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Four nations map course to carbon-free economies

Marrakesh - When it comes to purging fossil fuels from the global economy by mid-century -- our only hope of staving off catastrophic climate change -- it turns out that you can't get there from here without a good map.

Record heat in 2016 but no drop in CO2 emissions: reports

Marrakesh - The year 2016 is on track to be the hottest on record, the UN forecast Monday, while the World Bank calculated that 26 million people slip into poverty annually due to natural disasters, reflecting the risks posed by climate change.

Trump presidency means billions of tons of CO2 could be released

There are plenty of numbers that differentiate President-elect Donald Trump from Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. There's 270, the number of electoral votes it took for Trump to be declared the winner of presidential election.

Nothing 'virtual' about climate impact of emails, tweets

Paris - Even as people the world over symbolically dim lights to fight global warming this Saturday, many will join email and social network campaigns that invisibly contribute to climate change.

Climate 'carbon budget' soon maxed out: study

Paris - The window of opportunity for humanity to cap global warming by slashing greenhouse gases is closing faster than previously thought, according to a study released Tuesday.

Op-Ed: NASA releases video of global CO2, and it’s an ugly sight

Sydney - Forget the hype, check out the fact. The patterns of CO2 circulation in the atmosphere, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere, are pretty repulsive looking things. China’s notorious smog is clearly visible, and the United States isn’t much better.

Experts say global warming will make food less nutritious

With unprecedented global warming occurring worldwide, there are more than enough problems to go around. Now, evidence suggests there’s another unpleasant change that we will likely have to deal with.

Older trees grow faster than young ones

Mature trees soak up more carbon dioxide than younger ones, resulting in them growing faster, a new study finds. This finding applies to various types of trees.

EU weighs new climate goals, economic needs

Brussels - The EU will announce climate change targets for 2030 next week but sharp differences over priorities and an unwillingness to take the lead while global rivals hang back may result in a modest compromise deal.

Meteorite study suggests carbon capture locked up Mars atmosphere

East Kilbride - Examination of a meteorite that’s believed to have fallen to Earth around 3,000 years ago has provided clues as to how Mars lost its atmosphere, previously rich in carbon dioxide (CO2).

Scientists create C02 sequestration method that produces H2 fuel

Scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have demonstrated a new process that can be used to remove excess carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere while generating "carbon-negative" hydrogen fuel.

Australia's trees may die in 35 years, 100% more CO2 to blame

The warnings of Dr. Seuss' iconic character the Lorax may have come too late: reports out of Australia suggest that the country's native trees may not be able to survive climate change.

Global warming happened in Medieval times with no CO2 emissions

A team of scientists have raised questions about current scientific theories about global warming. They showed there was a similar pattern of "global warming" during medieval times and that the planet cooled down after that leading to a "mini ice age."

High carbon dioxide levels in oceans affecting fish behavior

Townsville - Increased carbon dioxide emissions caused by humans could be impacting brains and central nervous systems of sea fish, causing behavioral changes leading to serious consequences in their ability to survive, a new international report reveals.

Freshwater bodies are a larger source of methane than expected

According to a recent international study, lakes, rivers and other freshwater bodies emit unexpected amounts of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Indirectly, this could impact the expected effects of reforestation programs to fight climate change.

Op-Ed: Climate change is dead, long live climate change

In almost every possible way, the theory of global warming (aka climate change) has been discredited by shoddy or corrupted science and scandal. So why is the U.S. Congress, White House and the UN still pushing it? That's easy. Follow the Big Green Money.

UCLA researchers find way to save the world while creating fuel

Researchers at the UCLA have successfully engineered a bacteria to eat carbon dioxide -- a gas thought to be a major contributor to global warming.

Op-Ed: The Obama Nobel is not about peace

We have suffered a week of apoplexy having endured a bombardment of reasons offered to justify a Nobel Prize awarded for expectations and promises rather than results.

Plants saved the Earth from an icy doom

Fifty million years ago, the North and South Poles were ice-free and crocodiles roamed the Arctic. Since then, a long-term decrease in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has cooled the Earth.

Geologists Map Rocks to Soak CO2 From Air

A recent study suggests there may be 6,000 square miles in United States that might turn emissions into harmless solids.

Scientists Want Immediate Action to Stop Ocean Acidification

More than 150 leading marine scientists from 26 countries are calling for immediate action by policymakers to reduce CO2 emissions sharply.

Google produces same amount of CO2 as boiling tea

Environmental experts warned that browsing a website like Google could cause as much damage to the environment by generating more carbon dioxide as the aviation industry.

LCD Panels Release Chemical That Impacts The Climate 17,000 More Than CO2

Your LCD monitor that you may be using to surf the web or chat with your friends on a cell phone isn't as environmentally friendly as once believed. LCD panels contain nitrogen trifloride a chemical that has a greater impact than carbon dioxide.

Researcher Says University Research Contributes to Global Warming

Add university research to the long list of human activities contributing to global warming. Hervé Philippe, a Université de Montréal professor of biochemistry, found that his own research produces 44 tonnes of CO2 per year

Climate Scientist Warns Projected CO2 Emissions Still To High

James Hansen, head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York warned the EU that and international partners that carbon dioxide estimates in the atmosphere have been grossly underestimated. The result could be catastrophic.

Scientists Use Sunlight to Make Methanol Fuel From CO2

Researchers have found a novel method of recycling carbon dioxide emissions to produce fuels such as methanol or gasoline. It will use sunlight to break down carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide and oxygen, and use the former to make other fuels.

Oceans Are Releasing More and More Nitrous Oxide, Which Is 300 Times As Strong As CO2

More authoritative research results have been released on the role the earth's oceans play in global warming. This time, a scientists has studied nitrous oxide production in the seas. Nitrous oxide is 300 more lethal for the environment than CO2.

The Ocean's 'Genome' Is Changing, Impacting The Food Chain: UK Scientist

The effects of increasing carbon dioxide in the air are known to be disastrous for life on the ground. It’s only recently that we’ve begun to learn of the effects on sea life. A UK scientist researching ocean bacterial DNA says it's changing.

Greenhouse Gases Destroyed Venus

Venus is an inferno planet due to the effects of greenhouse gases. European Space Agency's Venus Express is orbiting the planet to explain how Earth's twin differs so much from our own third rock from the Sun.

Oceans Soaking Up Less CO2

A ten year study by the University of East Anglia shows that the Earth's oceans are soaking up less of the greenhouse gases than they once were. Global warming may pay for that in the long run according to scientists.
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Increase in CO2  Mauna Loa Observatory  Hawaii
Increase in CO2, Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii
The graph shows recent monthly mean carbon dioxide measured at Mauna Loa Observatory  Hawaii.
The graph shows recent monthly mean carbon dioxide measured at Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii.
The invasive algae species  Caulerpa taxifolia  also known as  killer algae.
The invasive algae species, Caulerpa taxifolia, also known as "killer algae."
B. Doll
From the diagram  it is easy to see the complicated systems needed to reprocess everything  from car...
From the diagram, it is easy to see the complicated systems needed to reprocess everything, from carbon dioxide, to oxygen and even urine.
Last 5 days daily average CO2
Last 5 days daily average CO2
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Veins of clay (green) surround both the carbonate (orange) and olivine (blue) in a false-color image...
Veins of clay (green) surround both the carbonate (orange) and olivine (blue) in a false-color image of a fragment of the Lafayette meteorite taken under the microscope
Scottish Universities
Carbon storage diagram showingmethods of CO2 injection.
Carbon storage diagram showingmethods of CO2 injection.
U.S. Department of Energy
A technician of Canadian firm Carbon Engineering demonstrates how an air capture unit  pulls carbon ...
A technician of Canadian firm Carbon Engineering demonstrates how an air capture unit pulls carbon / CO2 from atmosphere in the form of pellets.
Carbon Engineering Ltd.
Simple chart showing the carbon cycle on earth.
Simple chart showing the carbon cycle on earth.
Kemper CCS power plant in Kemper County Mississippi.
Kemper CCS power plant in Kemper County Mississippi.
Combining the Climeworks DAC technology with the CarbFix mineralization process offers a proof-of-co...
Combining the Climeworks DAC technology with the CarbFix mineralization process offers a proof-of-concept for a system that is not only carbon neutral but actually carbon negative.
This figure shows the relative fraction of man-made greenhouse gases coming from each of eight categ...
This figure shows the relative fraction of man-made greenhouse gases coming from each of eight categories of sources, as estimated by the Emission Database for Global Atmospheric Research.
Robert A. Rohde
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