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Clouds News

Global warming imperils clouds that deter hothouse Earth

Paris - Marine clouds that protect us from hothouse Earth conditions by reflecting sunlight back into space could break up and vanish if CO2 in the atmosphere triples, researchers warned Monday.

Looking to the skies: How aerosols affect clouds

Global climate is a very complex phenomenon. To understand one aspect, the use of human-made aerosols, researchers have been studying the effects of sprays on clouds.

Clouds spotted swirling around Pluto

Despite the downgrading of Pluto from a planet (and the ninth in the solar system) to a dwarf planet, much about the far-flung celestial object remains a mystery. A new puzzle involves the presence of clouds.

New model to improve security of cloud computing

Adding a cell structure to cloud-based computing provides a system that is resilient to external compromise and one that severely limits the ability of an attacker to further exploit the organization beyond the cell.

Microsoft told that Skype logo is too similar to Sky's

An EU court has ruled that Microsoft-owned video messaging software Skype's name and logo is too similar to that of broadcaster Sky, preventing Microsoft from trademarking the Skype branding and allowing Sky to pursue Microsoft for licensing if it wants.

The secret life of clouds: How pollution affects climate change

There has been a long-standing debate on how pollution affects climate warming. Climatologists have always thought that pollution, through a process called convection caused bigger thunderclouds. Instead, they have learned it's just the opposite.

Photo Essay: Life is like a day at the beach Special

Tybee Island - What Forrest Gump's momma always said is reinterpreted here and applied to visits to Tybee Island, Georgia, where you never know what you're gonna get.

Zach Sobiech, the world's greatest boyfriend, passed away at 18

Zach Sobiech was diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer at the age of 14. He made a conscious choice to become the very best person he could be, and he succeeded before he passed away at 18. His music videos have gone viral on the Internet.

Photo Essay: Ominous clouds give way to beautiful sunset Special

Nashville - Winter in the southern part of the United States can be unpredictable, with unseasonably warm weather one day, followed by a cold front and heavy storms the next. That is particularly true in many parts of Tennessee.

Video: Rare 'hat-shaped' cloud hangs over Mount Fuji in Japan

The video shows a rare form of cloud that floated above Mount Fuji in Japan on Wednesday morning. The Japanese call it "tsurushi-gumo," which means "hanging cloud."

Mysterious cloud looms over the Martian planet

Philadelphia - Photographed by an amateur astronomer, a large cloud engulfing a region on Mars has experts amazed in this never-before-seen event.

Sunshine feeds the soul, but gloomy days recharge our memory.

Good news for those of us who are gloomy. A new study finds that bad moods brought on by cloudy weather may actually sharpen the mind.

Study: Cosmic Rays Do Not Explain Global Warming

A new study supports earlier findings by stating that changes in cosmic rays most likely do not contribute to climate change.

Strange clouds appear over Sea of Okhotsk, Japan

A Japanese Airliner crew recently observed a strange set of clouds over the Sea of Okhotsk. This type of cloud formation occurs very rarely.

Earth's Highest Clouds Are Beginning To Be Erratic; Scientists Are At A Loss

The outer atmosphere is changing and scientists have yet to find out why this is. The highest clouds hide a mystery that is as eery as the evidence is enthralling. First ever pictures of the clouds shot by Nasa reveal bizarre phenomena.

China to zap rain clouds with rockets

China has a new idea for stopping rain from happening. Especially for the Olympics. They are going to shoot rockets up to disperse the clouds. But what comes up must go down, right?

Jupiter is changing its stripes: latest from Hubble.

Some drastic alterations in Jupiter’s cloud bands have been spotted by Hubble. This phenomenon has never been seen before. Even the shape and color of the clouds have altered significantly.

NASA Satellite Captures Mysterious Night-Shinning Clouds

For the first time this year, NASA has captured the mysterious shiny polar clouds that tend to form 50 miles above Earth's surface. The first time these were noticed was on May 25th and many scientists do not have a clue why or how they form.

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Clouds Image

First massive plume spotted on Mars in 2012
First massive plume spotted on Mars in 2012
Grupo Ciencias Planetarias (GCP) - UPV/EHU
Clouds left over from a thunderstorm.
Clouds left over from a thunderstorm.
Screenshot of video Vowels  showing the word for cloud
Screenshot of video Vowels, showing the word for cloud
Screenshot of video Vowels
Clouds can still be seen at sunset.
Clouds can still be seen at sunset.
Barren branches and swift clouds crossing the sky
Barren branches and swift clouds crossing the sky
Freelance photography is just one of the many areas where you need to realize what you are getting i...
Freelance photography is just one of the many areas where you need to realize what you are getting into. Even with excellent training and great skills you won't get anywhere without some connections and a lot of hard work.
Rain drops left on the shrubs after the thunderstorm.
Rain drops left on the shrubs after the thunderstorm.
Zach Sobiech performs  Clouds
Zach Sobiech performs 'Clouds'
The Moon
The Moon

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