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Coding News

Programmers who use spaces instead of tabs make more money

Programmers who indent their code using space characters make more money than those using a single tab. The surprising discovery was made after scrutinising survey data. It has astounded the survey creators who are unable to explain the trend.

Women left tech industry when 'gaming industry became very male'

After years of traveling the world working to improve the lives of impoverished women overseas, Melinda Gates looked around the US and decided some work needed to be done here at home.

Pocky hopes to educate young consumers about coding with new app

Have you ever though to yourself, “Hey, don’t you wish chocolatey snacks could teach small children to code via a cartoon-character oriented mobile app?”

Op-Ed: Living cells are now being programmed with computer code

Cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's and other diseases are now in the firing line more than ever with the advent of CRISPR technology and now, computer code that reprograms living cells.

Raspberry Pi 3 goes 64-bit and adds Wi-Fi, still a $35 computer

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released an updated version of the infamous Raspberry Pi microcomputer. The Raspberry Pi 3 is 10 percent faster than the original Pi Model B unveiled four years ago today and now features on-board Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

UK police campaign to target teenage hackers aged 12-15

Britain's National Crime Agency has launched a new advertising campaign targeting the parents of teenage hackers. Research has found the average age of hackers has fallen to just 17, prompting the police to alert parents to tell-tale signs.

The Raspberry Pi Zero is a $5 computer on the front of a magazine

The Raspberry Pi Foundation today announced the latest addition to its range of super-affordable pocket-sized computers designed to get people coding. The Pi Zero costs just £4 ($5 in the United States) and fits in the palm of the hand.

BBC reveals the micro:bit computer — free for all UK children

The BBC has revealed the details of its new pocket-sized computer that will be given away free of charge to all 11- and 12-year-olds in the UK as part of the organisation's initiative to get more children interested in computers and coding.

Want to learn more about technology? Try these courses

Whatever your experience level, there are some great courses available online to teach you more about the world of technology. Covering skills from programming and web development to network management, everybody can learn new skills in their own time.

CoderDojo is teaching kids the newly cool skill of coding

With the rise of the Internet and growth in technology kids are now growing up in a digital age. The rising popularity of the Internet not only makes coding a skill that offers returns for children’s future careers, it makes coding a skill that is cool.

Op-Ed: Diversifing the tech world

It’s rare that I write about a subject that I have next to no experience in, but here I am writing about encouraging signs which point to the tech world becoming less white-male oriented, and instead more representative of, well, everyone.

Op-Ed: Should kids learn to code and program in K-12?

Currently we hold the belief that our youth is entitled to explore all subjects, and later on choose one to pursue as a career. At a young age, it would be harder to teach a student why coding is important than actually teaching them to write it.

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg to offer free coding lesson has a new campaign called 'Hour of Code" and they have enlisted some of the tech world's most well-known figures to help students understand computer programming.

37signals book "Getting Real Fast"

The book is packed with keep-it-simple insights, contrarian points of view, and unconventional approaches to software design. This is not a technical book or a design tutorial, it's a book of ideas.

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Coding Image

The Lorenz teleprinter was used in World War II to swap personal messages between Hitler and his gen...
The Lorenz teleprinter was used in World War II to swap personal messages between Hitler and his generals.
File photo: Black girls learn how to code.
File photo: Black girls learn how to code.
Photo: Black Girls Code / Axiom News
Glicode is a new app to help teach coding to children
Glicode is a new app to help teach coding to children
The Raspberry Pi Zero - a $5 computer
The Raspberry Pi Zero - a $5 computer
Raspberry Pi
Most of the time we use XML to set up mundane things such as catalogs  as you can see here. Unfortun...
Most of the time we use XML to set up mundane things such as catalogs, as you can see here. Unfortunately hackers like to use it as well.