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Civilian casualties News

Airstrike in Afghanistan kills 5 businessmen in a vehicle

A number of provincial officials from Farah Province in Afghanistan report that on Saturday a vehicle was destroyed in an airstrike killing all five businessmen who were inside. The five were traveling from Farah city to Abu Nasar Farah Port.

Op-Ed: Digital surveillance — Australia's Pine Gap and US vs War Crimes?

Sydney - The U.S. Pine Gap base in Australia has been controversial since it was built, during the later Cold War. The question is whether Australia is participating in a system which may qualify as war crimes when civilian casualties are incurred.

Mattis: More civilians will die in U.S. 'annihilation' of IS

Defense Secretary James Mattis said the U.S. will escalate its bombing campaign against Islamic State, adding that civilian deaths are an inevitable result of the Trump administration's policy of "annihilation" of the militant group.

Iraq, Syria: Hundreds more civilian casualties in coalition war

Hundreds more Iraqi and Syrian civilians have been killed and injured during the first week of May in U.S.-led coalition and Iraqi air strikes, as well as Iraqi army shelling, targeting Islamic State (IS) militants.

U.S. military probes Syria mosque strike that killed 49 civilians

The U.S. military is formally investigating an American air strike that Pentagon officials said targeted al-Qaeda militants but which survivors, local officials and human rights monitors said killed dozens of innocent civilians in a mosque complex.

Civilian deaths from U.S., coalition attacks soar under Trump

As United States military forces and their coalition partners intensify the war against Islamist militants in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan under President Donald Trump, civilian casualties — and Muslim outrage — are soaring.

Nearly 20,000 Iraqi deaths since 2014

Nearly 20,000 civilians have died in Iraq since 2014, according to the United Nations. More than 36,000 Iraqis have been wounded in the same period.

Ben Carson: Killing thousands of innocent people is 'merciful'

Las Vegas - The topic of Tuesday's Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas was national security and in a display of hawkish one-upmanship, several of the leading GOP candidates justified the killing of innocent civilians in the war against Islamist terrorism.

Op-Ed: Israel has no respect for the lives of innocent children

Tel Aviv - They are supposed to be the good guys. They argue their actions are one of self defense, but anyone who values human life will see Israel does not have a halo above its head.

Pakistani civilian killed in Indian Border Security Force attack Special

Military troops from India reportedly fired upon civilian villages Sunday, killing one civilian and sending four others to the hospital.

Op-Ed: Israeli warning missiles and attacks on Gazan homes

Gaza - Eyal Weizman is an architect, professor and director of the Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths, University of London. He has written an article in Al Jazeera exploring the Israeli practice of using warning missiles in their Gaza attacks.

Op-Ed: When criminals are the police

What happens when the world's criminal elite double as its police force? Recent events have provided a good opportunity to observe.

Op-Ed: Killing civilians in Syria avenges killing civilians how?

If we have learned anything from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, it is that there is no such thing as a “smart bomb.” Bombs will fall and kill, maim, burn, and disfigure anyone who is in the way.

US forces attack bus and kill one civilian in Afghanistan

Herat - In Herat Province in the west of Iraq, US forces attacked a civilian bus, killing one civilian and wounding another. Details of the event are not yet known.

Syrian death toll includes over 6,800 women and children

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights some 6,800 women and children have been killed in over two years of war in Syria.

Karzai bans US Special Forces from Eastern Afghan Province

Kabul - Accusing US Special Ops of furthering insecurity and instability, Afghan President Hamid Karzai has ordered that these forces leave Maidan Wardak within two weeks. Karzai has often complained of the number of civilian casualties attributed Allied forces.

Op-Ed: Brennan's biggest lie

Washington - President Barack Obama's pick of John Brennan to head the Central Intelligence Agency is deeply troubling for several reasons.

UN to investigate civilian deaths from US drone strikes

Geneva - The United Nations announced it will investigate civilian deaths caused by US unmanned aerial drone strikes in the War on Terror, with one top UN official calling some drone strikes in Pakistan possible war crimes.

Op-Ed: NATO Afghan attacks kills 8 women gathering firewood

Kabul - According to Afghan officials a NATO air strike has killed eight Afghan women and girls gathering firewood. At first International Security Assistance Force officials claimed that 45 insurgents were targeted but later admitted possible civilian casualties

Report: Civilian deaths in Afghanistan reach record high in 2010

Kabul - A new report released on Tuesday shows violence in Afghanistan reached record levels in 2010 and as a result, had “catastrophic impacts” on the war-torn country that led to at least 2,421 civilian deaths for the year.

Afghan Situation Getting Worse UN Relief Chief Urges Strategic Approach

The humanitarian situation inside Afghanistan is getting worse, with civilian casualties rising and food prices soaring.

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Civilian casualties

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A few of the millions of innocent victims of US imperialism.
A few of the millions of innocent victims of US imperialism.
 Pine Gap is the commonly used name for an Australian Earth station approximately 18 kilometres (11 ...
"Pine Gap is the commonly used name for an Australian Earth station approximately 18 kilometres (11 mi) south-west of the town of Alice Springs, Northern Territory in the centre of Australia which is operated by both Australia and the United States," —Wikipedia
A new UN report shows civilian deaths in Afghanistan during 2010 reached a record high.
A new UN report shows civilian deaths in Afghanistan during 2010 reached a record high.
Photo courtesy US Army/Staff Sgt. Mark Burrell

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