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Arkansas train collision kills 2, injures 2

Hoxie - Two Union Pacific freight trains collided head-on early Sunday morning at around 3 a.m. and resulted in the deaths of two crew members and the injuries of two additional employees.

Newlyweds driving in separate cars die after head on crash

Chillicothe - Texas newlyweds and parents Cristina Munoz, 26 and Nicolas Cruz, 31, were killed when their vehicles smashed on a unlined country road Wednesday morning near their place of employment. They are survived by their three young children.

University of Chicago law student killed in car crash

Chicago - A 26-year-old woman died Friday following a collision between her taxi and a car driving the wrong way on Lake Shore Drive in the windy city.

Today in history: 1960 NYC air disaster

New York - Today, December 16, 2013, marks the 53rd anniversary of the 1960 New York mid-air collision, which was considered the worst disaster in aviation history at the time.

Barcelona suburban train collision injures 22 people

Barcelona - Two trains collided at Barcelona's Sants station on Friday morning, injuring 22 people. Of these, 10 required treatment and one person was hospitalized.

Teenaged football player dies after collision on field

A 16-year-old football player from Brockton (New York) High School died Monday after being injured in a helmet-to-helmet hit during a game Friday night. Damon Janes, a junior who suffered the injuries, was a running back and defensive end.

Comet is on collision course with Mars

A comet discovered on January 3 by a Scottish-Australasian astronomer is headed towards Mars and may collide with the red planet in the year 2014.

Fourteen dead, dozens missing after Bangladesh ferry sinks

Dhaka - Recovery efforts continued near the Bangladesh capital of Dhaka, as emergency crews remove the bodies of those killed after their ferry collided with a sand barge on Friday.

2013 Dakar Rally claims another fatal victim: Thomas Bourgin

Calama - The 2013 Dakar Rally claimed another victim; French motorcycle rider Thomas Bourgin died today at the start of the seventh stage of the race in a frontal collision with a Chilean police vehicle.

Video: Skydiver's parachute malfunction and mid-air collision

Footage shows a skydiver who escaped death twice in a single parachute jump. He got his parachute lines twisted and then collided with another skydiver in mid-air, but he escaped, thanks to his reserve parachute.

Nuclear Sub, Cruiser collide off east coast of U.S.

A United States Navy nuclear submarine and an Aegis cruiser collided off the east coast on Saturday while participating in routine training exercises.

Two ferries collide near Lamma Island, Hong Kong (video)

Hong Kong - In the worst disaster to hit the port city since 1996, at least 37 people have been killed in a ferry collision off Lamma Island in Hong Kong.

NASA: Andromeda, Milky Way galaxies set to make cosmic collision

Washington - After researching numerous observations from the Hubble Space Telescope, scientists have concluded that the Andromeda galaxy, our neighbour in the pool of galaxies, is on a collision course with our Milky Way.

Video: 2 trains collide in Amsterdam ― at least 70 injured

Amsterdam - Dutch media reports that 2 trains have collided in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, injuring at least 70 with more than 50 seriously.

Southwest airline worker dies after accident on Dulles airfield

Chantilly - In a tragic accident, a worker at Dulles International Airport died after a collision that occurred on the airport's airfield.

Video: Truck avoids head-on collision with car on slippery road

The video of how a truck narrowly avoided head-on collision with a car on an icy road goes viral with over 2 million YouTube hits. The truck narrowly avoided collision with the car while both were overtaking at the same time on a two-way road in Russia.

Amtrak trains collide in Northern California

Oakland - Two passenger trains collided Wednesday night at around 10:00 p.m. Only minor injuries to passengers have been reported so far.

Bear flies through windshield

Luskville - A collision with a black bear has left one person injured, but has also caused the deaths of two others who were in the same car.

Two trains carrying oil collide and explode in Poland

Two cargo trains have collided in northeastern Poland, causing a fiery explosion. No injuries are confirmed yet. As 40 teams of firefighters worked to put out the blaze, a primary school was closed nearby as a precaution.

Planes come close to mid-air collision over London

London - A business jet and a passenger plane came close to colliding over London in July, a report by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) has stated.

NBA: Collision Causes Gashes and Missing Teeth

Friday night Houston Rockets' forward Carl Landry and Dallas Mavericks' Dirk Nowitzki collided while driving to the basket forcing both players to leave the game.

NASA Telescope Picks Up Interplanetary Collision

Two celestial bodies have crashed into each other with such force that one of them vaporized. The collision is said to have been powerful enough to melt glass, and is comparable to the impact that created the moon.

What happens when the emergency turns into the emergency?

Its a common scene, firetrucks racing to a location as part of the EMS activation system. But what happens when those responding become victims themselves? A collision of over 120,000 pounds of metal reveals a unique situation of its own.

Two U.S. Vessels Collide, 15 Injured, Fuel Spills

Two U.S. Navy vessels are headed back to port under their own power after colliding in the Strait of Hormuz between Iran and the Arabian peninsula around 1:00 a.m. local time on Friday (5 p.m. EDT, Thursday).

Satellite Collision in space over Siberia

Two large satellites collided 500 miles over Siberia today (Tuesday). One was a commercial Iridium satellite, which was launched in 1997, and the other was a Russian satellite launched in 1993 and believed to be nonfunctioning.

Japanese Destroyer Collision Caused by Negligence

While returning from exercises in Hawaii, the Japanese destroyer Atago collided with a fishing trawler just before dawn, leaving two men missing and their ship destroyed. The Japanese coast guard now believes the accident was the result of negligence.

Dead and Missing from Collision between Ferry and Barge

A ferryboat carrying more than 100 passengers collided with a barge loaded with fuel tanks and sank to the bottom of the Amazon River in Brazil on Thursday, officials said. At least 10 people died, and another nine were missing and feared dead.

Giant Hydrogen Gas Cloud on Collision Course with Milky Way

Astronomers report a giant mass of hydrogen gas is heading toward the Milky Way galaxy and will collide with it in 40 million years. The clouds are moving at 250 kilometers per second and will likely form new stars in the galaxy.

Report: Earth's Moon an Oddball Formed From Massive Collision

A new report shows our moon is incredibly rare: It was formed after a massive planetary collision with Earth. A NASA telescope revealed stellar dust clouds that suggest moons like ours are found in only 5 to 10 per cent of planetary systems, at most.

Woman calls 911 to report collision with giraffe

A South Carolina woman calls 911 and claims she saw two giraffe near a highway and couldn’t avoid hitting one of them and damaged her passenger-side mirror. She said after it hit her car they ran away, so she doesn't know their status.
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A passenger ferry crashes into a pier in lower Manhattan
A passenger ferry crashes into a pier in lower Manhattan
The aftermath of two trains colliding in northeastern Poland
The aftermath of two trains colliding in northeastern Poland
YouTube screenshot/RussiaToday
Head-on collision
Head-on collision
Damnsoft 09
Nick Swisher and Curtis Granderson crash into each other while trying to catch an Angels line drive
Nick Swisher and Curtis Granderson crash into each other while trying to catch an Angels line drive screenshot
Two Hong Kong ferries collide near Lamma Island.
Two Hong Kong ferries collide near Lamma Island.
Video screen capture
Two Hong Kong ferries collide near Lamma Island.
Two Hong Kong ferries collide near Lamma Island.
Video screen capture
Two US Navy Super Hornets on patrol over Afghanistan.
Two US Navy Super Hornets on patrol over Afghanistan.
A passenger ferry crashes into a pier in lower Manhattan
A passenger ferry crashes into a pier in lower Manhattan

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