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Former secretary of state Powell, not Clinton, in real email flap

While much of the brouhaha in the U.S. has been about Hillary Clinton using her own private email server while secretary of state, it's another former secretary of state, Colin Powell, having problems with compromised email. And he's having them now.

Colin Powell email calls Donald Trump 'national disgrace,' racist

A series of emails from the former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell have been leaked and some include the Republican calling Donald Trump some rather nasty names. In one email Powell calls Trump a "national disgrace."

A Rubik’s cube with no solution: The debate over Syria Special

Washington - At the end of September Russia launched its first air strikes against rebel positions in Syria. Did the show of force mean that Putin had outmaneuvered Obama once again or was it a desperate move to shore up the crumbling regime of Bashir Assad?

Op-Ed: Colin Powell advises US to avoid taking sides in Syria

Washington - With the agreement among the US, the UK and France that there was a chemical attack by the Syrian government in Damascus, some retaliatory blow against the Assad regime seems more and more likely.

Ben Stein slams Colin Powell's 'GOP is intolerant' remark

Retired General Colin Powell, former US Secretary of State, had things to say about the Republican Party. In response, conservative pundits had their words to throw back at Powell.

Colin Powell slams GOP for 'looking down on minorities'

During an appearance on Meet The Press Sunday, Colin Powell blasted the GOP for its intolerance, saying the party’s repeated use of racial code words to oppose President Barack Obama and rally white conservative voters is shameful.

Video: New Obama ads featuring endorsement from Gen. Colin Powell

The Obama campaign quickly took advantage of the endorsement of Colin Powell as new ads were released with only days to go until Election Day 2012.

Racism, still a hot-button issue in America

According to a new Associated Press poll, America has become slightly more racist than compared with a similar 2008 poll in regard to blacks and Hispanics.

Army Col. says GOP wants Obama out because of color of his skin

Lawrence Wilkerson, a retired United States Army Colonel and former chief of staff for Colin Powell, says the GOP is "full of racists".

Colin Powell endorses Obama, calls Romney a 'moving target'

Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell broke with the Republican party in 2008 to endorse then-candidate Barack Obama for president and in 2012 –– he's doing it again.

Op-Ed: Failure to prosecute George W. Bush is America's disgrace

A large body of information shows that the Bush Administration misrepresented most of the 'evidence' used to justify invading Iraq. Documents obtained under the FOIA reveal that neo-conservatives and Bush were planning the invasion years before 9-11.

Op-Ed: 'Curveball' lied and Colin Powell is mystified

This story is almost too disheartening, too disturbing to examine. Colin Powell is apparently surprised that he was lied to about the existence of WMDs in Iraq. But when the informant's name was "Curveball", wasn't that a clue?

Powell's WMD source admits 'evidence' was lies

According to The Guardian, the source of some of the most damning allegations used to justify the war in Iraq has admitted his claims were fabricated.

Powell maintains support of Obama, says U.S. not less safe

Twice in recent days, former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell has signaled his continuing support for President Barack Obama. Powell also said he does not believe the U.S. is "much less safer" under the current administration.

96 new Fortress-America embassies cause bad vibes abroad

After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 then secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell launched a frenzied construction programme of all the foreign legations -- on a scale unprecedented in US history. 65 new fortresses were already built...

The Photo That Moved Colin Powell

Gen. Colin Powell (Ret.) spoke of being moved by a photo essay on NBC's Meet The Press on Sunday. Here's more about the Muslim soldier who died in Iraq for the American dream.

Op-Ed: Impact of Powell Endorsement On Election '08

In perhaps the most important symbolic examples of Barack Obama's vast appeal, the Senator from Illinois has earned the vote of Colin Powell.

Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

Colin Powell crossed party lines to endorse Barack Obama, calling him a "transformational figure." Perhaps he sensed what only a poet could say, "What our country desperately needs is a leader who loves us . . .

Op-Ed: Should Colin Powell Endorse Obama?

Rumors are rampant that retired Gen. Colin Powell will announce his support for Sen. Barack Obama on"Meet the Press" tomorrow. Pundits speculate that Powell has a few scores to settle with the Bush administration. Some say revenge; some say remorse.

Powell Might Support Democrat Or Independent In General Election, Praises Obama

Former army general and former Secretary of State Colin, who served under US President George W. Bush said that he might not support the GOP nominee come the general election in November.

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Carl Keyes with Colin Powell at an Aid for America gala
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Colin Powell after reading the Gettysburg Address at the grand reopening of the Smithsonian Nationals Museum of American History.
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 The Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell  by Oren Harari  published by McGraw Hill (2002)
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