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Columbia News

Author Gabriel Garcia Marquez dies in Mexico City home, 1927-2014

Considered one of the most significant authors of the 20th century, famed Colombian journalist, novelist, short story writer and screenwriter Gabriel Garcia Marquez has passed away at the age of 87 in his Mexico City home.

Campaign launched to free jailed Colombian trade unionist

Justice for Colombia, a British organization that campaigns for human rights, is campaigning for the release of jailed trade union leader Huber Ballesteros.

NASA honors 'Columbia 7' killed on duty, 10 years later

On Friday, NASA remembered the seven astronauts who perished when the space shuttle Columbia ripped apart and rained down flaming debris from the Texas sky 10 years ago.

Simpson's inspired beer land brothers in court

Two Colombian businessmen, fans of the animated series The Simpsons, are fighting to keep their Homer Simpson inspired "Duh" brand beer in production.

Secret Service agent in dispute with Colombian 'escort' named

The Secret Service agent at the center of the Colombian prostitution scandal has been identified. He is Arthur Huntington, 41, of Severna Park, Maryland.

Republican race wide open as Gingrich takes South Carolina Special

Columbia - Republican candidate Newt Gingrich scored a decisive victory in the South Carolina Presidential primary last night. The Republican race for presidential nominee is now wide open as a clear front-runner has yet to emerge heading into the Florida contest.

Op-Ed: Does Norway need gun control?

The recent horrific events in Norway has led to calls for tighter gun control, but there is another, less knee-jerk opposing view.

Soccer fans bring dead teen's body to match in Colombia

Friends and family of a murdered teen paid their final respects to the young man by hoisting his casket on to their shoulders and carrying him into a soccer match at the General Santander Stadium in Cucuta, Colombia.

Op-Ed: No surprises in Clark's B.C. cabinet

Victoria - Premier Christy Clark, who was sworn in today as British Columbia's second female premier, has announced her new cabinet and, as predicted by most media analysts, she has brought in most of her rivals in the leadership race.

Op-Ed: BC's new premier Christy Clark begins reconciliation process

Vancouver - British Columbia's new premier, Christy Clark has started to mend fences, reconcile and reunite with her opponents following the intense BC Liberals leadership race that saw her emerge with the crown.

Black History Month event at Canada's Douglas College Special

New Westminster - Black History Month started as Negro History Week in the United States. Each year the month of February is dedicated to the teaching and learning of the achievements of black people in the United States and elsewhere, thanks to people like Carter Woodson.

BC lawmakers reconvene for four days

Victoria - The BC legislature is open again for business after a closure of about 256 days. The news, which has surprised many people here including some MLAs is centred on a discussion of the current budget tabled by Finance minister Colin Hansen.

Pawleys in Five Points Columbia Special

Columbia - In the heart of Columbia's Five Points district is a distinct restaurant and bar that has been highlighted on the Food Network that attracts both the working crowd and college crowd.

Edwin Valero Retains WBC Lightweight Crown via TKO

Undefeated Venezuelan boxer Edwin Valero scored a TKO win in the sixth round to retain his WBC lightweight crown against Hector Velasquez of Columbia Saturday in Caracas Venezuela

Brazil, U.S. Urge Venezuela & Colombia to Talk, Not Go to War

A push for diplomacy between Venezuela and Columbia is being led by the U.S. and Brazil. It follows Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez order to his military to prepare for a possible war with Columbia.

Chavez orders military to prepare for war with Colombia

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is saying the United States could attempt to provoke a war between the two South American countries and has ordered Venezuela's military to prepare for war with Colombia.

Former notorious drug dealer's hippos wanted, one shot already

Years after the infamous Columbian drug dealer, Pablo Escobar, was gunned down, his hippos now face the same fate. One was shot and killed and two others are reportedly still on the loose.

Op-Ed: Will Colombia Arrest of Drug Lord Really Stop the Trade

Colombia's most powerful drug lord was captured Wednesday. He was found not in some glamorous setting but hiding out under a banana tree. Now one less person is peddling the drugs that fuel many of the world's problems.

Peter Julian Asks Canadians Help To Stop Colombia Free Trade Deal

Canadian Member of Parliament, Peter Julian, the NDP's International Trade Critic is asking Canadians to help defeat a bill that would set up free trade deals with Colombia.

Chiquita Banana Seeks Dismissal of Lawsuits from Columbia

Chiquita Banana has been named the plaintiff in the wrongful death lawsuit introduced by Columbia. Chaquita has gone on record admitting to payoffs of FARC and AUC groups for "protection."

Largest Prehistoric Snake Discovered

Scientists have recovered fossils of a 60-million-year-old South American snake whose length and weight might make today's anacondas and reticulated pythons seem a bit cuter and cuddlier.

NASA Says The Columbia Crew Had Zero Chance Of Survival

On February 1, 2003 the Columbia disintegrated when the spacecraft was on its return from a 16-day mission. NASA has just completed the report on the incident saying that the crew never had a chance.

Op-Ed: Colombia – Free Trade Prospect or Harbour for Drugs and Kidnapping?

Although the recent rescue of kidnap victims from Colombia is cause for celebration, perhaps the time has come to re-examine free-trade negotiations. Drug trafficking, kidnapping, and an inability to combat crime must also be weighed in the equation.

Op-Ed: Top Clinton Strategist Quits after Columbia Trade Fiasco

One of the unwritten rules of working for the Clintons has always been not to make either of them look bad. Clinton has taken yet another hit this week with the resignation of chief strategist Mark Penn, after failed talks with Columbia.

Uranium Found In Bogota, Columbia

Uranium was reportedly found near a road leading from Bogota to San Juan de Sumapaz in a district of southern Bogota. The uranium is thought to be linked to the cross border raid against the FARC guerilla compound in Ecuador.

BREAKING: Ecuador's President Has Ordered Troops To Border

In light of the recent Columbian military action against FARC resulting in the killing of a top member of FARC, Ecuador has sent troops to the border with Columbia, mimicking the actions of Chavez of Venezuela.

Cocaine Found in Off-Key Piano

Police in Cartagena Columbia discovered 560 pounds of cocaine packed into the recesses in a grand piano that was part of a shipment of household goods en route from Bogoda to Panama.

Colombia truck crash kills 27

According to the police reports it was said the truck which was carrying people and cargo had crashed in northern Colombia, igniting a blaze that had killed 27 people on the first day of Easter holidays.

Follow Up: Columbia Wants Extradition of Chiquita Banana CEO's

On the 15th museinspiredart reported that the Cincinnati based company Chiquita Banana was fined for paying terrorist groups for "protection." Now Columbia wants to question the CEO's for themselves.

Four Police Officers Killed Deactivating Bomb In Columbia

Four police officers and a civilian were killed Saturday as officers were moving a powerful bomb allegedly planted by leftist rebels as part of an attempt to kill a city mayor.
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Any artifacts found in the Congaree River will be housed in the Confederate Relic Room.
Any artifacts found in the Congaree River will be housed in the Confederate Relic Room.
The State News
A car bomb exploded this morning in Bogota  Columbia injuring six. Rebel terrorists are suspected in...
A car bomb exploded this morning in Bogota, Columbia injuring six. Rebel terrorists are suspected in the bombing.
BC legislature buildings  Victoria.
BC legislature buildings, Victoria.
bc legislature
This photo shows astronauts that were killed on Feb. 1  2003  in the final minutes of their 16-day s...
This photo shows astronauts that were killed on Feb. 1, 2003, in the final minutes of their 16-day scientific research mission aboard Columbia. STS-107
Launches of Columbia  Challenger  Discovery  Atlantis  Endeavour Space Shuttles
Launches of Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, Endeavour Space Shuttles
Looking for a HUGE burger that isn t your run of the mill patty and bun  then Pawleys is your locati...
Looking for a HUGE burger that isn't your run of the mill patty and bun, then Pawleys is your location.
Huber Ballesteros  trade unionist
Huber Ballesteros, trade unionist
Unite the Union
Looking for a HUGE burger that isn t your run of the mill patty and bun  then Pawleys is your locati...
Looking for a HUGE burger that isn't your run of the mill patty and bun, then Pawleys is your location.
Looking for a HUGE burger that isn t your run of the mill patty and bun  then Pawleys is your locati...
Looking for a HUGE burger that isn't your run of the mill patty and bun, then Pawleys is your location.

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