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Cocoa News

Brazil cocoa follows in footsteps of famed wines, boosting prices

Coaraci - With an attentive eye, Henrique Almeida watches a technician carefully open a hundred cocoa pods, while another worker on the plantation collects samples in bags to check whether the batch conforms to the "South Bahia" geographical indication.

Cocoa prices soar as ICoast, Ghana threaten supply cut

London - Cocoa prices rose sharply on Wednesday after key producers Ivory Coast and Ghana threatened to stop selling their production to buyers unwilling to meet a minimum price.

Why daily chocolate treats might be good for cognition

Food research is a veritable feast of ideas. The latest offering is that the administration of cocoa flavanols affects cognitive function, to the degree that cognitive performance can be improved by a daily intake of cocoa flavanols.

Top cocoa grower Ivory Coast stung by caterpillar invasion

Abidjan - Cocoa crops in the world's top producer, Ivory Coast, are being ravaged by caterpillars but authorities are playing down the new scourge, saying they have it under control.

Ivory Coast counts on schools to cut child labour in cocoa sector

Abidjan - "At five years old, I went to work in the fields with my dad. Today, my children go to school," said Peter, a cocoa farmer in Bonikro in the centre of Ivory Coast.

New study shows chocolate or cocoa may boost athletic performance

A British study performed at Kingston University showed that eating dark chocolate and cocoa may improve athletic performance and help during fitness training. Chocolate and cocoa are already known to have a positive effect on cardiovascular health.

4,000 'slave' child workers removed from cocoa plantations

Abidjan - Some 4,000 child victims of "slavery and exploitation" were removed from cocoa plantations in Ivory Coast between 2012 and 2014, authorities fighting child labour in the world's top cocoa producer have said.

Study: Cocoa antioxidants helps reverse age related memory loss

New York - If you find you have become more forgetful lately, you may want to consider munching on some dark chocolate according to a study released on Sunday.

Cocoa could be a natural way to curb obesity related disease

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth but have been staying away from chocolate temptations, you’ll be happy to know cocoa has a new health surprise. Recent findings show cocoa appears to fight chronic inflammation that can lead to type-2 diabetes and more

Mondelez confectionary company invents heat-resistant chocolate

Many of us have bought chocolate on a hot day planning to have a treat later only to pull it out of the bag once home and find it melted. That problem may now be solved - at least for part of the world.

Good news for chocolate lovers

People who love dark chocolate will be pleased to hear that it helps lower the risk of heart disease and high cholesterol. According to new research, eating dark chocolate each day will help keep the doctor away.

Could a cocoa DNA discovery make great chocolate even better?

University Park - Researchers from Penn State University have sequenced the genome of a chocolate tree known for producing the finest chocolate. Their work could lead to richer cocoa and trees resistant to disease.

Cocoa prices on the rise due to political unrest in Ivory Coast

Continued political upheaval in West Africa's Ivory Coast creates another spike in cocoa and chocolate prices around the globe.

Chocolate manufacturer Hershey linked to child labour

Washington - Hershey, one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the U.S., is lagging behind other companies in taking steps to ensure decent working conditions in its supply chain, a report has said. The company has even been linked to child labour.

Hulk Hogan sues Post Cereal over Cocoa Pebbles commercial

Tampa - Hulk Hogan is back in federal court in Florida, this time over a cartoon commercial. Hulk claims his reputation was harmed in a Cocoa Pebbles ad featuring Bamm-Bamm tossing " Hulk Boulder" into the air and winning the match.

FDA recalls toxic nonfat milk and cocoa

FDA announced today they are recalling the nonfat dried milk, cocoa, and other products processed at Plainview Milk Products Cooperative between 2007 to and 2008 as they could contain salmonella.

Three G&J Gourmet Market Cocoa Products Recalled

Dorsey Marketing Inc. (DMI) of Ville St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada, is voluntarily recalling three G&J Gourmet Market cocoa products because these products may contain melamine:

Cocoa lowers blood pressure

German researchers today claim that cocoa not tea, may help to lower your blood pressure.

Cocoa may make your heart healthier

Cocoa is actually good for you, according to researchers.

Another Great reason To Consume Cocoa

A Harvard researcher says that epicatechin, found in cocoa, is a major find as important as was the discovery of penicillin so long ago.

West African Cocoa Industry In Battle For Survival

ABIDJAN (dpa) - A powerful, sweet aroma rises up from the plastic sack filled with cocoa beans. For the cocoa company Schokinag in the Ivory Coast metropolis of Abidjan, however, the mood is not so sweet because of rising prices.Since last November, th...

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Cocoa Image

Wikimedia commons
Chocolate drinks.
Chocolate drinks.
Immature cacao pods on tree.
Immature cacao pods on tree.
Heather Annette Miller, Penn State
Cocoa is used in many recipes all over the culinary world. Here you can see some that is mixed with ...
Cocoa is used in many recipes all over the culinary world. Here you can see some that is mixed with other ingredients and used in tea.
Choco Late
A bunch of various chocolates
A bunch of various chocolates
Heather Annette Miller, Penn State
Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate
Luisa Contreras (CC BY 2.0)

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