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Cleaning News

Smarter robot vacuum cleaners in development

Imagine being able to control when your office is cleaned, via a robot vacuum cleaner, controlled from an app like Outlook? Such technology is not far away.

Pharmaceutical cleaning validation simplified with new software

Washington - The company Quascenta has simplified cleaning validation for active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers through a new software package called eResidue. Cleaning validation is a key process, and it avoids cross-contamination.

Will we soon be wearing ‘self-cleaning’ fabrics?

The use of washing machines and the continual debate about the best washing powder may soon be a thing of the past with advancements in self-clearing fabrics. All the new material needs to become clean is a ray of sunlight.

Op-Ed: Cleaner homes lead to better physical and mental health

Clean living really does lead to better health according to multiple studies on the effects of tidiness on both physical and mental well-being.

Crystal Wash uses bioceramics technology to stand out in the washing detergents space Commissioned

Wouldn't you love to switch to a safer, greener, gentler and more natural laundry alternative, all while saving hundreds of dollars per year? Now you can with Crystal Wash, the innovative new way to get your clothes naturally clean.

Studying ants for clues about ultra-fine cleaning

Blue-sky thinking researchers have taken inspiration from the way that ants clean to develop improved procedures for nanotechnology. The ants studied are located in Borneo, Indonesia.

Common weed could tackle water pollution

A common weed called Typha domingensis may have an application in reducing bacterial contamination of water. This plant could significantly off-set contamination from sewage associated bacteria.

Medical equipment cleaning risks are extensive

The number of deaths connected to certain medical probes contaminated with pathogens may go beyond a recent outbreak in Los Angeles.

American farmers fighting wheat fungus outbreak

This year's soft red winter wheat crop has been hit with fusarium head blight, a fungal disease that develops if it rains during the critical growing period for wheat. Known as "head scab," the disease will have a broad impact on farmers and consumers.

Confusion over best way to brush your teeth

London - According to a study from University College London, advice on the best way to brush teeth for adults and children is confusing and inconsistent.

Astronauts figure out how to clean the ISS

Houston - Cleaning and controlling debris on a space station is tricky work. Microgravity can turn gasses, dust, fluids and sharp objects into a floating hazard. A science team have come up with a solution.

Cleaning wood leads to fewer insects in Canada

Fumigating or heat treating wooden pallets and crates slows down the spread of bark- and wood-boring insect pests, such as the emerald ash borer, according to some new research.

Food industry cleaning products can be dangerous

A new report warns that biocides used in the food industry at low doses may be endangering, rather than protecting, public health by increasing antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

Super-fungus developed to clean-up harmful toxins

A research team have discovered that a fungus that is common in polluted water produces environmentally important minerals as it reproduces. By utilizing this, scientists can develop a mineral that can be used to clean-up toxic residues.

Op-Ed: 'Cleaning Fairy' defends entering homes without permission

Westlake - Last month a woman was arrested in connection with breaking into a home, not to steal anything, but to clean it without the owners' permission. Now she's indicating she didn't do anything wrong.

Woman breaks in and cleans house, leaves $75 bill

Westlake - An Ohio family was stunned to learn that someone broke into their home, not to steal anything, but to clean it. Not only was parts of their house tidied, but the intruder left a $75 cleaning bill.

Sticky situation in Rome

Rome - The authorities in Rome, concerened with the thousands of pieces of chewing gum discarded onto the streets and stuck onto buildings, have launched a volunteer-based drive to clean up the city and remove the unsightly, sticky blobs.

Nude house cleaners are beating the economy slump

When a group of Croatian students lost their temporary jobs in the credit crunch, they came up with the perfect way to turn their busts into a boom - a nude cleaning agency.

Your weekly shopping bag could make you sick

Do you clean your reusable grocery bags each week before you put them away? If you don't you could be setting your family up for a painful bout of food poisoning.

Boy, 12, killed accidentally by gun-cleaning dad

A 12-year-old-boy was shot and accidentally killed by his father. The father was cleaning an old gun and didn’t realize there was a bullet in it, according to the Michigan Police Department.

iRobot Dips Toe into Pool-Cleaning Market

Pool boys, you're on notice. iRobot has, in conjunction with AquaJet LLC and Aquatron, Inc., introduced not one, but two pool-cleaning robotics.

Warning over surgery kit cleaning

A plan to move the sterilisation of surgical equipment out of hospitals is "a recipe for chaos", a group of surgeons has said

Superstition sparks toilet cleaning craze

The Japanese believe cleaning, like really cleaning, your toilets can bring you good luck, thanks to fortune tellers.


Different approach to getting kids to do chores around the house.

Self-Cleaning Underwear Goes Weeks Without Washing

Self-cleaning fabrics could revolutionize the sport apparel industry. The technology, created by scientists working for the U.S. Air Force, has already been used to create t-shirts and underwear that can be worn hygenically for weeks without washing.

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The Dyson Digital Slim vacuum cleaner
The Dyson Digital Slim vacuum cleaner
Courtesy Dyson
Work crews clean tar balls from the beach in Grand Isle  LA
Work crews clean tar balls from the beach in Grand Isle, LA
BP America
Demonstrator Matt Clokey shows a delegate how best to perform transfer disinfection.
Demonstrator Matt Clokey shows a delegate how best to perform transfer disinfection.
Front cover of  Guide to Cleaning & Disinfecting Cleanrooms’ by Tim Sandle
Front cover of 'Guide to Cleaning & Disinfecting Cleanrooms’ by Tim Sandle
The presenters show the delegates how to fit mop heads to mops  before carrying out controlled disin...
The presenters show the delegates how to fit mop heads to mops, before carrying out controlled disinfection using the triple bucket technique.