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Op-Ed: Can Wiki Tribune save journalism? Maybe it can.

London - Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales is appalled by the state of modern news and journalism. He’s not alone, but unlike the media, he’s doing something about it. His new venture Wiki Tribune may just be the new face of news.

Review: Allvoices web site tries to make itself forgettable Special

San Francisco - Even the founder of the citizen journalist site “Allvoices” appears to want to forget what had seemed, at least for awhile, as a noble attempt to empower the analog world.

Digital Journal announces appointment of 12 Editors-at-Large

To further expand the news network's global presence, Digital Journal designated select writers with Editor-at-Large status to report on important news relating to their specialties.

Digital Journal hosted live video chat on future of citizen media

Today Digital Journal hosted a Google Hangout on Air chat via video, discussing the rise and future of citizen journalism. Guests included Mathew Ingram from GigaOM and CBC journalist Ira Basen.

Anonymous group launch 'citizen journalism' site

Anonymous, the hacking collective and anti-censorship body, have launched a new venture: a website for crowdsourced news.

Review: goes live, a website that allows people to add their news articles, photographs and video for sale to the media has now gone live. The announcement was made in an email on Friday.

The Guardian launches citizen journalism site

The Guardian newspaper is inviting would-be journalists to contribute to its new citizen journalism site. Citizen journalists will have the opportunity to add photos, stories and videos to the new site, which is called Guardian Witness.

Op-Ed: 1 million Digital Journal pageviews!

San Francisco - Today I reached a major Digital Journal milestone as I passed the 1 million pageview mark after writing 607 articles for the site in exactly nine months.

Profile of a Digital Journalist: Making a Weiss decision to be a writer Special

She loves hip-hop and basketball. She dreams of being published in Rolling Stone. She writes to distract herself from a chronic health condition. Find out more about Layne Weiss, a Digital Journalist since March 2012.

Report highlights the success of citizen science

The findings of a massive five-year citizen science project called the Opal Project have been published. The report contains , more than 25,000 surveys, produced by more than 500,000 people,

Reporters sans Frontières launch censored content website

Under the banner ‘We fight censorship’ journalists’ campaigning organisation Reporters sans Frontières last week launched a website which will carry content that has been censored, banned or which has given rise to reprisals against its author.

Never too late to be an activist: Profile of a Digital Journalist Special

She "woke up" at 58, recognizing how corruption and greed hurt Spain's prosperity. She decided to do something about it as an activist and Digital Journalist. Read more about Anne Sewell's adventurous life and career in this exclusive profile.

Op-Ed: If you want decent journalism, fund it properly, you fools!

Sydney - The near decade or so of angst and wailings which has followed the progressive obliteration of old news media with the new media continues to whimper.

Op-Ed: Rodney King: 21 Years Later

Los Angeles - Today marks the 21st anniversary of the story of Rodney King, a young black man who was so scared of going back to prison, he led police officers on a car chase in Los Angeles. The officers caught up with King, and brutally beat him.

Digital Journal announces Global Editorial Meetings

Digital Journal today announced a new community newsroom initiative aimed at widening the scope of news covered globally, and involving the public in the news creation process.

TopFinds: Global marijuana rallies, Ronaldo's gift to fan

Toronto was one of many cities holding marches for marijuana supporters. "Super" bedbugs discovered in Vancouver. What gift did soccer player Ronaldo offer a fan? These are the top stories from across the world.

TopFinds: Why shopping is good for you, Trump's GOP popularity

A study reveals shoppers live longer than non-shoppers. Republicans are warming up to Donald Trump, who may announce his presidential bid soon. Why was Prince Harry stranded in the Arctic? These are the top stories from across the world.

Citizen journalists, media capture earthquake aftermath in Japan

Japan has been hit by the most powerful earthquake since it started keeping records, and a massive tsunami warning has been issued across the Pacific. Videos show widespread flooding, including ships, cars and buildings being washed away.

Press Association strikes deal with citizen journalism site

UK-based news agency the Press Association (PA) announced today that they have agreed to a "landmark deal" with the citizen journalism site Demotix.

Op-Ed: The last thing we need is objective political journalism

That readers are losing faith in the will or ability of the press to report political news objectively is no secret, but is objectivity even necessary at all? Reporters should bite the bullet and say it how they see it to the benefit of all.

Using words to heal a brain injury: A profile of a Digital Journalist Special

How did journalism help Kim I. Hartman recover from a life-changing accident? In this profile of a prominent Digital Journalist, you'll learn how one woman uses writing as therapy for a serious brain injury.

OhMyNews redesigning to become citizen journalism blog

On August 1, 2010, OhMyNews of South Korea announced that next month its international site will change from an edited citizen journalism news site to a “blog dedicated to covering and discussing the world of citizen journalism itself."

The rise of citizen journalism during Toronto G20 summit

Toronto - Citizen journalism was on full display during the G20 protests and riots in Toronto.'s Andrew Moran and KJ Mullins published exemplary articles, photos and video reports on the ground during the chaos swarming the city.

YouTube announces 'News Feed' showcasing top citizen journalism

To tap into the growing market of Web-savvy news junkies, YouTube has announced its testing a new feature called News Feed. The feature incorporates news videos from both citizen journalists and professional news outlets.

Study: Citizen Journalism sites complement newspapers

According to a study in the Newspaper Research Journal, citizen journalism sites, including both news sites and blogs, differ significantly from newspaper websites. The report says citizen journalism complements rather than replaces commercial news sites.

Media expert Jay Rosen talks citizen journalism

Toronto - At Toronto's mesh conference, stole away media guru Jay Rosen for an interview on citizen media and user-generated content. Among other topics, he discussed how mainstream media can use citizen journalism to their advantage.

Citizen Journalism has influence with financial reporting

A survey by Broadgate Mainland of financial journalists in the UK found that media news stories are becoming more influenced by the influx of citizen journalism.

Journalist discusses value of citizen journalism Special

K.J. Mullins is one of those brash young writers who minces no words when she tells it like it is, and she knows a good bit about the virtues and faults of citizen journalism, a growing segment of news, from three years on the front lines of it.

New 'Project:Discover' contest in full swing, March 3 to 31

On the heels of a highly successful "Cover Your Community" contest, is happy to announce another contest for March 2010. Here's your chance to win $250 in our "Project:Discover" contest.

Study: Web-based news surpasses newspapers, radio in popularity

According to a new study released today, 92 percent of Americans now use multiple platforms to consume news each day and the Internet has become a vital part in the daily lives of news consumers.
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In no particular order  Digital Journal s November 2011 Power Users include: Alexander Baron  Andrew...
In no particular order, Digital Journal's November 2011 Power Users include: Alexander Baron, Andrew Moran, Bart B. Van Bockstaele, Carolyn E. Price, Elizabeth Cunningham Perkins, Gar Swaffar, Gemma Fox, Igor I. Solar, JohnThomas Didymus, Katerina Nikolas, Kay Mathews, Kev Hedges, Kevin Fitzgerald, Kim I. Hartman, KJ Mullins, Leigh Goessl, Leo Reyes, Lynn Curwin, Nancy Houser and Samuel Okocha.
Journalists Without Borders compile an annual view of where free expression is fostered. Cambodia is...
Journalists Without Borders compile an annual view of where free expression is fostered. Cambodia is shown as leading in SEAsia.
Journalists Without Borders
Kerry O Brien
Kerry O'Brien
Jan Smith
Jay Rosen  American journalist and press critic
Jay Rosen, American journalist and press critic
Chuckumentary on Flickr
A man taking a picture or video of a fire in Helsinki
A man taking a picture or video of a fire in Helsinki
Petteri Sulonen
The feelgood factor from a  thank you
The feelgood factor from a 'thank you'
A woman filming a press conference
A woman filming a press conference
European Parliament
On the streets of Kashmir
On the streets of Kashmir
Photo by Daniel Bachhuber
A still from the documentary on Chinese citizen journalists High Tech  Low Life
A still from the documentary on Chinese citizen journalists High Tech, Low Life
Courtesy Hot Docs
Someone taking a photo of a fire in Helsinki with a cellphone
Someone taking a photo of a fire in Helsinki with a cellphone
Petteri Salunen

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