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Cockroaches News

Man's ear was home to 26 cockroaches

Dongguan - A man went to the hospital for an earache, and when doctors looked inside his ear, they found dozens of cockroaches living inside him.

Kenya officials: No one missing, students should have fought back

Kenyan government officials angrily denied claims by Garissa University College officials that 166 students are still missing and may have been kidnapped by Al-Shabaab after the attack on the school last week.

Cockroaches show conformity in numbers

Brussels - According to a new study, individual cockroaches can be shy or bold. However, they alter their behavior to fit in with a group.

Zoo: Adopt a scorpion or cockroach for that special ex-Valentine

San Francisco - If your ex has left you feeling rejected, the San Francisco Zoo has the perfect gift for that dirtbag who dumped you: Scorpions and cockroaches, which you can adopt in the name of your former bad life choice, whom your friends warned you about.

Cockroaches ‘evolve’ to avoid bait traps

A trend is developing with cockroaches where the sweet poisons used in traps are becoming less effective. Scientists think that roaches have evolved taste cells that register sugar as bitter, thereby avoid taking the bait.

Study: Cockroaches can live longer with bizarre behavior

Cockroaches are known to live through extreme conditions such as surviving a nuclear explosion. Now they seem to have developed an aversion towards sugar.

Poll: Congress less popular than lice, cockroaches, Nickelback

A national poll by Public Policy Polling found that Congress has a 9 percent favorability rating with 85% of voters viewing it in negative light. PPP said: "... we decided to take a different approach and test Congress' popularity against 26 things."

Video: Researchers develop cyborg cockroaches to help in rescues

Raleigh - They may creep us out now, but cockroaches could be used to help save lives in collapsed buildings one day soon. Researchers at North Carolina State University have figured out a way to install an electronic system in a living cockroach to steer the bugs.

Bilderberg group label protesters cockroaches, want Ron Paul dead

Bilderberg members may prefer to keep all their business under wraps at their annual conference, but hotel employees working at the Westfields Marriott in Chantilly,VA., have let slip an interesting gem or two.

Couple sues airline over cockroaches on flight

Charlotte - A North Carolina couple has filed a lawsuit against Air Tran Airways after a flight they say they boarded at Charlotte Douglas International Airport became infested with cockroaches causing them great distress.

Cockroaches for Valentine's Day

Bronx - What better way to express your feelings for someone special on Valentine's Day than to name a Madagascar hissing cockroach after them.

Study: Cockroaches tell each other where to eat

Cockroaches may not be cordon bleu experts, but according to a new study they actually pass on recommendations about where to find food. This may reassure homeowners who’ve been thinking that roaches prefer their kitchens.

Buns and Buns too close, or My Bun is Soggy

When cockroaches are the least of your worries about a restaurant, it may be time to find another restaurant, especially if you live in Florida.

Op-Ed: Cockroaches in space: 33 bonny bouncing babies born in Russian space mission

Cockroaches have been around for 300 million years. They’re the ancestors of termites. Nobody could call them social climbers. So this is rather a giant leap for cockroach-kind. The first animals born in micro gravity are cockroaches, and doing fine.

Cockroaches hate mornings too

Humans are not the only species that hate mornings, cockroaches hate mornings too according to Vanderbilt University researchers. The bugs showed better learning behaviors in the evenings compared to the mornings.

Cockroaches can learn like dogs and humans

Japanese researchers say cockroaches have a memory and can learn like humans and dogs. They plan to study which neurons in their brains affects this learning behavior and want to compare it with humans.

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The social life of the cockroach isn t as glamorous as it seems.
The social life of the cockroach isn't as glamorous as it seems.

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