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Clothing News

Catching up with Danielle George: American Reflective company Special

Braintree - Owner Danielle George chatted with Digital Journal about her American Reflective clothing company, and her latest endeavors.

Twisted J Apparel's Cody Johnson, a clothing entrepreneur Special

The successful businessman, based in Stephenville, Texas, recently staged the 'Steven Tyler...Out On a Limb' benefit concert alongside the Aerosmith singer. He told all to Digital Journal.

Aeropostale files for bankruptcy protection, closes Canada stores

New York - After three consecutive years of losses, teen clothing retailer Aeropostale Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Wednesday and pledged to reorganize.

This clothing company is forcing its models to eat

Should models be forced to eat? That's the question that British clothing company Rose & Willard is raising, Quartz reports.

Fantasy becomes reality as fashion's 'Wonder Boy' shows in London

London - With cartoon prints, snail-shaped stickers and speckled ermine coats, British designer Jonathan Anderson delivered on his promise to put the "fantasy in fashion" as he presented his latest collection in London on Sunday.

Rapidly changing women's fashions challenging for Banana Republic

San Francisco - Is Banana Republic running out of time? That's the view of many industry analysts interviewed by Cable News Network (CNN), who say the once-iconic clothier has fallen out-of-step with rapidly changing women's fashions.

Syrian 'conflict cotton' could sneak onto the catwalk: Experts

Paris - Islamic State militants have got their hands on Syrian cotton production, worrying some manufacturers that IS-linked clothes could eventually end up on the catwalk or in your closet.

Zara withdraws 'Holocaust' shirt for kids from stock

Zara, the large Spanish clothing manufacturer, was called to task for selling a navy-and-white striped shirt for children featuring a gold, six-pointed star on the front, strongly resembling the uniforms worn in the Nazi concentration camps during WWII.

Op-Ed: Japanese clothing company labels sizes as 'fat' and 'jumbo'

Tokyo - A look into a Japanese clothing company reveals an effort to help people love their bodies, despite controversy over the brand shifting gears with their head-turning size labels — which read "titch," "skinny," "fat" and "jumbo."

Interview: Jill and Jack Kids Jenn Neilson Special

We caught up with Jenn Neilson of Jill and Jack Kids on the eve of her Kickstarter project. Her campaign that was very "grassroots in nature" as she puts it was also quite successful.

American Eagle to close 150 stores after disappointing 1Q

American Eagle Outfitters, the clothing company known for their polo shirts and popularity among teens, will close 150 stores over the next three years.

Vans teams with ASPCA to fight animal cruelty

Vans has teamed with the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) to help spread the word that animals deserve respect and protection from abuse. Vans hopes to raise awareness and get more people active in this effort.

Toms thrives mixing business with social good

Vancouver - From putting shoes on poor children's feet to providing Internet from balloons in the sky, Internet Age companies are catching on to the power of mixing business with social good.TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie championed the idea at a prestigious TED conf...

Gap boosts wages for US employees

New York - US retailer Gap Inc.

Luxury firm Mulberry warns on profits; shares collapse

London - British luxury handbag maker Mulberry issued a profits warning on Wednesday after sales dived over the key Christmas period, sparking a collapse in its share price.

Op-Ed: Company creates 'Twin Peaks' inspired clothing line

A clothing company called Suckers Apparel is bringing back some of the classic style from David Lynch's bizarre television series "Twin Peaks."

After six months, still no help for injured Bangladeshi workers

Dhaka - Hundreds of garment workers who were injured during the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh in April are still awaiting compensation.

Hagfish slime provides new source of fibers

The eel-like hagfish, which oozes out slime, might be the source of superior new fibers for parachutes, packaging and possibly clothing, according to a new study.

Springtime for fashion

Uncovering spring 2012's most affordable, wearable and trendiest trends and translating them from the runway into everyday looks.

Syringes found in Walmart clothing

Cartersville - Georgia police have joined Walmart in investigating four separate incidents in recent days in which customers were pricked by hypodermic needles that were hidden inside clothing being sold at the retail giant.

Gap Inc. fires design chief

Gap Inc. announced Patrick Robinson's dismissal from the company as executive vice president of Gap Global Design, this Thursday.

Helping Hands celebrates 35 years of meeting needs in Arkansas Special

Bentonville - For 35 years Helping Hands has been meeting the needs of Benton County residents by providing food, clothing, and other social assistance and the organization hosted a birthday party in celebration.

Homeless man has clothes stolen while he rescues woman

London - While a homeless man was busy saving a woman from drowning in the Thames, someone stole the clothing and flask he had left in the bank of the river.

World War ll veterans turned away from restaurant over attire

Dallas - Six World War ll veterans were refused entry at Wolfgang Puck’s Five Sixty restaurant in Dallas because the clothes they were wearing did not meet the dress code.

A fashion tip for men who want to attract women: Try a red shirt

Rochester - The color red may be the simplest reason people are attracted to each other. New research shows that not only are men attracted to a woman in a red dress "The Lady in Red" syndrome, but men who wear red will get the same reaction from women.

Nanotech clothing that can power your gadgets

What is the clothing of the future? How about a gym shirt that can monitor heart rate, analyze sweat loss and keep you at an optimal temperature? Or, a pair of pants that charges your cellphone when placed in your pocket? This technology is available now.

Chinese Govt. Finds Children's Clothing & Furniture Contaminated

Despite the toxic toys and melamine-tainted milk powder controversies the last few years, there are still safety issues in China. A larger portion of children’s clothing and furniture were found contaminated according to Chinese government.

Op-Ed: Whoopi’s Clothing Critics Wear Thin On Her

Sick to death of and infuriated by the outspoken and often malicious criticism of her wardrobe by the fashion police, Whoopi Goldberg gave it right back to them in her position as co-host of ABC’s “The View.”

Michelle Obama Dares to Go Bare

First Lady Michelle Obama's fashion picks for herself and her family have always been subjected to media scrutiny, but now her frequently bared and toned arms are quickly becoming legendary. Claims Best Holiday Season Ever

Amazon declared the 2008 holiday season to be "the best ever, with over 6.3 million items ordered worldwide on the peak day December 15," according to Slate. The online retail giant was very evasive about providing sales data. Could it be Amazon.CON?
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Clothing Image

Topshop fashion will soon be available in Canada.
Topshop fashion will soon be available in Canada.
Rija 2.0
A man wearing the American flag as clothing on  a day without immigrants   May 1  2006.
A man wearing the American flag as clothing on "a day without immigrants," May 1, 2006.
Kyle Moore
Clothing shoppers at the spacious Helping Hands thrift store.  Bentonville  Ark.  April 30  2011
Clothing shoppers at the spacious Helping Hands thrift store. Bentonville, Ark. April 30, 2011
A wedding  or perhaps the archetypal clash between good and evil? The contrast between white and bla...
A wedding, or perhaps the archetypal clash between good and evil? The contrast between white and black here is eye catching.
Vans releases dog and cat themed items to support the ASPCA
Vans releases dog and cat themed items to support the ASPCA
Google s Project Jacquard interactive clothing
Google's Project Jacquard interactive clothing
The Next Web
A Zara store in Singapore.
A Zara store in Singapore.
Terence Ong
Saatva employees working in Austin  Texas office.
Saatva employees working in Austin, Texas office.
American Eagle Outfitters
American Eagle Outfitters
ICONIC: Worldwide clothing retailer Banana Republic is up against spirited competition from smaller ...
ICONIC: Worldwide clothing retailer Banana Republic is up against spirited competition from smaller, more-nimble women's clothing brands.
Michael Rivera/Wikimedia Commons
Old laundry box for a launderette in the United Kingdom
Old laundry box for a launderette in the United Kingdom