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Publisher set to turn Paula Deen's story into a comic book

Bluewater Productions will include Paula Deen in its female empowerment comic book series called "Female Force." Deen's illustrated story, "Female Force: Paula Deen," is scheduled to be released in October.

New Beatles bio offers a graphic look at the Fab Four Special

A new, comic-book style book offers a new, creative take on the history of The Beatles. Combining history with comics, creator Herve Bourhis has fashioned a fascinatingly visual take on the story of the Fab Four.

Review: Colbert's new book rich with sharp, if uneven, satire Special

There's a simple reason why Stephen Colbert – or rather, the blustery, egocentric, reactionary, right-wing pundit character he plays on TV – is so lovable, despite all the reprehensible things he says and believes. The secret: You can't hate a baby.

Spanish magazine El Jueves publishes satirical Islamic cartoon

Barcelona - The satirical Spanish magazine, El Jueves, has published a magazine cover, showing a line up of men in Islamic outfits as a parody of recent controversial cartoons. The text of the cover reads, "But how do they know which one is Muhammad?"

Op-Ed: Comic Phyllis Diller dead at 95

Los Angeles - Ohio born Comic Phyllis Diller died in her sleep at her home in Los Angeles Monday surrounded by her family. The comedian was 95.

Superman to give up his U.S. citizenship in latest comic

When Superman crashed to Earth in a corn field in Smallville, Kansas he became as American as apple pie. A trip to Iran will change the Man of Steel in the next comic book installment.

'Twilight Unbound: The Stephenie Meyer Story' due out in May

With the success of the Twilight series author Stephenie Meyer has become a household name. Last year she ventured into the world of comics with Bluewater Productions releasing Female Force: Stephenie Meyer, a graphic biography.

New Zealand Mechanic Inspiration For Dennis The Menace

A young boy's antics became known to the world when David Law created the comic strip Dennis the Menace. Law modeled the boy after his daughter's young friend Robert Fair. Fair, now a grandfather is delighted to be the inspiration of the comic treasure.

Japanese man files petition to marry comic book character

A Japanese man has filed a petition to allow marriages between humans and comic book characters. He prefers two-dimensional fantasy relationships over three-dimensional ones.

Happy Birthday Superman!

This month the archetypal superhero turns 70. As the world has changed around him, does the man and the myth remain relevant to the Z Plus generation?

Comic fans fume as Marvel erases Spidey-MJ marriage

Those who have read the original Spiderman know there is more to the series than Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. Surprising to some, Spiderman has actually been married to Marry Jane for more than 21 years, which is much longer than the movies imply.

Jenna Jameson Trades Sword Swallowing for Swordfighting

Now Jenna Jameson is turning her attention to the world of comic books. She is creating and starring in her own series of comic books, as a leather-clad, g-string wearing heroine named "Shadow Hunter."

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 8

Saturday March, 10th marked the tenth anniversary of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER!

Captain America has died

Captain America has undertaken his last mission _ at least for now.


There's no doubt that Buffy The Vampire slayer fans are very happy fans indeed, today. Series creator Joss Whendon informed fans on the Whedonesque Web site that he'll be writing a new "Buffy" series for Dark Horse Comics and shared updates on a number of

MySpace Launches New Comic Book Community

If you always thought that true geeks were repulsed by MySpace then wait tell they see this new community

Adrian Brody To Be The Next Hulk?

He has investigated the death of Superman, famously kissed Storm live on TV, and battled King Kong. Now the Oscar-winning actor has been linked with a monster of a role.

Avi Arad Updates Marvel Film Slate

Former Marvel Comics chief Avi Arad, who is now a producer, said that his plate is full with upcoming Marvel film adaptations through 2010, starting with Iron Man and the sequel The Incredible Hulk. That's in addition to the upcoming sequel for The Punish

Eva Mendes as The Sensational She-Hulk?

During the press junket for Ghost Rider, Nicolas Cage revealed to a surprised group of journalists that he is currently trying to get She-Hulk off the ground with Eva to star as the lead green she-monster.

StarTrek Comic In Klingon Language

IDW Publishing goes where no comic publisher has gone before: putting out an edition of its upcoming Star Trek comic in Klingon.

It's A Bird,It's A Plane,It's Super Pope!

It's John Paul II, the cartoon hero!

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Kid Koala s Nufonia Must Fall Live is on at Toronto s Luminato Festival June 7th  8th  and 9th.
Kid Koala's Nufonia Must Fall Live is on at Toronto's Luminato Festival June 7th, 8th, and 9th.
AJ Korkidakis
Illustrations of Symbolia’s co-founders  Erin Polgreen (left) and Joyce Rice
Illustrations of Symbolia’s co-founders, Erin Polgreen (left) and Joyce Rice
French comic Dieudonne.
French comic Dieudonne.
Loic Venance, AFP/File
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