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Colony collapse disorder News

White House to the rescue: Will aid honey bees with new policy

The White House is wading into yet another battle, but this time it's not the Islamic State, a combative Congress, or any of the other usual suspects that find themselves in the cross hairs of POTUS. Instead, Obama is taking up the cause of honey bees.

Mass extinction event wiped out bees as well as dinosaurs

Manchester - Fossil records show dinosaurs suffered mass extinction about 65 million years ago. Scientists have long suspected bees underwent a similar fate but they’ve only now documented a mass extinction event affecting bees.

New treatment offers hope for saving beehives

A team of Swedish researchers at the University of Lund have developed a treatment they say will help prevent bee colony collapse.

Honeybee population continues to decline

A recent report in the New York Times says that honeybee populations continue to suffer significant decline with over 40 percent loss of beehives.

Report: World bee decline signals ‘sixth major extinction’

Geneva - A new report on honey bee and pollinator decline indicates a “sixth major extinction” of biological diversity is currently underway, caused by habitat loss, pollution, pest invasion, and disease, leading to ecosystem havoc vital to human livelihood.

Op-Ed: Viruses in pollen causing colony collapse disorder

Scientists in the US have tracked down the working agent in the catastrophic Colony Collapse Disorder- RNA viruses. These viruses have been shown to be transmissible within related species like bees, bumblebees and wasps.

Still a mystery why honey bee die-off continues

It’s been nearly four years since beekeepers around the country began reporting unusually high losses of otherwise healthy hives. Adding to the mystery, the hives were abandoned, leaving behind honeycombs, immature bees, and occasionally a live queen.

Global bee population decline not nearly as bad as it seems

The global decline of bee populations is said to have dramatic consequences for our food production. Research now shows that agriculture is largely unaffected by this phenomenon.

A connection between colony collapse disorder and pesticides?

The U.S. Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) believes there is a connection between colony collapse disorder of bees and pesticides used in crops. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is refusing to show the documents about this connection.

Online Bee Checklist Completed

In time for National Pollinator Week, biologists have completed an online effort to compile a world checklist of bees. Researchers say the checklist will "act as a taxonomic ‘Rosetta Stone’."

Bees Not Getting Stronger, More Hive Deaths Reported

A survey of the health of honey bees released on Tuesday revealed how the insect's numbers dwindled and crops were in danger in the past year.

New Study Finds Connection Between Virus and Colony Collapse Disorder

A cooperative research effort searching for the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder in honey bees may have found a culprit, the Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus (IAPV). this is the first time that IAPV has been found in the U.S.

Dangerous Times Without Bees Could Be Ahead

The biggest threat to our food supply is on us. The disease that is slowly but surely killing off honey bees in North America and in fact the entire world could soon change the way we eat.

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A bee
A bee
By Bob Peterson from North Palm Beach, Florida, Planet Earth! creativecommons
University of New Hampshre researchers discovered a mass extinction of bees took place at the same t...
University of New Hampshre researchers discovered a mass extinction of bees took place at the same time as dinosaurs became extinct. Pictured - a small carpenter bee.
University of New Hampshire - Sandra Rehan

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