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City News

The town of Swett, South Dakota is on sale for $400,000

One man has exclusive rights to the town of Swett and is now selling it off to anyone who can match his asking price. Businessman Lance Benson is putting these holdings up to focus on his core business and you have a chance to buy them.
In the Media by Walter McDaniel

Discover the best experiences in your city with Wutzwhat Special

In today's technology-orientated world, more and more of us find ourselves living in busy, crowded cities but somehow overlooking the treasures held within. Canadian start-up app Wutzwhat aims to rectify this by highlighting unique experiences.
Digital Journal Report by James Walker - 1 comment

Berlin first city to get its full name as own Internet domain

Berlin - Berlin is about to become the first city in the world with its own Internet domain name. The city's businesses will be able to use ".berlin" from mid-March 2014.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 2 comments

Urban areas make song birds ill

Phoenix - People living in densely populated urban areas affect the health and fitness of native wildlife. A new study draws a link between the degree of urbanization and the prevalence of two parasites in wild house finches.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 1 comment

Photo Essay: Christmas comes to York Special

Christmas is celebrated in style in the old English city of York, including a market, the odd band or two, ice sculptures and plenty of merriment.
Digital Journal Report by Tim Sandle - 4 comments

Canada phasing out door-to-door mail delivery to urban centres

Canada Post will stop offering door-to-door delivery of regular mail to urban residents over the next five years, it's been announced. One-third of Canadians receive mail at their door but will soon have to get their mail via community mailboxes.
In the Media by David Silverberg - 3 comments

Winter comes to Western Canada Special

Edmonton - Winter is an inevitable fact of life in western Canada. In Edmonton, the snow and colder temperatures hit with a vengeance in mid-November.
Digital Journal Report by Paula Kirman - 3 comments

Report: Toronto top city in the world Special

Toronto - Forget Rob Ford. Forget those stuffy Bay Street big-shots. And forget those underperforming Maple Leafs. Toronto is the No. 1 city in the world, according to an organization that engages youth involvement in their municipalities.
Digital Journal Report by Gene Kosowan - 2 comments

Economist magazine releases list of world's 'Most Livable Cities'

The business and political weekly magazine 'The Economist' has released its 2013 list of the world's 'Most Livable Cities.' Compiled by the mag's 'Intelligence Unit' the list is striking in that there are no U.S. cities and most are Canadian and Aussie.
In the Media by Marcus Hondro - 5 comments

Detroit selling for $7.50 on eBay

It appears now that money really can buy you anything because according to one eBay user, the starting bid for the city of Detroit is just $7.50
In the Media by Richard A. Heaton - 2 comments

Using seaweed to protect a city in Texas from future hurricanes

Galveston - Galveston, Texas is one of the top five cities in the United States that is most vulnerable to hurricanes. City officials are looking into harvesting seaweed to defend the city from future hurricanes.
In the Media by Jonathan Lam - 1 comment

How location impacts car insurance rates and what to do about it Promoted

Many people believe that the main factor determining the cost of an auto-insurance premium is the year and make of the vehicle being insured. In fact, that is far from the truth. Where you live can play a very significant role in determining your rates.
Promoted Content by John Duarte - 1 comment

Urban regeneration: Taking a look at King's Cross Special

The King's Cross area of London had an unsavory reputation for many decades. In recent years this area of North London has undergone regeneration, and there is more to come.
Digital Journal Report by Tim Sandle - 5 comments

Villa Epecuén: 'Real-life Atlantis' in Argentina

The story of Villa Epecuén, a former popular, vibrant spa resort town, is a sad one. The "town that drowned" is a real-life Atlantis, which is gradually coming up for air once again after 25 years.
In the Media by Anne Sewell

Photo Essay: Russia's winter wonderland Special

Samara - I lived with a Russian family for 6 months and faced the coldest winter of my life. Snow packed the fields, ice coated the sidewalks, city roads became hazardous, and even the mighty Volga River froze solid enough to drive across it.
Digital Journal Report by Lonna Lisa Williams - 5 comments

Chicago bites its way to the top for bed bug issues

Chicago - That tired old phrase "don't let the bed bugs bite" means something as it has become a serious problem of late. This has nothing to do with being clean, either.
In the Media by Tim O'Brien - 2 comments

Op-Ed: What makes Downtown Denver unique, have you been there?

Denver - Are you one of those people that remember and miss a traditional downtown, vibrant with life, excitement and things to do. A place where real people go and you'll run in to your neighbour?
In the Media by Elizabeth Parker - 1 comment

Iran to relocate Ahvaz airport as oil field found under runway

Ahvaz - The city of Ahvaz airport is to be relocated, as Iran has found an oil field under the runway. This has caused problems for a US plane who made an emergency landing there almost three weeks ago.
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 1 comment

Photo Essay: Everyday items can hold a beauty of their own Special

Nashville - The sights and sounds of the urban city can differ greatly from those of a more rural environment. While one area may be more pastoral and peaceful, scenes found in any of environment can hold a certain beauty.
Digital Journal Report by Greta McClain - 2 comments

Review: Street art flourishing across Saskatoon Special

Saskatoon - The Canadian city of Saskatoon is quaint, friendly and also boasts some impressive sculptures and street art downtown. Here are some of the most impressive pieces I came across during a recent visit.
Digital Journal Report by David Silverberg - 1 comment

2 million attend 54th Annual Chicago Air & Water Show Special

Chicago - An estimated 2 million spectators crowded the beaches and parks near Lake Michigan in Chicago this past weekend to catch one of the most exciting shows of the year. The 2012 Chicago Air and Water Show.
Digital Journal Report by Jimmy Schneider - 1 comment

Saudi Arabia to build city exclusively for women

Hofuf - Saudi Arabia, run by the world's most repressive religious fundamentalist monarchs, has announced plans to construct a city exclusively for women.
In the Media by Brett Wilkins - 9 comments

Town of Markham to become Ontario's newest city on Canada Day

Markham - Welcome to the Town of Markham? No. You mean, welcome to the City of Markham. Councillors voted unanimously in favour of obtaining city status. Markham will officially become Ontario's newest city on July 1.
In the Media by Andrew Moran - 1 comment

City in New Mexico will be scientific ghost town

On Tuesday it was announced that a city in southeastern New Mexico will be where a new $1 billion ghost town will be located.
In the Media by Owen Weldon - 1 comment

Google to open London 'innovation centre'

London - Google is to open a multi-million pound innovation centre in London, UK, as part of the Goverment's plan to create a "Tech City" in the capital.
In the Media by Milo Noblet

Op-Ed: Montreal City Chronicles (Part 5)

Montreal - As allegations of corruption hang over the Liberal government of Jean Charest, another look at life in the French-speaking province's biggest city of Montreal.
In the Media by Michael Werbowski

Visiting America’s ‘10th Best Small City for Families’ Special

Rogers, AR - The vibrant history of this city is part of its charm and contributes to its growth, family-friendly amenities, and current top ten ranking by Money Magazine.
Digital Journal Report by Kay Mathews - 12 comments

Sixty pianos brought to streets of New York City

New York - Newly installed brightly painted pianos have recently been installed in different locations throughout New York City. What is their purpose?
In the Media by Stephanie Medeiros - 2 comments

Op-Ed: Africa hosts World Cup amidst devastating poverty

The hosting of a World Cup in a continent whose people have suffered – and continue to endure – indescribable privations in the modern era may come to be regarded as one of the great postmodern illusions.
In the Media by Asad Yawar - 1 comment

Cali coroner keeps son's heart, without telling his mother

San Mateo - A state appeals court has dismissed a lawsuit by a mother who says the county coroner kept her son's heart without her consent after an autopsy. It was months after he was buried before she found out his heart had been taken from him.
In the Media by Kim I. Hartman
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San Francisco Chinatown Photography -

Cellphone photographic journalism  live and on the go.
San Francisco Chinatown Photography - Cellphone photographic journalism, live and on the go.
Replica of an old VOC ship the Dutch used to travel to Japan and Indonesia.
Replica of an old VOC ship the Dutch used to travel to Japan and Indonesia.
A dumpster
Austin Moody
A dumpster
San Francisco
San Francisco
Photo of main enterence of SF City Hall  at Civic Center  taken Sept. 2010
Photo of main enterence of SF City Hall, at Civic Center, taken Sept. 2010
Schmute and Maxi  the official Berliner bears.
Schmute and Maxi, the official Berliner bears.
Close up on the American Falls as the Maid of the Mist passes through a rainbow at the base of the f...
Close up on the American Falls as the Maid of the Mist passes through a rainbow at the base of the falls and tourists are lined up to be next.
San Francisco
San Francisco
Elon Musk plans a dome city on Mars.
Elon Musk plans a dome city on Mars.
A view of a street in Lorca  Spain
A view of a street in Lorca, Spain
San Francisco
San Francisco
Bill Arney the MC for the SF Film Noir Festival  Jan. 25  2011. He used to live in the apartment whe...
Bill Arney the MC for the SF Film Noir Festival, Jan. 25, 2011. He used to live in the apartment where Dashiell Hammett wrote "The Maltese Falcon."
San Francisco
San Francisco
Pedestrians in Tokyo  Japan
Pedestrians in Tokyo, Japan
Map showing Norman Oklahoma and Oklahoma City where tornado s struck late Monday evening.
Map showing Norman Oklahoma and Oklahoma City where tornado's struck late Monday evening.
San Francisco
San Francisco
The river flows northeast
The river flows northeast
San Francisco
San Francisco
Leshan City_Sichuan Province_China.
Leshan City_Sichuan Province_China.
James Godsoe a native to the SF Bay Area was one of the many season pass holders for the 9th Annual ...
James Godsoe a native to the SF Bay Area was one of the many season pass holders for the 9th Annual SF Film Noir Festival Jan. 2011

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