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Climate crisis News

Days of extreme heat to become weeks as climate gets hotter

Nearly every part of the U.S. will face a dramatic increase in extremely hot days by mid-century, even if some action is taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If nothing is done to rein in climate change, the impact will be worse.

Extinct Mammoth may get protected status due to climate crisis

Activists and officials in northern Russia have warned of a “gold rush” for mammoth ivory as prospectors dig up tusks and other woolly mammoth remains that can net a small fortune on the Chinese market.

Severe turbulence seen on Air Canada flight will only get worse

An Air Canada plane on a flight from Vancouver to Australia experienced severe turbulence Thursday, injuring 37 passengers, nine of them seriously. However, with the climate crisis, this will become a lot more common in the future.

Climate crisis drives record number of high-tide flooding days

Sea-level rise led to a record number of high-tide flooding days in the United States between May 2018 and April 2019, NOAA said Wednesday. And it could get worse as the climate crisis drives sea levels higher.

Bill introduced in Congress to have OSHA develop heat standard

A House of Representatives bill introduced Wednesday - would direct the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to adopt a standard to prevent occupational exposure to excessive heat in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Expert panel identifies Canada's top climate change risks

Ottawa - An expert panel has identified Canada's top climate change risks and determined that many costs and damages could be avoided with prompt and thoughtful adaptation.

Climate crisis emergencies are becoming a weekly event

A "staggering" new warning from a top United Nations official that climate crisis-related disasters are now occurring at the rate of one per week has provoked calls for immediate global action to combat the human-caused climate emergency.

Natural gas boom is on a collision course with climate crisis

A global boom in natural gas pipelines and terminals is putting the energy industry on a "collision course" with the Paris climate goals, according to a new analysis of investment in the world's new favorite fossil fuel.

Woman dies from flesh-eating bacteria in Florida's ocean waters

In early June, a 12-year-old girl, vacationing with her family at Destin Beach, Florida contracted a flesh-eating bacteria that nearly killed her. On June 14, a Florida woman contracted the same disease off Santa Maria Island and was dead two weeks later.

U.S. stance on climate crisis weakens Trump's legitimacy at G20

President Donald Trump dismissed the need for climate action during the G20 summit - saying such a move would threaten corporate profits. Trump tried to get other G20 member states to oppose commitments to stand by the Paris climate agreement and lost.

Wildfires and power cuts in Europe as heatwave breaks records

Hundreds of firefighters battled on Saturday to contain wildfires in southern France as a stifling heatwave brought record-breaking temperatures to parts of Europe, killing at least three people in Italy.

'Net-zero emissions by 2050' is now the law in the UK

London - Britain’s new target to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 became law on Thursday, making it the first among the major G7 countries to set such a goal.

UN action on climate crisis threatened by 'Triple Whammy'

The United Nations has been hit with a "triple whammy" of events that could hamper efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

UN warns that climate crisis could lead to 'climate apartheid'

The world is increasingly at risk of “climate apartheid”, where the rich pay to escape heat and hunger caused by the escalating climate crisis while the rest of the world suffers, a report from a UN human rights expert has said.

Op-Ed: G20 summit plans on avoiding climate talks as they subsidize coal

Major economies pledged a decade ago to phase out all aid for fossil fuels. However, G20 countries have almost tripled the subsidies they give to coal-fired power plants, despite the urgent need to cut carbon emissions driving the climate crisis.

Medical groups warn that climate crisis is a ‘health emergency’

A group of 74 medical and public health groups aligned on Monday to push for a series of consensus commitments to combat climate change, bluntly defined by the organizations as "a health emergency."

Future summers will 'smash' temperature records every year

Bihar - The climate crisis is already being blamed for what many people are calling the "new normal" in extremely hot temperatures across the globe this year. However, the world hasn't seen anything yet.

Scientists amazed as Canadian permafrost thawing 70 years early

Permafrost at outposts in the Canadian Arctic is thawing 70 years earlier than predicted, an expedition has discovered, in the latest sign that the global climate crisis is accelerating even faster than scientists had feared.

Canada's House of Commons declares 'national climate emergency'

Ottawa - Canada's House of Commons has passed a motion declaring a national climate emergency, and supporting Canada’s commitment to meet the Paris Climate Agreement's emissions targets.

Environment reporting second most risky field after war reporting

Over the last decade, as many as 29 journalists who were investigating damage to the environment have been killed, along with many more suffering violence, harassment, intimidation, and lawsuits, according to a recent study.

From Greenland to Alaska, Arctic is heating up rapidly

Ice is melting at unprecedented levels as summer approaches in the Arctic. In recent days, observations have revealed a record-challenging melt event over the Greenland ice sheet, while the extent of ice over the Arctic Ocean is the lowest ever.

Exxon and Saudi company betting heavy on plastics with Texas deal

Exxon Mobil Corp. and Saudi Arabia’s state-controlled petrochemicals company formally approved construction of a new $10 billion petrochemical complex in Texas that will process production from the Permian Basin’s booming oil and natural gas wells.

Federal carbon tax coming to Alberta starting January 1

Ottawa plans to impose the federal carbon tax on Alberta starting Jan. 1 and federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says she has written the province about the decision.

Canadian Arctic island coast collapsing up to a meter a day

The frozen coastline of a Canadian Arctic island is eroding at up to a meter a day — a rate of collapse that is six times faster than the average for the previous 65 years, according to a new study.

BP Report: Carbon emissions rise at fastest rate since 2011

Extreme temperatures around the globe drove a sharp acceleration in energy demand over the past 12 months, causing carbon emissions to grow at the fastest rate since 2011.

Scientists: Canada's wildfires are linked to the climate crisis

As another extreme fire season starts in Canada with more people on the run, scientists say they are already seeing signs that climate change is playing a role.

Godzilla is a monster we have created and have to deal with

Godzilla first made his debut in 1954 as a 50-meter tall metaphor for indiscriminate nuclear destruction. Sixty-five years later, Godzilla is back — along with a whole host of new nuclear anxieties.

How forests play a vital role in the carbon cycle

Carbon is an abundant element that is necessary for life on Earth. Carbon atoms can be found in not only plants and animals but in rocks, soil, water, and even the air we breathe. But an overabundance of carbon, in the form of carbon dioxide, is deadly.

Fires burning out of control in Alberta linked to climate crisis

The Chuckegg Creek Fire in Northern Alberta has grown to 280,000 hectares (691,895 acres) and is just one of about 10 wildfires burning out of control in a region of the old-growth boreal forest.

Will planting more trees help to reduce greenhouse gases?

There is enough room in the world’s existing parks, forests, and abandoned land to plant 1.2 trillion additional trees, which would have the CO2 storage capacity to cancel out a decade of carbon dioxide emissions.
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(A) Map of northern Canada. The box shows the Eureka Sound Lowlands area on west-central Ellesmere I...
(A) Map of northern Canada. The box shows the Eureka Sound Lowlands area on west-central Ellesmere Island and eastern Axel Heiberg Island. (B) Study area showing the Eureka Weather Station and Eureka Sound Lowlands on Ellesmere and Axel Heiberg Islands, NU.
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