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Improving military camouflage by copying squids

Cephalopods are adept at camouflage. While this works effectively in nature, no scientist has been able to replicate this form of disguise. However, new research moves the ability completely to disguise an object a step closer.

Digital technology brings color accuracy to smartphones

The company X-Rite has brought color measurement accuracy to smartphones as well as for online shopping, with its Color-Eye solution. This is designed to improve what consumers actually view.

Review: Fathers play a prominent role in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include difficult relationships between parents and their children; an animated feature with terrific music and striking imagery; a second go-round for Tom Cruise; a few cop dramas; and a competent female leader.

Essential Science: Nano-science promises toxic-free cosmetics

Many of the pigments used in packaging, textiles and cosmetics are toxic and generate pollutants. Nanoscience offers an alternative way of producing non-toxic and robust colors. The inspiration comes from blue tarantulas.

Happy music makes us see colors brighter

London - How we perceive different colors, in terms of depth, intensity and vibrancy, is shaped by certain types of music according to a new study.

Ladybugs — The brighter the colors, the more toxic they are

In Europe they are known as Ladybirds, and in America, we call them Ladybugs. But whichever name is used, the bright red ladybug with black spots is one of the world's most cherished beetles. But did you know why they have such bright colors?

Nestle bows to consumers: No more artificial flavors or coloring

Nestle USA announced this week it would be dropping artificial flavorings and colors from its all of its chocolate candy bars by the end of 2015. The move to natural flavors and colors is in response to consumer demand.

T-Mobile wins legal battle over color magenta

Like the color magenta? Well it belongs to T-Mobile now. The company won a court battle against AIO Wireless, a subsidiary of AT&T over dispute due to a color similar to the one used in T-Mobile logos.

Studying butterfly wings could create new colors and hues

By studying butterfly wings, scientists think they can create new coatings for manufactured materials that could change color by design or from different angles.

Study: Colors of forks and utensils can cause you to eat less

British hospitals use red trays in a program to battle malnutrition. According to studies, this color may be the worst decision and can even discourage patients to eat.

Springtime for fashion

Uncovering spring 2012's most affordable, wearable and trendiest trends and translating them from the runway into everyday looks.

Autumn's vivid colours descend on the English Shires Special

Following a spell of cold and dry conditions during late October in the Home Counties of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire (the Shires), and then a mild spell with strong Atlantic winds during November, autumn with all its vivacity, is here.

Spice up your Gmail with colors and themes

Over the next few days, Google will add colors and themes for Gmail so you can spruce up your inbox with different styles.

Next Generation LED Lamp has 16 Million Colors

The new L.E.D (Light Emitting Diode) lamp from Philips has 16 million colors options. It will soon replace Edison’s incandescent lamp.

All About the "Natural Nude Face"

Alright ladies...your make-up should whisper, not scream!

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Kansas City  Missouri is all decked out for Autumn  including a celebration called Día de los Muert...
Kansas City, Missouri is all decked out for Autumn, including a celebration called Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead on October 23 at the Kansas City Museum.
Twitter #fallfoliage
A summer flower
A summer flower
The colors of fall.  Bentonville  Ark.
The colors of fall. Bentonville, Ark.
Lina María Arenas, Dominic Walter & Martin Stevens
Fall foliage in Colorado = Photo taken by  Ann Johnson  on Sept. 23  2016.
Fall foliage in Colorado = Photo taken by "Ann Johnson" on Sept. 23, 2016.
Sugarloaf Key  Florida  taken by Dr. Stephen A. Ragusea on Oct. 5  2016.
Sugarloaf Key, Florida, taken by Dr. Stephen A. Ragusea on Oct. 5, 2016.
Old Sturbridge Village is in Sturbridge  Massachusetts. There is no better place to view the state s...
Old Sturbridge Village is in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. There is no better place to view the state's fall foliage than at the living history village.
Old Sturbridge Village
 Ladybird  ladybird  Fly away home.....
"Ladybird, ladybird, Fly away home....."
NatureClip: Free Stock Footage
The intensity of autumn s colors are sometimes so vibrant they are blinding.
The intensity of autumn's colors are sometimes so vibrant they are blinding.
Autumn in Virginia. A visit to one of Virginia s many wineries in the Shenandoah Valley.
Autumn in Virginia. A visit to one of Virginia's many wineries in the Shenandoah Valley.
Karen Graham

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