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Climate crisis News

'Nature is angry,' and the UN climate summit calls for action now

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says he is banking on new pledges from governments and businesses to abandon fossil fuels during a special climate summit in New York on Monday.

Climate activist Thunberg speaks with Senators and meets Obama

Washington - Climate Activist Greta Thunberg came to Washington D.C. on Tuesday, meeting with the Senate's climate crisis task force. The 16-year-old Swedish climate warrior also met former President Barack Obama.

Canada will not pay for people to rebuild homes in flood zones

Gatineau - With the increase in severe flooding occurring more frequently in Canada, the cost of rebuilding a home or business in the same area is escalating. Canada is testing a very different idea of disaster recovery: Forcing people to move.

Extreme weather has displaced seven million in first half of 2019

A record seven million people have been displaced globally due to natural disasters including storms and floods between January and June 2019 and the number is estimated to more than triple by the end of the year.

Alaskans experiencing fires, little rain and drought conditions

Anchorage - In one Alaska village, officials are barging in jugs of water and shutting off the public water supply 12 hours each day. In another, automatic flush toilets have been switched to manual flushing, and restaurants are serving meals on paper plates.

Danish pension fund sells its stake in 10 top oil companies

Copenhagen - Danish pension fund MP Pension said on Tuesday it would sell its stakes in 10 of the world’s biggest oil firms as it seeks to divest major sources of carbon emissions from its portfolio.

Alaska's wildfires threaten severe damage to life and property

Juneau - Take the impacts from the climate crisis, throw in an incredibly warm and dry summer - and you one of the most destructive fire seasons Alaskan's have experienced in a number of years.

Great Barrier Reef's outlook officially downgraded to 'very poor'

Australia has downgraded the outlook for the Great Barrier Reef to "very poor" for the first time, highlighting a fierce battle between environmental campaigners and the government over the country's approach to the climate crisis.

Will 'climate services' be allowed to profit from climate crisis?

As the climate crisis deepens, more and more companies offering "climate services" are springing up. This raises an important question - How do we avoid a future where the best data for saving lives is only available to those who can afford it?

The sea ice near Alaska's shores has all melted due to heatwave

July 2019 now stands as Alaska’s hottest month on record, the latest benchmark in a long-term warming trend with ominous repercussions ranging from rapidly vanishing summer sea ice and melting glaciers to raging wildfires.

Climate crisis fuels increased risks to global food security

More than 500 million people today live in areas affected by erosion linked to climate change, the UN warned on Thursday, before urging all countries to commit to sustainable land use to help limit greenhouse gas emissions before it is too late.

July 2019 has rewritten climate history across the globe

The latest data from the World Meteorological Organization shows the month of July "at least equaled if not surpassed the hottest month in recorded history" — and it followed the hottest June ever, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Thursday.

Greenland's record-breaking ice melt is now everyone's problem

Greenland's ice sheet is in the midst of one of its most extreme melts ever recorded, with 160 billion tons of ice lost in July alone. What is happening in Greenland now affects all of us on the planet.

Russia declares a state of emergency over Siberian wildfires

Russia has declared a state of emergency in five Siberian regions after wildfires engulfed an area of forest almost the size of Belgium amid record high temperatures as a result of the climate crisis.

Ethiopia tackles climate crisis — plants 350m trees in a day

Addis Ababa - More than 353 million tree seedlings were planted across Ethiopia in just 12 hours on Monday as part of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's Green Legacy reforestation campaign.

Global warming pushing some Pacific salmon to the brink

Pacific salmon populations are critical to local economies and the food chain, yet they are already under pressure from human infrastructure like dams. The climate crisis is turning up the heat.

Destruction of the Amazon Rainforest is approaching tipping-point

Brazil's portion of the Amazon rainforest is being cleared away at such a fast rate that it is approaching a "tipping point" beyond which it may not be able to recover, an expert has warned.

U.S. House leaders announce 100 percent clean energy Economy Act

The United States powered by 100 percent clean energy by 2050 is the goal of a new bill announced on Wednesday by the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

One of America's oldest power companies is going carbon-free

New Jersey energy company Public Service Enterprise Group Inc (PSEG) plans to shut all but three of its fossil fuel-fired power plants in a bid to cut carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2046 from 2005 levels, according to Chief Executive Ralph Izzo.

US military has a climate crisis problem — heat-related injuries

At least 17 military personnel have died of heat exposure during training exercises at U.S. military bases since 2008, according to the Pentagon. Fort Benning, Georgia reports 1,500 heat-related injuries in the last five years.

Climate crisis may be behind the rise of superbug C. auris

The climate crisis may be to blame for the mysterious spread of a multidrug-resistant superbug, Candida auris, according to a study published Tuesday.

July on track to be hottest month ever after record-breaking June

An historic heatwave in Europe and unusually warm conditions across the Arctic and Eurasia caused the Earth's average temperature to soar last month, making June the hottest on record. However, July is on track to break that heat record.

Days of extreme heat to become weeks as climate gets hotter

Nearly every part of the U.S. will face a dramatic increase in extremely hot days by mid-century, even if some action is taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If nothing is done to rein in climate change, the impact will be worse.

Extinct Mammoth may get protected status due to climate crisis

Activists and officials in northern Russia have warned of a “gold rush” for mammoth ivory as prospectors dig up tusks and other woolly mammoth remains that can net a small fortune on the Chinese market.

Severe turbulence seen on Air Canada flight will only get worse

An Air Canada plane on a flight from Vancouver to Australia experienced severe turbulence Thursday, injuring 37 passengers, nine of them seriously. However, with the climate crisis, this will become a lot more common in the future.

Climate crisis drives record number of high-tide flooding days

Sea-level rise led to a record number of high-tide flooding days in the United States between May 2018 and April 2019, NOAA said Wednesday. And it could get worse as the climate crisis drives sea levels higher.

Bill introduced in Congress to have OSHA develop heat standard

A House of Representatives bill introduced Wednesday - would direct the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to adopt a standard to prevent occupational exposure to excessive heat in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Expert panel identifies Canada's top climate change risks

Ottawa - An expert panel has identified Canada's top climate change risks and determined that many costs and damages could be avoided with prompt and thoughtful adaptation.

Climate crisis emergencies are becoming a weekly event

A "staggering" new warning from a top United Nations official that climate crisis-related disasters are now occurring at the rate of one per week has provoked calls for immediate global action to combat the human-caused climate emergency.

Natural gas boom is on a collision course with climate crisis

A global boom in natural gas pipelines and terminals is putting the energy industry on a "collision course" with the Paris climate goals, according to a new analysis of investment in the world's new favorite fossil fuel.
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(A) Map of northern Canada. The box shows the Eureka Sound Lowlands area on west-central Ellesmere I...
(A) Map of northern Canada. The box shows the Eureka Sound Lowlands area on west-central Ellesmere Island and eastern Axel Heiberg Island. (B) Study area showing the Eureka Weather Station and Eureka Sound Lowlands on Ellesmere and Axel Heiberg Islands, NU.
Melissa Ward Jones/McGill University
Sav Dhaliwal - Burnaby City Councillor; Board Chair, Metro Vancouver Regional District; Past Preside
Proposed scheme for the emergence of C. auris.
Proposed scheme for the emergence of C. auris.
Arturo Casadevall et al.

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