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Adam Lambert and Queen to perform at 2019 Global Citizen Festival

New York - On September 28, international pop star Adam Lambert and rock group Queen will be performing at the 2019 Global Citizen Festival in New York City.

Another U.S. citizen enters N.Korea, slams U.S. govt

Pyongyang - A U.S. citizen who said he had crossed illegally into North Korea held a press conference in Pyongyang Sunday to denounce his own country's U.S. political and economic systems.

Op-Ed: Where would more citizenship revoking lead to?

London - The British government has shown no hesitation in revoking living rights and citizenship from those residing in their country and in the same breath fighting against the values of their country.

Afghan citizen granted asylum in the UK for being an atheist

London - An Afghan citizen has been granted asylum in the UK because on the grounds of being an atheist. His legal team argued that he would face persecution and even the death sentence if he was returned to Afghanistan.

85-year-old Korean war vet detained in North Korea

Now that the State Department has relaxed some of its previous travel restrictions, the prospect of visiting the once forbidden land of North Korea has tempted many an adventurer. For Korean War veteran Merrill Newman, it was the chance of a lifetime.

Op-Ed: Obama ends child deportation as Romney questions policy changes

Recently, Obama ends young immigrant deportations for purely political reasons. Romney says Obama's immigration policy change will be an impediment to permanent citizenship.

U.S. Rep Michele Bachmann withdraws Swiss citizenship

Minneapolis - Minnesota Congresswoman and former 2012 Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann officially became a citizen of Switzerland this week. By Thursday evening, however, she renounced her citizenship.

Video: Occupy citizen journalist super-suit - what to wear

Los Angeles - This fun video shows you what you need to wear and carry when participating in a protest, not only to protect you physically, but also as preventative measures when being arrested.

Citizen data project to measure radiation levels in Japan Special

An organisation is raising money to provide devices to measure radiation in Japan. The aim of the project is to collect all this data together and make it freely available online.

YouTube connects citizen journalists with media outlets

YouTube has launched a new citizen journalism tool called YouTube Direct, allowing large media organizations to connect with citizen reporters and giving them access to a wider audience.

Elderly man with oxygen tank robs bank

Saturday, a 70-80 year old male walked into a bank in San Diego and robbed the place. He was seen with an oxygen tank and a tube running to his nose.

Report: Citizen news site NowPublic acquired for $25 million has announced it has acquired citizen journalism news site NowPublic. The value of the deal is reported to be $25 million.

YouTube launches Reporters' centre to educate in news reporting

YouTube has overnight launched a new resource called the 'YouTube Reporter Center' which features tips and advice in short instructional videos from some of the United States top journalists.

Morley Safer Trusts Citizen Journalism as much as Citizen Surgery

In a speech delivered after receiving the Fred Friendly First Amendment Award given out by Quinnipiac University, CBS's Morley Safer spoke negatively about citizen journalism and the blogosphere.

Washington Times Introduces its Citizen Journalism Page

This week, the Washington Times is publishing one full print page per day of news stories reported and written by citizens in local communities.

Canadian Citizen Considered National Security Threat

Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon has denied Abousfian Abdelrazik and emergency passport as the minister considers him a national security threat.

Canada Calls Santa Claus a Canadian Citizen

This announcement may cause problems between Canada and Russia and even with United States, but Canada has boldly called Santa Claus a Canadian.

Are Citizen Journalism Sites Responsible For User Content?

Citizen Journalism site in Brattleboro, New Hampshire wins case against woman who sued them for a comment that was made on their site that she considered defamatory. Citizen Journalism sites worldwide let out a sigh of relief.

Behind The Citizen Journalist: Robot Top Finds

Hey, I can have a top finds too. No law against it. A robot does what it wants. Who can stop a robot? Nobody, that's who. Just try and stop me from giving out awards. Let's see who your robot overlord favors with gifts.

Behind The Citizen Journalist: Hey, Why Not?

Things are just too boring without taking a closer look at the people behind the news. By popular demand, you got it! The Muse-letter about US, the CJ's of Digital Journal. C'mon in.

Behind The Citizen Journalist: Once More Unto The Breach

A Farewell issue. It has been fun taking a look into the lives of Citizen Journalists and getting to know each other better. Alas, the time has come to close this chapter and begin new ones.

Behind The Citizen Journalist: CJ's Best Friends

It has been another interesting week, full of good stories and commentary. As usual, we will take a behind the scenes look at the Citizen Journalists who report the news day after day.

Behind The Citizen Journalist: Face To Face

Behind The CJ. Where the spotlight is on the Journalists. This week we take an up close look at several Citizen Journalists. I also have a chat with Gotthescoop about DJ, religion and...animals.

Op-Ed: From the Mind of a Real Iraqi Citizen

Michael J.Totten is an independant journalist working in the middle east, his blog is a voice for the real people who live and work there. An Interview of an Iraqi Interpreter on his blog gives great insight to the realities of Iraq.

Behind The Citizen Journalist: A Trilogy Of Talent

This week, we have some exciting content. We learn a little history about our own Patxxoo. A discussion with Amaranth about the abuse button, and Muse scoops the staff and delivers unto you a new Citizen Journalist.

Op-Ed: How Citizen Journalists Can Change The World

Welcome to Citizen Journalism. You have picked a good time to come out of your shell and let your voice be heard. As Television and paper journalism rapidly are becoming but a memory, you can play a part in the evolution of information.

Behind the Citizen Journalist: This Is...DJ Jeopardy

This week on Behind The Citizen Journalist, Chris, David and Alex duke it out in a special edition article. Find out just how smart they are and if they really do know their Citizen Journalists.

Citizen journalism website gets multi-million-dollar boost

NowPublic just announced that the fast-growing citizen journalism website got $10.6 million in financing to fuel its drive to become the world's largest news agency. Oh yeah?

Behind the Citizen Journalist: Ask The Staff

Another edition of "Behind the Citizen Journalist". This week we take a look at what some of our journalists want to know about what goes on behind the scenes of Digital Journal.

Behind the Citizen Journalist: Around The Campfire

Grab your marshmellows. Get close to the fire and gather round. On this week's edition of Behind The CJ, citizen journalists will share their secret ghost/paranormal stories. The night seems deathly quiet...
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Citizen Image

A worn teddy bear sits on an infant grave  a silent reminder of a life not meant to be.
A worn teddy bear sits on an infant grave, a silent reminder of a life not meant to be.
A worn teddy bear watches over an infant grave  a silent reflection on a life not meant to be.
A worn teddy bear watches over an infant grave, a silent reflection on a life not meant to be.
Many citizens were outraged because they were given an hour or so to pack their lives up and leave b...
Many citizens were outraged because they were given an hour or so to pack their lives up and leave before demolition.
The pauper cemetery underwent a major change on Monday after a concerned citizen alerted the El Paso...
The pauper cemetery underwent a major change on Monday after a concerned citizen alerted the El Paso Times about the cemetery's neglect and disrespect. County employees had filled numerous large bags with trash during the clean-up effort.
Reporterr at work.
Reporterr at work.
With community support  possibly in the form of a community service project  Ms. Crider hopes the pa...
With community support, possibly in the form of a community service project, Ms. Crider hopes the pauper cemetery will soon be shown the respect that saints and souls are deserving of.
The cemetery is one of two county-owned pauper cemeteries in El Paso County.
The cemetery is one of two county-owned pauper cemeteries in El Paso County.

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