeks after a bitter feud over a diplomat's arrest.The United States asked for talks under the World Trade Organization to change India's ...

Twitter begins not-so-quietly hiring for its commerce platform

As rumors continued to circulate on Twitter's plans for a commerce service, the company has begun quietly seeking staff to help market its new platform.

Russia bans Australia beef products

Moscow - Russia on Monday imposed a ban on Australian beef byproducts such as offal over the use of a growth stimulant allowed in some nations but that Moscow considers unsafe.

On jobs, Sen Cory Booker sees need for 'hemisphere of progress'

With evidence that the U.S. economy may be finding its footing, recently appointed Democratic Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) is tackling the question of American manufacturing.

Access to medicines restricted in Greece

Athens - Access to new medicines for patients in Greece has been on hold since December 2010 and the arrears owing to pharmaceutical companies from the state-run health insurer total over 2 billion euros.

The old port of Valparaíso: ‘The Jewel of the Pacific' Special

Santiago - Valparaiso's rich and varied history, along with its unique blend of international seaport atmosphere and chaotic topography and architecture, make the city an ideal place to start the exploration of Chile’s many urban and natural attractions.

Op-Ed: In Arizona, struggling Sears falls 'short'

Phoenix - In today's economy, competition is increasingly fierce for all-important shares of consumers' retail budgets. It is easy, and sad, to see the stores on the decline. Some are likely to be the ones you love the most.

Marketing consultancy explores next frontier: social commerce Special

A recent blog entry from the marketing and advertising consultancy SapientNitro asked if 'Social Commerce' was the next big thing, and in talking with the authors it may just be.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce punk'd by Yes Men

A "press conference" held at the National Press Club was a hoax. A man purporting to be a spokesperson for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was interrupted by a real representative of the organization, but not before he announced a dramatic policy reversal.

Get Advice On Making On-Line Purchases Safely

OTTAWA, April 24, 2001 -- Consumers will be able to complain about misleading cross-border electronic commerce following the launch, earlier today in New York, of The Competition Bureau participated in the website's launch, along...

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The crowds outside the San Diego Convention Center.
The crowds outside the San Diego Convention Center.
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religious artifacts for sale
Some people thought they were getting this fish when they were eating Tilapia.
Some people thought they were getting this fish when they were eating Tilapia.
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