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Coffin News

Six mourners injured by falling coffin at funeral in Spain

Ronda - Six mourners were attending a funeral in the city of Ronda in southern Spain when the coffin containing their deceased loved one fell on them, injuring them all.

Woman finds wrong body in mother's coffin

Warwick - A Rhode Island woman was horrified to discover the wrong body inside a coffin that should have held her mother's remains. Her mother had passed away while visiting the island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean.

Danish woman startled to see open coffin on her street

Imagine waking up first thing in the morning, looking out your window and seeing an open coffin complete with a body, out in the street below you.

Ghost Walk: Retracing the steps of restless spirit Henry Trigg Special

Stevenage - Almost 400 years ago, a sleepy Hertfordshire town, 32 miles north of London, England, lived a man whose name would become steeped in history, folklore and regular ghoulish encounter.

Soccer fans bring dead teen's body to match in Colombia

Friends and family of a murdered teen paid their final respects to the young man by hoisting his casket on to their shoulders and carrying him into a soccer match at the General Santander Stadium in Cucuta, Colombia.

Brazilian woman declared dead wakes up in coffin

San Paulo - An investigation is underway into the "death" of an 88-year-old Brazilian woman who was declared dead after hospital officials said she had no vital signs but then re-awakened a few hours later when funeral preparations were underway.

Lee Harvey Oswald coffin sold for $90,000

The original coffin of John F. Kennedy’s alleged killer Lee Harvey Oswald has fetched $90,000 at an auction in Los Angeles.

Lee Harvey Oswald's coffin to be sold at auction

The original coffin of Lee Harvey Oswald is one of the unusual items being sold by a Los Angeles-based auction house on December 16.

Peaceful protest in St. Louis hyped by media to imply violence

Saint Louis - A St. Louis chapter of the Tea Party movement held a protest which included a prop coffin. The Protest was a mock funeral given for all who will be killed by the health care bill, followed by a prayer vigil.

Man in coffin found alive by undertaker

A 76-year-old beekeeper was stung by bees and collapsed. The next thing he knew he was waking up in a coffin with the undertaker standing over him.

Baby Discovered Breathing in His Coffin

Upon lifting the lid of the coffin containing the body of his son, who had been declared dead a short time after birth, a man in Paraguay discovered that the infant he and his wife thought they had lost was alive after all.

Tall man's body cut to fit coffin in South Carolina

South Carolina authorities conducted an investigation to see whether a funeral home severed the legs of a 6-foot-7-inch preacher in order to fit his body in a coffin. They found the severed parts inside the coffin.

Test ride a coffin in Amsterdam

All those sombre Dutch funerals may never be the same again. At the "I R.I.P" Amsterdam exhibition launched on 30 January, visitors can manufacture - and testride -- their own environmentally-friendly 'corpse box' which costs 24 Euros.

This Beer Is For Bramanti

When Bill Bramanti passes away he will still be partying like this past Saturday night. The Pabst Blue Ribbon lover got his custom-made casket delivered and decided to throw a party.

Coffin Bumped From Air Canada Flight To Make Way For Luggage

The family of Dennis Hamilton want to know why his body was bumped from a flight to make more room for luggage. Because of Air Canada's action his funeral was forced to be delayed.

Injured Man Gets Coffin Ride Back Home

Mitev Jordanov was working miles from home when he hurt his back. The Romanian builder was told by the doctors he could only return home laying flat on his back. No big deal, right? Wrong. He had to return home lying in a coffin.

La. Prisoner Built Ruth Graham's Coffin

A convicted murderer, Richard Liggett was asked to make two simple plywood coffins. They were crafted with meticulous care by Liggett. These two coffins were to be made for Billy and Ruth Graham. Ruth died on June 14.

Children make coffin for dying teacher

A Dutch primary school teacher who is dying of cancer is overseeing one last project among her beloved pupils - they are making a coffin for her.

Hamster and Gerbil Coffins?

You can find just about anything on eBay these days!

1,600-year-old Roman coffin unearthed in London

Archaeologists have uncovered a rare Roman sarcophagus containing a headless skeleton at the site of London's st. martin-in-the-fields church, authorities said Friday

Soldier's coffin at center of furor

A woman says she saw a soldier's flag-draped coffin put into a cart with passengers' baggage last month at the Greater Rochester International Airport, shocking her and other onlookers.

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Coffin Image

Friends bring murdered teen s coffin to soccer match
in Cucuta town Colombia
Friends bring murdered teen's coffin to soccer match in Cucuta town,Colombia
CrimeSiteNl's Channel
The Aeternal is a futuristic hearse created to offer a luxurious and high-tech burial.
The Aeternal is a futuristic hearse created to offer a luxurious and high-tech burial.
Lunatic Koncepts
Pictured is a funeral package presentation.
Pictured is a funeral package presentation.
wikimedia commons
Henry Trigg plaque on the wall of his former twin-gabled home in Middle Row  Stevenage in England
Henry Trigg plaque on the wall of his former twin-gabled home in Middle Row, Stevenage in England
Tribute Caskets offer a personal touch.
Tribute Caskets offer a personal touch.
permission from Tribute Caskets
Handmade coffin
Handmade coffin
Flickr user Ambient Damage
A coffin constructed for a Haitian teenager in the village of Dauphin  which had been isolated becau...
A coffin constructed for a Haitian teenager in the village of Dauphin, which had been isolated because of very bad road conditions. The teenager had died after contracting cholera.
Operation Blessing International