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Beer convoys en route to outback Aussie pubs as lockdown lifted

Sydney - Trucks laden with thousands of beer kegs headed to Australia's remote Northern Territory on Friday as pubs there prepare to reopen after a weeks-long virus shutdown.

Members-only pot clubs spring up in Colorado

Denver - Marijuana smokers in Denver now have somewhere to go to light up, relax and enjoy themselves with friends. While pot is not sold there, members are free to bring it and smoke it, after paying a membership fee.

Woman has stomach removed after drinking liquid nitrogen cocktail

Lancaster - A teenager on a night out in Lancaster, UK required a life-saving operation to have her stomach removed after drinking a cocktail which contained liquid nitrogen at a local night spot popular with teenagers.

New designer drug hits UK dance floors

London - The latest drug, popular with some clubbers in the UK, is Roflcoptr. Strange name indeed. This Digital Journal expose reveals more about this latest "club drug."

Iconic jazz club files for bankruptcy

Detroit - Detroit jazz club Baker's Keyboard Lounge is now looking for a buyer while its current owner files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. After 76 years, is this really the end for Baker's?

Irate supporters took their concern to the streets

Friday morning patrons who attended the popular 'Japzy Thursday' party in the Barnett Lane community reacted angrily to the police's decision to lock-off the session at midnight in downtown Montego Bay, St James.

Moscow Is Getting Hot

Moscow is getting hot. They have the hot ticket clubs that make DJs celebs. Simachev, Solyanka, Propaganda are all names of the hot clubs in town where you have to be an It person to gain entrance.

Nike Recalls Golf Clubs

Nike has recalled their Sumo driver due to the specifications being over the USGA regulations and is offering customers a replacement driver. Nike has stated that "Tiger Woods has never used this club in competition".

Teens To Expand Their Creativeness In After School Clubs

UK experts say that today's teenagers are not creative enough. After school clubs focusing on science and engineering will help says the Department for Education.

Scotch Police Say One Out Of Every 25 Drinks Are Spiked

Scotch Police went under cover as glass collectors at clubs and bars throughout Scotland, and found that one out of every twenty five drinks collected, were spiced with date rape drugs.

Funny Man Drew Hastings

Are you ready to laugh your head off? Then get ready to take a trip to Drew Hastings website. He's the funny man!

The T-Dot is the Club Spot

TORONTO (Digital Journal) — Some say it’s the people who put a club on the map. Others insist it’s the music that dictates any spot’s destiny. But however you cut it, Toronto is now bumpin’ and grindin’ along with the best of them in North Ame

Germany's Trotting Tracks Feel The Economic Pinch

MUNICH (dpa) - Germany's harness racing tracks ended a disappointing year on a note of gloom. Nearly all of the nation's major clubs suffered from slacking attendance, sagging betting revenues and soaring operational costs.But the crunch to an ailing i...

German Discos Fight For Partygoers' Favour

LUEBECK, Germany (dpa) - It's Friday night at Abaco discotheque in Luebeck, northern Germany. But not just any Friday night.Tonight is Men's Night, only women pay to get in, men go free. As well as the usual summer decorations and colourful cocktails, ...

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The Trump name is an international brand.
The Trump name is an international brand.
Lorie Shaull from Washington, United States
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A golf bag with golf clubs

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