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Clive Stafford Smith News

Op-Ed: Clive Stafford Smith and his fantasy of innocent Krishna Maharaj

Miami - Double killer Krishna Maharaj is trying yet again to have his conviction overturned, and the champion of lost causes is in his corner.

Op-Ed: Reprieve holds out the begging bowl for Lindsay Sandiford

London - Lindsay Sandiford is under sentence of death in Indonesia. Whose fault is this? Everybody's bar her own if you believe Clive Stafford Smith. But who does?

Op-Ed: Death Penalty for drug courier Lindsay Sandiford

Bali - Last month, Lindsay Sandiford was convicted by a Bali court of smuggling nearly 5kg of cocaine into the country. Today, the surprise sentence was announced.

Review: Miami Justice — Unfortunately for Krishna Maharaj Special

Miami - Keep repeating a lie and it will eventually become the truth, right? Unfortunately, the criminal justice system doesn't work like that. Unfortunately for Krishna Maharaj, though not for justice.

Op-Ed: Clive Stafford Smith — Still campaigning, still lying

London - Clive Stafford Smith claims to have found new evidence that his client Krishna Maharaj is innocent. Don't believe the hype.

Op-Ed: Lindsay Sandiford — Reprieve's latest damsel in distress

Bali - As Lindy Carty languishes on death row waiting for the Governor of Texas to sign her death warrant, Clive Stafford Smith has found another innocent victim in desperate need of help.

Review: 'The Secret Drone War' Special

This is a long overdue documentary, in half an hour, the BBC's 'Panorama' team ventures into the hinterland of American drone strikes, and puts a human face to this so-called war.

Op-Ed: Reprieve and humane executions in the USA

London - Clive Stafford Smith's Reprieve organisation is complaining about convicted murderers being executed with "Do It Yourself" drugs, but there is a speedy and "humane" alternative.

Op-Ed: The Reprieve House of Trivia Quiz

London - The Reprieve organisation is hosting a special trivia quiz night on November 15. Here are a few questions that won't be on its agenda.

Op-Ed: Clive Stafford Smith and the 'innocent' murderer — Same old story

London - Clive Stafford Smith has been sounding off again about one of his 'innocent' clients in an American prison. As usual, there is more to the story than he lets on.

Op-Ed: Clive Stafford Smith — The Baron Münchhausen of Death Row

Founder and head honcho of Reprieve, Clive Stafford Smith, has a new book coming out on the American criminal justice system. Unsurprisingly, it is called "Injustice". Be sure not to read it.

Review: 'The Story of Capital Punishment' — in one hour Special

A recent BBC documentary tackles the subject of capital punishment and does a fair job in a one hour slot, from a largely British perspective.

Review: Reprieve releases new video about consular assistance

London - The London based pressure group Reprieve has released a new video for the benefit of British citizens who fall foul of the law abroad. Alas, some are beyond redemption.

Op-Ed: Ivan Teleguz — More nonsense by Clive Stafford Smith's Reprieve

Clive Stafford Smith and his Reprieve organisation are at it again, lobbying on behalf of a convicted murderer on death row who claims he was denied consular assistance. Sound familiar?

Op-Ed: America's most shameful anniversary

America is no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave; that America died 10 years ago today when its rulers decided they could lock up foreigners indefinitely without trial. Now, that privilege has been extended to American citizens as well.

Op-Ed: 12 myths about Linda Carty debunked

Houston - This is a fact sheet that debunks concisely 12 of the myths currently being peddled about convicted murderess Linda Carty by Clive Stafford Smith, his Reprieve organisation and their dupes.

Op-Ed: Linda Carty's other lawyer sets the record straight Special

Houston - Two years ago, Clive Stafford Smith's Reprieve organisation launched a campaign on behalf of Linda Carty, who was and remains on death row in Texas. That campaign has been more enthusiastic than truthful.

Op-Ed: The British woman on Death Row

Houston - Last night, Channel 4 screened a documentary about convicted murderess Linda Carty; with major contributions from Clive Stafford Smith, it could only have been an exercise in special pleading.

Op-Ed: Shaker Aamer - 10 years in the American Gulag

When Clive Stafford Smith isn't singing the praises of a convicted murderess or whining about the immorality of the death penalty, his organisation does lobby for some worthy causes, like that of Shaker Aamer.

Op-Ed: Poisonous injection, a lethal way to die

London - If Clive Stafford Smith ever decides to quit the legal profession, he would make a good stand up comedian, come to think of it, he already does.

Op-Ed: Convicted murderers executed in spite of Clive Stafford Smith

London - An article relating to the executions of two convicted murderers in the United States and the drugs that were used to execute them.

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Clive Stafford Smith doing something intelligent for once. He is shown here at a London press confer...
Clive Stafford Smith doing something intelligent for once. He is shown here at a London press conference in March 2009 campaiging against torture.

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