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Cloning News

Mammoth moves: frozen cells come to life, but only just

Apo - A team of scientists in Japan has successfully coaxed activity from 28,000-year-old cells from a frozen mammoth implanted into mouse cells, but the woolly mammal is unlikely to be walking among us soon.

Scientists hope to clone a 40,000-year-old extinct horse

Scientists are attempting to extract cells from a 40,000-year-old horse in hopes of using the sample to clone the extinct species back into existence. If successful, it would mark an important milestone towards the goal of resurrecting the woolly mammoth.

Dolly the cloned sheep was not old before her time: study

Paris - When Dolly the sheep was put down before her seventh birthday in 2003, she was said to suffer from age-related osteoarthritis, raising red flags that clones may grow old faster.

The Dolly legacy: Are you eating cloned meat?

Paris - Two decades after Scotland's Dolly the sheep became the first cloned mammal, consumers may well wonder whether they are drinking milk or eating meat from cookie-cutter cows or their offspring.The simple answer: "probably".

Fido forever? South Korea's dog cloning clinic

Seoul - At $100,000 a head, the puppies frolicking around the fenced lawn in western Seoul don't come cheap -- but at least their owners know exactly what they are getting.

A fungus that causes frosty pod rot in cacao trees clones itself

The fungus that causes frosty pod rot in cacao trees, the source of chocolate, reproduces by cloning say researchers at Purdue University.

Couple have their recently deceased dog cloned

British couple Laura Jacques and Richard Remde 43, mourning the loss of their pet boxer dog Dylan, have successfully had the dog cloned two weeks after the pet's passing.

Op-Ed: 'Cloning the woolly mammoth' — A documentary

A recent documentary by Motherboard looks into the murky world of mammoth cloning. Focusing on the efforts of a company in South Korea, it poses the question of whether this is truly the advancement of science or just big business?

Op-Ed: DNA manipulation — Designing perfect babies

Advancements in genetic modification and DNA editing make the possibility of creating customized designer babies a reality. Is this medical advancement really a good idea?

Chinese cloning researcher arrested on corruption charges

Beijing - Anti-corruption officials in China have charged a professor at the China Agricultural University with misusing government research funds.

Goat to be cloned to treat rare genetic disorder

Bras - Scientists in Brazil have genetically modified a goat to produce milk with an enzyme to treat a rare genetic disorder, O Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper reported Tuesday.The goat, named "Gluca," is the first of its kind in South America.

Stem cells made from adult skin cells

Researchers have created human embryonic stem cells from adult skin cells for the first time. The lab created cells give scientists a potential tool to help patients.

Should the U.S. prohibit reproductive cloning? Special

Researchers have produced stem cell lines using somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) from cells, making human reproductive cloning more technically feasible. Is this a good idea?

Goat to be cloned to treat rare genetic disorder

Bras - Scientists in Brazil have genetically modified a goat to produce milk with an enzyme to treat a rare genetic disorder, O Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper reported Tuesday.The goat, named "Gluca," is the first of its kind in South America.

Japanese scientists clone mouse from drop of blood

Using just circulating blood cells in the tail of a donor mouse, scientists at the Riken BioResoure Center were able to create a clone of the mouse.

Brazil to clone its endangered native species

Scientists in Brazil are making an effort to one day clone animals who face extinction. Even so, the researchers say that such practices are difficult and not a replacement for conservation techniques.

'Lonesome George' could be 'back to life' by cloning

San Diego - "Lonesome George", the giant tortoise who died in June 2012 at his home in the Galapagos Islands, known as the last of his species, could be cloned and "brought back to life" if scientists can apply advances in cryogenics to replicate the late reptile.

U.S. Poll: Organ cloning a reality in a decade

In a recent survey, half of Americans believe that cloned organs will be available in 2020. Other commonplace realities include chip implants, virtual reality home entertainment and cancer cures.

South Korean Cloning Expert Convicted

Hwang Woo-suk, a fifty six year old South Korean cloning expert was convicted Monday for embezzlement and other charges connected to his false claims of breakthroughs in stem cell research. Hwang will not serve time in prison.

Apple Mac cloning not stopping any time soon

Psystar has emerged from chapter 11 and Germany's PearC is expanding its borders. The legal race with Apple is only just beginning.

Baby Mammoth Could One Day Headline 'Pleistocene Park'

In May of 2007, Siberian reindeer farmer Yuri Khudi was tending to his herd when he noticed something on a sandbank in the Yuribei River.

American doctor claims to have cloned human embryos

Doctor Panayiotis Zavos attempted to clone the world's first human baby. He says he cloned 14 embryos and then transferred 11 of those into four women. None of the attempts resulted into a viable pregnancy.

Italian Doctor Says He Has Cloned Three Babies

A controversial Italian doctor known for his work allowing post-menopausal women to have children has claimed in an interview to have cloned three babies who are now living in eastern Europe.

Extinct Animal gets Resurrected by Cloning

Pyrenean ibex, an extinct wild goat has been once again brought back to life, thanks to the cloning. In a rare feat, some frozen tissues were used.

Scientists clone 16-year-old frozen mice, mammoths next?

Scientists were able to take cells from mice frozen at -20 deg C for 16 years, and grow them into healthy clones. It raises hopes of reproducing extinct animals in the future.

Genetic Cloning and Immunotherapy Team up to Combat Cancer

Could immunotherapy and cloning be utilized to fight and possibly cure cancer? After a 52 year old man in the UK was injected with his own cloned cancer fighting cells he has been in remission for two years.

BioArts Has Cloned Missy The Dog

A U.S. company can bring back Fido for the super rich. With a price tag of more than $100,000 a pet's DNA can be used to clone new puppies.

South Korea Firm Takes In First Dog Cloning Order, Lots of Questions Can Follow

The South Korean company called RNL Bio has taken its first order to clone a pet dog. This order is the first of many that the South Korean based company hopes to receive. Company’s charging price for first order is $150,000.

California Woman to Have Dog Cloned By South Korean Company

An American woman has enlisted the help of a South Korean company to do her the biggest honour and bring her beloved dog named "Booger" back to life. How? By cloning it by using tissue extracted from the dog's ear before it died.

Cloning Could Save Redwood Trees

David Milarch has assembled a team of crack tree climbers to explore the treetops and cut limbs at Roy's Redwoods Preserve in Marin County, north of San Francisco. Milarch hopes that these cuttings can be used to make genetic clones.
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Cloning facility in a sci/fi movie.
Cloning facility in a sci/fi movie.
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Cloning illustration
Jake and David Milarch
Jake and David Milarch
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Dolly the sheep  as the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell  is by far the world s most fam...
Dolly the sheep, as the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell, is by far the world's most famous clone.
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cloning process
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