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Super-fabric cools down the person wearing it

While it’s easy to wrap up warm in the winter, it’s harder to cool down in the summer. Only so many clothes can be taken off. To help with this physicists have developed a new cooling fabric.

Fashion industry needs to adapt to global market Special

London - The legacy of Alexander McQueen, the difference between fashion (as art) and mass consumption, and how seasonality is out in a global marketplace were hot topics of discussion at a talk at London's Victoria and Albert Museum.

Computers will soon be in our clothes

The advance of wearable technology continues. In a new development, technologist report they have embroidered circuits into fabric with 0.1 mm precision, sufficient to house a micro-computer.

Will we soon be wearing ‘self-cleaning’ fabrics?

The use of washing machines and the continual debate about the best washing powder may soon be a thing of the past with advancements in self-clearing fabrics. All the new material needs to become clean is a ray of sunlight.

Skinny jeans cut blood supply to woman's legs, hospitalizes her

Adelaide - A woman collapsed and was forced to crawl from an Adelaide park after her skinny jeans cut off the circulation in her legs.

Review: Savage Beauty — Alexander McQueen on show in London Special

London - A major retrospective of designer Alexander McQueen's work is currently being exhibited in London, at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Digital Journal paid a visit.

Google Project Jacquard: Control devices by touching your clothes

Google showed off a unique and innovative new product at its I/O developers conference in San Francisco recently. Called Project Jacquard, this new tech lets people control their devices by touching and swiping pieces of interactive fabric in clothes.

Chihuahua smuggles itself into airport in owner's suitcase

A Chihuahua has been found hiding in a suitcase in the baggage area of New York's LaGuardia airport, triggering a security alert that led to it being found inside the suitcase it had nestled itself in.

Mom was right, it is best to wrap up warm in the winter

Wrap up warm or you’ll catch a cold is a common saying. There may be an element of truth to this for the cold causing virus is more virulent in cold temperatures when compared with warmer ones.

The story of fashion trucks, the new American shopping craze

Walking along Manhattan's Fifth Avenue on a Tuesday or Thursday lets you experience a new, growing all-American trend: fashion trucks. Parked by the side of the road, you can find a full boutique and dressing room inside. Here, we look at their success.

Exercise and smelly clothes: why cotton is best

According to a new study, polyester clothes smell worse than cotton after exercise by their wearers. This is because bacteria that cause odor grow better on polyester.

Old Navy’s lack of brand awareness means uphill battle in China

Shanghai - China is the land of opportunity from the viewpoint of major Western retailers like Old Navy. Its huge population and rising median income means there's major money to be made selling clothing to the emergent urban middle class.

Cultural clothing from Ethiopia in demand

Twenty-something female designers in Ethiopia are steadily weaving their way to the international retail platform. The budding entrepreneurs are garnering serious fashion recognition.

Review: Talking to a Cajun crochet chick Special

Greenwell Springs - April Eldridge, from Louisiana, found a love for crochet and turned it into a profitable business a year later called Cajun Crochet Chick. In her own words, she describes how she discovered her talent and became a master of the art of crochet.

Google Glass app is able to identify someone by their clothes

A new system called InSight, designed for Google Glass, can pick out people by their clothes, jewelry and other types of accessories.

Photo Essay: Shops in Turkey Special

You can find the most interesting and unique shops in Turkey. From Istanbul in the north to Antalya in the south, browse through displays of spice, tea, gold, sweets, vegetables, pottery, glassware, clothes, and surprising things you can't even name.

10 hour customer service call sets record

Las Vegas - Good customer service can sometimes be hard to find, and one Zappos customer put the companies motto of "Powered by Service" to the test.

Zara under investigation for sub-contracting slave-like suppliers

Inditex - the parent company of Spanish clothing retailer Zara - is currently being investigated for having suppliers work under slave-like conditions in São Paulo, Brazil.

British retailer Topshop comes to Canada

Toronto - UK-based Topshop will soon be available in Canada after a successful New York debut and a franchising deal with the Hudson’s Bay Company.

Berlin Vital Spring expo focuses on fitness, health Special

Berlin - The Berlin Vital Spring 2010 Expo will take place at the Berlin Tempelhof Airport beginning March 25 and will run until March 27. The trade show is dedicated to fitness, sport and well-being.

Michelle Obama Dares to Go Bare

First Lady Michelle Obama's fashion picks for herself and her family have always been subjected to media scrutiny, but now her frequently bared and toned arms are quickly becoming legendary.

Fire Doesn't Suit Weiland

Scott Weiland's wife arrested on suspicion of vandalism and arson in relation to a bonfire of the rock singer's suits and shoes on the front lawn of their home.

Eco-friendly nanoparticles to keep Clothes clean longer, less washing

Clemson University researchers produce fabrics with nano particles, which helps reduce cleaning repels bacterias.

Organic Clothes Not Just for Hippies Now

High fashion is going granola. But not the grunge of hippie yoga wear and grainy hemp T-shirts typically associated with organic clothes.

CNN compares Barak Obama to Iranian President based on his clothing

This has to be the nadir of TV news analysis as CNN's analysts seemingly compare Democratic President hopeful, Barak Obama to the tyrannical Iranian President based on i.e. the casual formal (shirt with no tie with a jacket)

Broken: Dryer rack

Time for some silly stuff. Seen things that just do not describe the product as is?. Kinda makes me think of "False Advertising", then again has anything you ever purchased lived up to the "Bull" that made you buy it in the first place.

Fashion Collectors Prefer Dior In The Wardrobe To Picasso On The Wall

LONDON (dpa) - The dark-coloured two-piece suit has a classic cut and the fabric is unmarked. When Kerry Taylor raises her arm everyone can see this garment is a perfect fit. Not bad for piece of clothing more than 50 years old.The suit was a creation ...

When It Comes To Underwear, Men Stick To What They Know

Frankfurt - When it comes to their choice of underwear, men fall into two distinct categories: those who like close-fitting pants and those who prefer a loose fit. According to a recent survey carried out by the German industry magazine "TextilWirts...

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Google s Project Jacquard interactive fabric
Google's Project Jacquard interactive fabric
The Next Web
A Zara store in Singapore.
A Zara store in Singapore.
Terence Ong
Topshop is a subsidiary of Arcadia in the U.K.
Topshop is a subsidiary of Arcadia in the U.K.
Cheryl Cole s new shoes on a display rack in a chic Parisian shoe sho...umm  I mean boutique
Cheryl Cole's new shoes on a display rack in a chic Parisian shoe sho...umm, I mean boutique
Otzburg on Flick'r
Adriana Santacruz
Trend setting models wear 2016 s latest fashion at London Fashion Weekend.
Trend setting models wear 2016's latest fashion at London Fashion Weekend.
A selection of usherette and usher uniforms from cinemas of yesteryear  includes projectionists #2
A selection of usherette and usher uniforms from cinemas of yesteryear, includes projectionists #2

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