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Israeli police detain dozens in 'horror clown' craze

Jerusalem - Israeli police said Monday they were on the lookout for teenagers in clown masks after fears the craze would cause violent reactions from those being frightened, with dozens already detained.

US creepy clown craze puts damper on Halloween

Miami - Maybe it's better to leave the clown costume in the closet this Halloween.

Creepy clown 'madness' is classic social panic, say experts

Paris - With a wave of hysteria about sightings of "creepy" or "killer" clowns sweeping the United States and far beyond -- forcing McDonald's to limit the appearances of its mascot Ronald McDonald -- AFP asked experts how the phenomenon could have taken such ...

Smile, it's an emergency: Clowning around with refugees

Vienna - It's miserable and raining outside as a few hundred tired migrants mill around a damp underpass at Vienna's main train station waiting to continue their long journey to northern Europe.

Israeli clowns try to ease Nepal quake trauma

Kathmandu - Israeli "medical clowns" are trying to help ease the trauma of children caught up in Nepal's devastating earthquake by healing psychological scars with laughter.

French village bans clowns for Halloween after terror wave

Marseille - A French village has banned teenagers from dressing up as clowns for Halloween after people kitted out as the colourful pranksters have sown terror and violence in several parts of the country.

Why are marauding, evil clowns wreaking havoc in France?

Paris - Evil, armed clowns sow terror as part of an eerie trend that spreads from city to city: while this may sound like Hollywood's latest horror blockbuster, it's real and happening in France.

Teen arrested, another jailed as clown terror spreads in France

Paris - A 14-year-old dressed as a clown was arrested Monday near Paris for attempting to attack a woman as a strange phenomenon of fake, evil clowns terrorising passers-by spreads in France.

No laughing matter: Clown terror spreads in France

Paris - A wave of panic sparked by evil clowns stalking French towns has spread to the south of France where police on Saturday night arrested 14 teenagers dressed as the pranksters, carrying pistols, knives and baseball bats.

Teen convicted as 'armed clowns' spread panic in French towns

B - The party is over for a fake clown who received a six-month suspended jail term Monday for threatening passers-by while in full circus garb, a disturbing trend terrifying towns in northern France.

Clowning around: 4th Annual Clown Congress in Guatemala City

Guatemala City - The Fourth Annual Clown Congress has taken off in Guatemala City and its generating loads of smiles, as 200 clowns get together and have fun.

Real clowns protest fake killer clowns

The clowns in El Salvador take their profession very seriously and are protesting against imposters who use their costumes for crime.

Study Shows Children Fear Clowns

Researchers at the University of Sheffield found that clowns are universally disliked by children when they began examining how to improve the decor of a local children's hospital.

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Clowning it up at the G20 summit in Toronto  June 2010  inches from the riot squad
Clowning it up at the G20 summit in Toronto, June 2010, inches from the riot squad

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