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Classroom News

Developing ethics for tech industry must begin in the classroom

Boston - How can the the technology sector ensure that ethical principles are built into the design of products and, most importantly, with the shape of artificial intelligence? According to one academic, this must begin at school.

Teaching CRISPR and antibiotic resistance to high school students

BioBits Health have developed a new hands-on, low-cost, high-technology synthetic biology kit for use in the classroom. A pilot study has recently been completed in Chicago and he kits are now ready for wider roll-out.

Interview: The state of video in education Special

Video is being increasing used as a medium for teaching. One of the leading providers of video technology is Kaltura. We spoke with from Michal Tsur, Kaltura's Co-Founder, President, and General Manager of Enterprise & Learning, to find out more.

The evolving use of video in education

Education and teaching are changing, with virtual classrooms, online courses and remote lectures. A new report signals some interesting future trends.

Op-Ed: Technology makes education more accessible than ever

The advent of the digital era has revolutionized education and learning for millions of children worldwide, enabling greater collaboration between teachers and pupils and bringing education to places where it was never available via virtual classrooms.

Review: Archer School for Girls

Los Angeles - Archer School for Girls is a private school in California educating and training girls for the future. Using the latest technology and teaching techniques these girls are ready to be all they can be in life and their careers.

Schools using video conferencing to get experts into classrooms

Many schools are increasingly using video conferencing to allow experts and well-known personalities to talk and interact with students.

Why Swedish schools allow cellphones in classrooms

According to Sweden's National Education Agency, there is no general rule prohibiting Swedish school children from using their cellphones during lessons. That is, as long as it doesn't actually disturb the lesson.

Op-Ed: Our Broken Education System and Possible Solutions to Fixing It

The state of our education system has been on my mind lately, I have some opinions on how I think we can make immediate changes to improve it. It requires sacrifice and give on both sides of this debate but I am positive as a nation we can do anything.

Are girls better at science than boys?

For many years the common conception has been that boys do better at science than girls. A new study of 15 year-olds appears to turn that 'common conception' on its head.

Op-Ed: Guns in classrooms — Bad idea

Many things do not mix well with guns. Classrooms full of students is one of them. Should it be the responsibility of educators to safeguard students with lethal force?

Schools take traditional Halloween customs out of the classroom Special

The aura of Halloween is in the air. Every October many people decorate, choose costumes, and plan their festivities and parties. Overall, for these individuals, it is a day often linked to having fun.

3 Teens Arrested For Assault and Gang Rape in UAE

Three young Emiratis were arrested for assault and gang rape of Arab classmates at a school in Sharjah. They are being investigated for homosexuality and rape.

Kindergartner voted out of classroom

A teacher who taught kindergarten in Florida has been removed from her teaching position after she had students vote last week on whether a 5-year-old should be allowed to stay in class.

12-Year-Old Sues After Watching 'Brokeback Mountain' Film in School

A 12-year-old and her grandparents are suing the Chicago Board of Education after a substitute teacher showed the highly controversial film "Brokeback Mountain" to the class

Kids allegedly had sex in classroom during assembly about killing

Two fifth-graders had sex on a classroom floor while two others fondled each other in the classroom, according to a teacher at Spearsville High School.

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Classroom Image

Lonna Lisa Williams teaches English to children in Li Shui  China
Lonna Lisa Williams teaches English to children in Li Shui, China
A primary school classroom in France
A primary school classroom in France
An empty classroom
File photo of an empty classroom
by Ben+Sam (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Dr. Charles Quist-Adade s Globalization classroom in Surrey  British Columbia.
Dr. Charles Quist-Adade's Globalization classroom in Surrey, British Columbia.
Student using classroom app ClassDojo
Student using classroom app ClassDojo
Photo Courtesy of ClassDojo
File Photo: If only science was this fun at school. A talk on planets using models  at Bayfordbury O...
File Photo: If only science was this fun at school. A talk on planets using models, at Bayfordbury Observatory.
File photo: An empty classroom.
File photo: An empty classroom.
Spanking = child abuse
Spanking = child abuse
Ben+Sam / Illustration DJ
A student using a computer in the classroom
A student using a computer in the classroom

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