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Cloud computing weakness behind the Verkada video footage breach Special

The security company Verkada, which operates security cameras for various institutions, suffered from a data breach. The incident provided hackers with access to over 150,000 Internet-connected security cameras and hence personal data.

For most firms, 2021 will be all about the cloud Special

As firms look to become even more agile, an increasing number of businesses are turning to cloud or hybrid cloud solutions, as a new survey indicates.

Volleyball players exposed in cloud security error Special

Security researchers have discovered an Azure cloud storage bucket that was publicly exposed by the European Volleyball Confederation, containing images of passports, drivers licenses, and identity documents.

Is a hybrid cloud strategy the best one for businesses?

A hybrid cloud is a computing environment that combines a public cloud and a private cloud by allowing data and applications to be shared between them. For many businesses this represents the balanced solution.

Why businesses need to invest in an AR-trained workforce

Among the digital transformational technologies that businesses will be turning to in 2021 includes augmented reality, with this aspect becoming a focus of workplace training. Rockwell expert Keith Higgins explains more.

Q&A: The rise of the cloud could rain down cybersecurity risks Special

This year has been a tough one for cybersecurity professionals, both emotionally and in terms of the wave of attack on business systems. The end-of-year respite will brief, and professionals need to get up to speed with new challenges.

Businesses with their heads in the cloud of governance

The cloud is seen as an essential tool for businesses as part of their digital transformation missions, providing an easier way to model data and to make predictions. This leads to the issue of cloud governance.

Predictions: COVID-19, cloud, and consolidation Special

As the end of 2020 approaches, industry leaders are beginning to make predictions for what the new year will bring. This includes Franz Aman of MariaDB, who places a particular focus on cloud computing.

How Snowflake became a powerhouse in cloud computing. Special

After producing the biggest IPO for a US software company, Snowflake has quickly become a powerhouse in cloud computing. But where does the company go from here? Next Pathway's Chetan Mathur provides an insight.

Changing work: Increased cloud adoption is happening Special

The refocusing of the workforce is leading to many changes, from a step change in cloud computing adoption to a rise in insider threats. Our third feature is based around commentary from Anurag Kahol.

Q&A: Cloud computing — the ultimate virus protection? Special

Cloud communications are playing a vital part in making remote work actually work, according to Nicholas Kyriakides, expert in cloud-based communications and COO of netTALK Connect. Kyriakides outlines why this is so.

How cloud giants are fighting against coronavirus Special

Several leading cloud giants launched programs to assist orgs and encourage developers to address COVID-19 concerns. Expert Colin Dawes looks into the different strategies being considered.

The IT anomaly in a coronavirus downturn Special

Post-coronavirus, it’s unclear what our world will look like. Many expect IT spending to only increase by 1% in 2020 in response to a coronavirus-fueled recession, but there are also reports that cloud computing services specifically will fare.

Q&A: Mobility is key in modern construction expense reporting Special

According to expert Jon Roskill, cloud-based mobile expense reporting software can resolve common pain points and deliver accessible control to construction leaders. This acknowledges that very nature of their roles, construction workers are mobile.

Research: Cloud misconfigurations costs companies $5 trillion

Newly released research from DivvyCloud spanning all publicly reported data leaks due to cloud misconfigurations finds that poor design costs companies time and considerable expense.

Q&A: How to remain compliant in the cloud Special

To meet data privacy requirements, businesses seeking to adopt cloud technology need to ensure they opt for a solution that comes with security on all accounts. Heikki Nousiainen, CTO of Aiven explains the compliance requirements.

Data leaks: Why the cure isn’t just in the cloud Special

Many companies are turning to cloud-based software solutions to safeguard their data, but Rene Meyer, VP of Technology at AMAX says businesses should start with the box as a stronger alternative platform.

Interview: Cloud’s biggest threat? The customers who use it Special

The cloud computing market is growing rapidly, backed by major players like Google and Amazon. However impactful, companies need to consider the cybersecurity risks involved in gravitating to the cloud. A security consultant provides an overview.

Q&A: Identity & access control in a multi-cloud environment Special

The rise of multi-cloud is complicating identity & access control. New governance and security controls are also needed to ensure data protection in a multi-cloud environment, according to Richard Diver.

Q&A: 2020 will be about modernization of legacy applications Special

How will enterprises make greater use of the cloud in 2020? What will happen with legacy equipment? And can we expect IT growth? Expert Ned Gnichtel provides analysis.

Q&A: What's the next development for enterprise architecture? Special

One of the big business developments for 2020 is likely to be with enterprise architecture, and any related issues, including cloud migration together with M&A IT integrations. Expert Ned Gnichtel provides analysis.

What to expect from cloud security trends in 2020 Special

The key message for businesses in 2020 is that adoption of cloud computing will continue to accelerate. In terms of more specific applications, the use of mobile devices to access cloud services will be key.

Q&A: What's behind the AWS Data Exchange? Special

Amazon has announced a new addition to its cloud products with AWS Data Exchange. This will enable customers to select from data sources from over 80 third-party data providers in AWS Marketplace eliminating the need to maintain storage infrastructure.

ForgeRock announces industry-first hybrid-cloud IAM solution

ForgeRock has announced the availability of the ForgeRock Identity Cloud, designed to solve the accessing hybrid-cloud deployments by enabling organizations with secure, frictionless access and experiences for customers, employees and services.

Data-sharing across connected real estate industry made easier

The global CRE industry continues to be challenged with disparate systems and disjointed workflows resulting in data complexities. CRE cloud adoption is helping to overcome these challenges, including an innovation from the Altus Group.

Improving drone technology with software edge computing Special

Drones are starting to be used for an array of dangerous and time-consuming challenges, replacing the need for people. For drones to become more effective, edge computing will play major role in these evolving technologies.

Adobe Creative Cloud account caught in data exposure Special

News has been released about Adobe’s exposure of 7.5 million Creative Cloud accounts. In response to this latest cloud computing data issue, Alexander García-Tobar, CEO and co-founder of Valimail provides his thoughts.

Q&A: Is R&D in the cloud dead?

The use of open-source community can spur innovation across cloud providers; plus using a multi-cloud system to reap the benefits of applications developed in multiple cloud infrastructures, according to Grant Kirkwood, Unitas Global.

Q&A: How cloud computing protects Canadians against hackers Special

Canadian firm NuData uses biometrics to confirm that a person online is really who they say they are, even if the password they’re using is correct. To discover more, Digital Journal spoke with Justin Fox who leads DevOps at NuData.

Q&A: Why moving to a cloud solution is necessary for businesses Special

The world’s fastest-growing companies moved to the cloud years ago and adopted AI-driven solutions. But others are still slow to keep pace and insist on deploying their dusty intranets and slow IM systems. This needs to change, says Mark Sami of SPR.
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