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College students News

Op-Ed: Lawsuit against UNC raises big questions about higher education

Former UNC athlete Michael McAdoo is suing the university for allegedly depriving him of a quality education, which it promised when he signed. This first big lawsuit coming out of the UNC scandal promises to raise some big questions for higher education.

'Hovelstay' allows students to book hovels for vacation

College students can search and book rundown places via Hovelstay, which is a brand new start-up that specializes in hooking up people with cheap accommodation.

HIV-positive student secretly filmed sex tapes with 32 people

Saint Charles - A 22-year-old college student at Lindenwood University secretly filmed himself having unprotected sex with as many as 31 people, knowingly exposing them to HIV.

Obama campaigning for lower tuition costs

Buffalo - President Obama sprung right back in campaign mode Thursday, August 22 with a barnstorming bus trip across upstate New York to endorse his plan to tackle the increasing costs of higher education.

Op-Ed: Post-secondary students face high debts with their diplomas

Going to college or university used to mean a step up the economic ladder. Today it may mean years of paying back loans while not achieving economic success.

Toronto students at Queen's Park for 'Take It Over' campaign

Toronto - On the first day of school in Toronto some students were at Queen's Park calling for all of Ontario's party leaders to make secondary education affordable.

Peter Thiel gives 20 under-20 $100,000 to drop out of college

Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel is paying 20 of the brightest minds to drop out of college. He selected 24 students under the age of 20 to receive $100,000 to get business ideas off the ground instead of sitting in a classroom.

In Shanghai, students too fat to pass fitness test

While low-fat traditional Chinese food is believed to help you keep fit, more and more Chinese young people are becoming bigger, especially in wealthy cities such as Shanghai.

Toronto University Students Could Be Allowed Student Metropass Special

TTC Adam Giambrone supports post-secondary students being allowed to use the student Metropass. That would be a small saving for the students. Currently the student pass is $91.25 compared to the adult pass($109).

Study Shows Facebook Users Have Lower GPAs

Using Facebook may not be the best thing for students according to a survey of college students. It seems that those on Facebook tend to have lower grades than those not on the social network.

Smiley Face Killers Continue to Confound Investigators

"The level of evil we are dealing with here is rampant, it's deep and it's widespread...Chris was abducted in a cargo van. He was driven around Minneapolis for hours and tortured."

Lessons Learned: More Boosters May Be Needed After College Mumps Outbreak 2006

In 1990 health officials started giving children a second booster of the vaccine to prevent mumps. There's concern now that another booster is actually needed after the outbreak at college in the U.S. in 2006.

College Students and Spiked Energy Drinks

College students have been spiking their energy drinks just like the star do. The practice has been a Hollywood fad for some time now. But is it safe? Not so much, according to researchers at Wake Forest university School of Medicine.

Rowdy Fenway Fans Ordered to Write Essays

Of the 26 people arrested in Boston, seven teens were charged with disorderly conduct following the Red Sox seventh game win on Sunday night. They were given an interesting homework assignment by the Judge.

Microsoft says college students can 'steal' Office

Microsoft is giving advice to college students who want to have its Office Suite 2007 but don’t want to pay too much for it, “Steal it”. Microsoft wants to lure more students to buy legal versions for a smaller price instead of paying full price.

Want Some Dough This Summer Students? Become a Guinea Pig

Not every vacationing college student wants to do intern jobs when summer rolls around. Some choose to become a guinea pig instead. Being a test subject requires a little time but a nice check.

College Students Clueless on Where Favorite Brands Come From

Many students cannot identify correctly the country of origin of many popular brands. According to Anderson Analytics, fifty three percent of students thought Finnish cell phone company Nokia originated from Japan.

Cabbie Arrested After Allegedly Running Over College Students for Religious Dispute

A Tennessee cabbie may be out of a job and be heading to jail after he allegedly ran over 2 college students near a University after an argument over religion.

New study shows cramming college students pay price

Sleep-deprived students who cram for college finals decreased their ability to understand and apply their knowledge.

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8-Year Old College Student Tanishq Abraham shown from YouTube series "Prodigies"
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