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Climbing News

Man arrested scaling tallest building in Paris

Paris - A man was arrested Friday after climbing up the facade of the Tour Montparnasse, the tallest building in Paris. a police source said.

First virus-era Chinese expedition measures Everest

Bejing - A group of Chinese surveyors on Wednesday became the first team this year to summit Mount Everest, where they will try to pinpoint the height of the world's tallest peak using satellite technology.

Two Swiss mountaineers land plane on Mont Blanc

Annecy - Two Swiss mountaineers landed a small plane less than 400 metres from the summit of Mont Blanc on Tuesday before heading for the top of Europe's tallest peak with police in pursuit, the French gendarme said.

'French Spiderman' arrested after scaling Manila skyscraper

Manila - French urban freeclimber Alain Robert was arrested on Tuesday, police said, after he scaled one of Manila's tallest towers in his latest high-risk ascent.

Kiwi who dug out of avalanche 'absolutely broken' as German guides killed

Wellington - A climber who dug herself out to safety after being buried by an avalanche in New Zealand said Wednesday she was "absolutely broken" by the deaths of two German guides in the accident.

'French Spiderman' foiled in Seoul skyscraper attempt

Seoul - French urban freeclimber Alain Robert attempted to scale the world's fifth-tallest building Wednesday, getting more than half way up the 123-storey Lotte World Tower in Seoul before security forced him to abandon the ascent.

Polish Ice Warriors tell of defeat by Pakistan's Savage Mountain

Islamabad - Pummelled by weeks of hurricane-force blizzards and sub-zero temperatures -- not to mention high-altitude disputes -- the elite climbers known as Poland's Ice Warriors gave in: K2 remains unclimbed in winter, one of mountaineering's final frontiers.

US climber killed in Mexico volcano tragedy

Puebla - An American citizen died and another was airlifted to hospital after an excursion to reach Mexico's highest summit -- the inactive Citlaltepetl volcano -- turned to disaster, authorities said Monday.

Four US hikers rescued off Mexico volcano, one missing

Puebla - The Mexican military and high-altitude alpine experts rescued four of five American hikers injured while climbing the tallest volcano in North America, officials said Sunday.

US mountaineers missing in Pakistan: officials

Islamabad - Two American climbers have gone missing while attempting to summit a mountain in northern Pakistan, officials said Thursday, as bad weather hampered rescue operations.

Footless Ecuadoran mountaineer aiming to scale K2

Alfaro - An Ecuadoran who lost both his feet is aiming to become the first climber to scale the world's toughest mountain, K2, with artificial limbs and without oxygen supplies.

Nepali sherpa guides die of Himalaya altitude sickness

Kathmandu - Two Nepali sherpa guides have died of suspected altitude sickness in the Himalayas, a tour operator said Wednesday. The guides were assisting an 11-member team on the 8,481-metre (27,825-feet) tall Makalu peak, the fifth-highest mountain in the world.

French 'Spiderman' scales Paris skyscraper

Paris - Security services looked on helplessly on Monday as France's "Spiderman" Alain Robert, who holds a world record for urban climbing, scaled the Total skyscraper in Paris's La Defense business district.

Mummy mystery lingers on daunting Mexico peak

Chalchicomula - A blanket of fresh snow has fallen on Mexico's highest summit, preserving the mystery surrounding the discovery of two mummified bodies near the peak locked in a cold embrace, frozen in time.

Two mummified bodies spotted on Mexico's highest peak

Puebla - A team of Mexican climbers searching for a frozen body on the country's highest mountain stumbled on a second mummified cadaver during their expedition on Thursday.

German climber dies in Nepal's Everest region

Kathmandu - A German climber has died while descending a Himalayan peak in eastern Nepal, one week after an American fell to his death on the same mountain, police said Wednesday.

Parents fall off cliff while taking selfie, leave children behind

According to reports a couple was taking photos near a cliff while on vacation with their children. While taking a "selfie" with their children they slipped and fell off the edge.

13-year-old reaches top of Mt. Everest

Shortly after an avalanche which deterred seasoned climbers, an Indian teen becomes the youngest person to ever scale Mount Everest.

Daring 'urban explorers' get high on history

Hong Kong - Dangling his feet off the edge of a skyscraper more than fifty storeys above the streets of Hong Kong, Jonathan Tsang looks as relaxed as if he was kicking back in his own living room.For most people the view below would be a dizzying, terrifying spect...

ClimbTech extends 'Legacy' with new, environmentally safe product Special

For more than a decade, ClimbTech has maintained its position as a leader in the recreational climbing, fall protection and rope-access equipment manufacturing industries. The principle ingredient in this successful formula has been creativity.

Video: French 'Spiderman' scales 185-meter Paris skyscraper

Paris - Alain Robert, dubbed the "French Spiderman", has been at it again. He has just conquered 185-meter (607-foot) GDF Suez tower in the La Défense business district of Paris with only his climbing shoes and a bag of chalk.

Avalanche in Scottish mountains claims lives of four climbers

In one of the worst ever tragedies in the Scottish mountains, four mountaineers died and one was seriously injured when a party of six climbers fell victim to an avalanche at Bidean Nam Bian in Glencoe in Scotland.

Why do we have wrinkled fingers after a bath?

After a long bath everyone's fingers become wrinkled. A science paper has put forward a theory that this was an evolutionary development, designed to help our ancestors grip and climb in wet conditions.

Video: French 'Spider-Man' climbs world's highest steel tower

Alain Robert, otherwise known as the French "Spider-Man" has done it again. He has added yet another building to his record of climbing achievements, this time in China.

Australian teen could be fined for climbing on whale's back

Albany - A teenager in Australia could be fined for climbing on the back of a southern right whale; an act which environmental authorities said was reckless and illegal.

Uluru (Ayers Rock) - To Climb Or Not To Climb?

Climbing expeditions to the Aboriginal mountain Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, are increasingly being omitted from tourist schedules, reports Geographical Research. It's a sign that the wishes of the rock's owners, the Anangu, are being honored.

Mountaineering Madness Grips Climbers In The Himalayas

KATHMANDU(dpa) - The spring climbing season in Nepal's Himalayan mountains is in full swing, and mountain madness has struck trekkers from all over the world to set new records and achieve new heights.Nepal's spring climbing season - from March to the ...

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