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Saskatchewan: Green technology for Canada

Estevan - Canada's prairie province of Saskatchewan is starting to attract worldwide attention. On October 2, an ageing coal-fired power plant was re-activated after being retrofitted to capture one million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

Pennsylvania planning to extinguish long-burning coal fire

Pittsburgh - The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has finally decided to set aside funding in an effort extinguish a several-year-old fire burning near the Pittsburgh International Airport.

Op-Ed: House energy bill shows lawmaker's animosity toward White House

The Republican-led House of Representatives passed a bipartisan Fiscal Year 2015 Energy and Water Appropriations bill in a vote of 253-170. On the surface, the bill looks sensible enough, but it effectively damages environmental programs.

Solar Power: The saffron revolution

India’s new prime minister, Narendra Modi, says every home in the nation will be running at least one light bulb by 2019.

Ukraine rebels seize coal mines, demand explosives

Kiev - Separatist rebels on Thursday seized four Ukrainian coal mines in the east of the strife-torn country and demanded that its workers supply them with explosives, the energy ministry said.

China coal mine death toll rises to 20

Qujing - The death toll from a flooded coal mine in southwest China has risen to 20 with the recovery of another 14 bodies nearly two weeks after the accident, state media reported.

Japan pushes to build hi-tech power plants abroad

Tokyo - Two Japanese companies have agreed deals to develop advanced coal-fired power plants in Malaysia and Myanmar as part of a government drive to export energy efficiency technology to emerging markets, a report said Sunday.

Coal giant launches campaign to save the world's poor with coal

As coal industry profits continue to shrink, the world’s largest coal company is looking to expand into a new market – the world’s poor. And to help accomplish this, they’ll be getting help from the world’s largest public relations firm.

U.S. exports global warming

While America talks of a greener and cleaner future, exports of dirty fuel into other countries are flooding the markets with cheap, high carbon fuels.

Tour operators fume over Great Barrier Reef dumping plan

Sydney - Furious tourism operators on the Great Barrier Reef on Saturday threatened legal action after approval was given to dump of up to three million cubic metres of dredge waste in park waters.

Australia approves plan to dump dredge spoil in Barrier Reef

Sydney - Australia's Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority on Friday approved the dumping of up to three million cubic metres of dredge waste in park waters in a move blasted by environmentalists.

Op-Ed: The Great Barrier Reef needs our help Special

The Great Barrier Reef, perhaps the greatest natural wonder of the world, could be heading for trouble, even before climate change. The GBR's watery expanse, 1,400 miles along Australia's east coast, contains thousands of plant, fish, and other species.

Remaining coal reserves 'should be left untapped'

Warsaw - The United Nations lead on climate change has called for the remaining global coal reserves to be left untapped in a bid to reduce pollution levels.

Review: Sting has new album and is headed for Broadway

New York - It has been 10 years since his fans have been delivered a Sting album of all new music, and “The Last Ship” delivers a sort of troubadour-like experience that one could imagine hearing around a campfire.

Chinese citizens died from free coal

A government policy to provide Northern Chinese residents with free coal for heat during the Mao era has ended up reducing their life spans.

Op-Ed: Natural gas could replace coal

If natural gas production is not thwarted by environmental interests, it could overtake coal during the next two decades to become the second largest world energy source. This will give Mideast and Russian gas producers some serious competition.

NASA finds sharp decrease in U.S. coal power plant pollution

Scientists using the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) on NASA's Aura satellite confirmed that levels of sulfur dioxide, a highly toxic air pollutant emitted by coal-fired power plants, decreased significantly in the eastern United States, NASA announced.

NASA satellites confirm decline in coal power air pollution

Levels of coal produced sulfur dioxide, a major air pollutant, are falling across eastern USA according to a special NASA satellite tasked with measuring the quality of the Earth's atmosphere.

Utility giant to close five US coal-fired plants

Columbus - American Electric Power (AEP), the Ohio utility giant, announced late last week it will retire five coal-fired fuel plants and spend billions of dollars to comply with a series of proposed regulations by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Massey Energy blamed in coal mine disaster, 'knowingly’ broke law

Washington - An extensive investigation into West Virginia's coal mine disaster killing 29 workers last year has found the mine's operator, Massey Energy, responsible and notes the company "knowingly" violated the law and "blatanty" disregarded worker safety.

Upper Big Branch Mine coal disaster rescuers were ‘expendable’

Charleston - Last year's Upper Big Branch coal mine disaster, claiming the lives of 29 workers, also put at risk federal rescue teams who began their search for potential survivors hours after the blast without backup rescue teams in place, pressured by Massey Energy.

Op-Ed: West Virginia‎ Senator Robert C. Byrd dead at 92

Washington - It's with much sorrow that we report today the passing of Senator Robert C. Byrd. A son of West Virginia, Byrd devoted his life to the Mountain State. His enduring dedication to improving the lives of each person he represented will live on forever.

Grammy winner Alan Jackson performs benefit for WV Coal Miners Special

Grammy Award Winner Alan Jackson hit the stage in Charleston West Virginia Saturday night in a benefit concert for the families of the 29 coal miners killed in April at the Montcoal Mine explosion.

Op-Ed: Environmental Concerns

There are two sides to the controversy on wind turbines - many who see the importance of encouraging sustainable clean energy and those who don’t.

Shipping presents growing risk to Australia's Great Barrier Reef

The ship Shen Neng 1, which hit a sand bank on April 3 at full speed carrying 68,000 metric tons of coal and 975 tons of fuel oil, is probably only the first of such collisions to occur in the near future, experts predict.

Exclusive Interview: Westboro Baptist Church Shunned by West Va. Special

What if you held a parade or a protest and no one was there to watch? Well that's exactly what happened at some locations in Charleston, WV when Westboro Baptist Church staged hate protests, hoping for a reaction from the miners grieving families.

Op-Ed: Mountaineers Demand Answers From Feds Special

On April 5, 2010 at 3 p.m. an explosion ripped through the Upper Big Branch Mine in what one Massey Coal Mine Worker on his way into the mine described as a powerful "whooshing" sound as rock, debris, coal dust and smoke came rolling out of the mine.

No Survivors Found In West Virginia Mine

A sad day indeed in WV, as the missing miners bodies have been recovered following five days of praying and waiting for the deadly methane gas levels to drop so rescuers could safely enter the mine and search for these missing men.

Op-Ed: The Waiting Widows of the West Virginia Coal Mine

As long as we have coal mines in the state of West Virginia we will always have children without fathers, mothers without sons, sisters without brothers and the empty arms of the coal miners' waiting widow.

Death Toll Finalized at 108 in Chinese Mining Disaster

Chinese state news agency confirms 104 deaths in coal mine explosion. The rescue effort leader, Zhang Fucheng says that four more bodies have yet to be recovered.The death toll is finalized at 108.
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Huffington Post
File photo of Shirley Phelps-Roper at a Westboro demonstration held in Charleston WV after the 2010 ...
File photo of Shirley Phelps-Roper at a Westboro demonstration held in Charleston WV after the 2010 mining disaster that claimed twenty-nine lives.
Coal Miner Memorial Statue
Coal Miner Memorial Statue
Mine Safety and Health Administration
Westboro Baptist Church members at a protest in Charleston WV  where they waved signs reading God Ha...
Westboro Baptist Church members at a protest in Charleston WV, where they waved signs reading God Hates Dead Miners, after the 2010 mining disaster that rocked the coal state.
Southern West Virginia Miner s Memorial
Dedicated by UMWA District 17  August 15  1998
Southern West Virginia Miner's Memorial Dedicated by UMWA District 17, August 15, 1998
Mine Safety and Health Administration
Coal Miner Memorial Statue at the Capitol Building
Charleston  WV
Coal Miner Memorial Statue at the Capitol Building Charleston, WV
RESOURCES: This open pit coal mine is in Mugla  Turkey  about 150 miles south of Soma where the Tues...
RESOURCES: This open pit coal mine is in Mugla, Turkey, about 150 miles south of Soma where the Tuesday's disaster occurred.
Memty/Wikimedia Commons
This denuded area used to be a mountain in West Virginia.
This denuded area used to be a mountain in West Virginia.
Screen grab
Mrs. Monya McFall  one of the first documented women miners  holds up a picture of herself in 1978. ...
Mrs. Monya McFall, one of the first documented women miners, holds up a picture of herself in 1978. She told us, "Coal provided me with the opportunity to care for my family since I was just a girl. Now the advancement in technology will allow my grandkids to work in the same field, only they will design the plants that burn the coal that I used to dig out."
America's Power
Kosovo  Coal  Mining
Kosovo, Coal, Mining
A coal power plant in Germany
A coal power plant in Germany
In Dayton  Ohio we met Shelley  a nursing student  as she headed to class. She asked   Can you use c...
In Dayton, Ohio we met Shelley, a nursing student, as she headed to class. She asked, "Can you use coal to power your home?" We explained that 82 percent of Ohio’s electricity is generated by coal. “I didn’t know that," she said. “I definitely want to support the use of clean coal technology. It doesn't make sense not to.”
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