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Why international efforts were needed to tackle EMOTET Special

A dangerous Trojan called EMOTET has been stopped through an international effort. The virus was primarily spread through malspam. These emails often contained familiar branding designed to look like a legitimate email.

Fixing code is leading to developer burnout

The rate and extent of fixing code is apparently leading to developer burnout. According to an industry insider, this is creating personal and professional problems for code developers.

Billions of passwords available on underground forums Special

Billions of passwords, which can be potentially matches to some of the owners when connected with email addresses, are located on the dark web, according to a new cybersecurity inquiry.

Women hack the crisis: A global virtual all-women hackathon

“Women Hack the Crisis,” is a global all-female hackathon to create solutions for the problems women face now and post-COVID 19. The was organized by The Expat Woman, a global community of women on a mission to engage, educate and empower.

Apple confirms iOS source code got leaked on GitHub

Apple has indirectly confirmed the code for a critical iOS component was leaked on open-source sharing site GitHub. The closely guarded code was quickly removed, but not before it had been viewed, downloaded and archived by hundreds of developers.

Google announces £1m investment in U.K. computing lessons

Google has announced it will provide £1m to train U.K. computer science teachers. The grant will support the U.K. government's £100m initiative to improve computer science education in the country, where only 11 percent of school pupils take the subject

AWS, Microsoft unveil new deep learning framework for developers

Microsoft and Amazon Web Services have announced a new deep learning library that makes it easier for developers to get started with machine learning. Called Gluon, the interface offers built-in components that can be connected to form neural networks.

Deutsche Bank open-sources code from its trading platform

Deutsche Bank has released over 150,000 lines of code from its Autobahn electronic trading platform. The company said the decision to open-source parts of the technology is intended to create a "common industry standard" for automated trading systems.

AI is transforming how programmers write software

Artificial intelligence is moving into new sectors as machine learning gains more capabilities. A growing trend is to use AI in software development, allowing programmers to be more efficient. In the future, machines could create their own code.

Programmers who use spaces instead of tabs make more money

Programmers who indent their code using space characters make more money than those using a single tab. The surprising discovery was made after scrutinising survey data. It has astounded the survey creators who are unable to explain the trend.

Microsoft's upgraded deep learning tools released to the world

Microsoft has announced the public release of its second generation deep learning toolkit that lets developers use the company's technology to add neural networks to their apps. The company said it wants to enable new breakthroughs in AI.

Apple launches coding course for high school and college students

Apple has launched a new app development course aimed at teaching high school and college students to create fully-fledged mobile products in its Swift programming language. The full-year course delivers all the basics required to create a complete app.

NASA wants you to make its ancient software 1,000 times faster

NASA has launched a competition designed to attract programmers familiar with an obsolete language used to build one of its mission-critical design systems. The company now wants the program to run orders of magnitude faster, using the ancient technology.

Minecraft's new feature lets kids build new worlds with code

Microsoft has announced a new feature for Minecraft: Education Edition that's designed to introduce children to coding. Based on a new open-source platform, it delivers the fundamentals of programming in an open-world Minecraft setting.

Insecure Samsung Tizen is riddled with security flaws

Samsung's Tizen operating system, used on the company's smart TVs and smartwatches, contains over forty serious security vulnerabilities that put devices at risk. The discovery was made by a security researcher who detailed Samsung's poor quality code.

A person’s heartbeat can be used as a password

New York - It is now possible to protect sensitive medical records by using the heartbeat of the patient as a unique identifier. The idea is to ensure patient privacy is protected.

ASUS unveils its own more expensive Raspberry Pi rival

ASUS has launched a micro-computer to rival the immensely popular Raspberry Pi. The Tinker resembles a clone of the Pi but sports more powerful hardware. It also has a higher price tag though, potentially preventing it from gaining the same following.

Vine vulnerability lets hacker download the complete source code

A hacker looking for bug bounties has stumbled across a security hole in Vine that allowed him to download the entire source code from a publicly accessible website. He was awarded over $10,000 for the discovery of the blatant internal oversight.

New processing chip makes computations up to 18x faster

MIT has unveiled a new processing chip design that could allow future devices to operate as much as 18 times faster as today's PCs. The chip relies heavily on multi-core technology and parallel processing to dramatically speed up programs.

You can now buy the BBC's palm-sized computer to get kids coding

The BBC micro:bit, a £13 computer handed out for free to schoolchildren in the UK, is now available to buy online. The hackable device was created by the media organisation to get kids coding, following the spirit of the BBC Micro in the 80s.

Man who 'deleted his company' with code bug reveals it was a hoax

The man who last week claimed to have deleted his entire business by running a single line of buggy code on his servers has revealed his original post was a hoax. The self-promotion effort was inspired by a real incident several years ago though.

Man 'deletes his entire company' with a single line of code

A man has managed to delete his entire company after accidentally running a command on his servers. The command removed every file stored on the servers that previously held customer websites the company was responsible for hosting.

Microsoft to open-source the JavaScript core of its new browser

Microsoft has announced it will be publicly releasing the source code to one of the most important components of its new Edge browser from early 2016. The developer community will be able to contribute to the code, helping to improve Edge's performance.

Badly coded ransomware encrypts your data but forgets the key

Ransomware is nothing new. The malware works by encrypting files on the target's computer and charging the owner if they ever want to see them again. Unfortunately, a bug in one such program means it always forgets the key, making decryption impossible.

Apple blacklists hundreds of apps that stole personal user data

Apple has pulled hundreds of iOS apps from the store after a third party report found they were accessing users' personal details including their email address. The issue has thrown Apple's usually stringent app review process into doubt.

Study finds school children would rather learn coding than French

A study of UK school children and parents has found most kids would rather be taught how to program than how to speak French. It follows the introduction of a compulsory computing curriculum by the government.

Siberian statue carries secret code 7,000yr before writing began

The Shigir Idol is the world's oldest known wooden statue. Built in 9,000 BC, it bears a secret code which nobody has ever been able to decipher. Even more startling is that it was written 7,000 years before writing was thought to have begun.

Revealed: Google's coder recruiting tool hidden inside search

Google has secretly hidden a tool inside its search results that recruits talented new programmers for the company. Searching for some complex programming terms can lead to access to a series of online puzzles. Solving the puzzles can lead to a job.

Intel publicly releases code behind Stephen Hawking's voice

Intel has publicly released the code for the software that powers Stephen Hawking's speech engine. It allows developers to go ahead and delve into how it works, opening the gateway to new systems based upon it but expanded by the knowledge of others.

New banking malware scam targets 20,000 in three days

A new form of banking malware discovered in the UK could have infected 20,000 customers in the past week. The malware is distributed in an email and can allow the attackers to remotely control the targeted user's system, stealing their bank details.
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The AI had not been taught to complete sentiment analysis
The AI had not been taught to complete sentiment analysis
Pexels / Markus Spiske
Distribution of the trend by country
Distribution of the trend by country
Stack Overflow
Spaces/tabs and income graph
Spaces/tabs and income graph
Stack Overflow
Scammers use email or text messages to trick you into giving them your personal information.
Scammers use email or text messages to trick you into giving them your personal information.
Negative Space / Pexels
AI helps programmers to be more efficient
AI helps programmers to be more efficient
Pexels / luis gomes
A vulnerability in Vine let hacker  avicoder  download the entire source code
A vulnerability in Vine let hacker "avicoder" download the entire source code
Programming algorithms.
Programming algorithms.
Pexels / Kevin Ku
Programming algorithms on a computer monitor.
Programming algorithms on a computer monitor.
Lorenzo Cafaro / Pexels
Emoji Passcode
Emoji Passcode
Intelligent Environments
Windows 10 will run iOS and Android apps
Windows 10 will run iOS and Android apps

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