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CITES votes to protect endangered mako sharks

Geneva - A proposal to strengthen protection for mako sharks, hunted for their meat and fins, was adopted Sunday by 102 countries at the CITES global wildlife trade summit.

Ban on sending wild elephants to zoos a step closer

Geneva - The regulator of global wildlife trade will likely ban sending African elephants captured from the wild to zoos after countries supported the move Sunday, in what conservationists hailed as a "historic win".

Wildlife summit mulls trade rules to counter 'unprecedented' species declines

Geneva - Conservationists warned of "unprecedented" species declines Saturday as countries met in Geneva to tighten rules on trade in elephant ivory and products from other endangered animal and plants.

Global meet to mull trade rules to protect endangered species

Geneva - Specialists will meet in Geneva from Saturday to try to tighten rules on trade in elephant ivory, rhino horns and other endangered animal and plant species amid growing alarm over accelerating extinctions.

Countries push to protect sharks, rays

Geneva - Dozens of countries will push at a global meeting for regulations on trade in 18 types of shark and ray, with conservationists warning Thursday of looming extinction for many species.

Extinct Mammoth may get protected status due to climate crisis

Activists and officials in northern Russia have warned of a “gold rush” for mammoth ivory as prospectors dig up tusks and other woolly mammoth remains that can net a small fortune on the Chinese market.

South Africa advances plans to make sale of rhino horns legal

South Africa's government is advancing draft legislation that would allow the domestic trade and limited export of rhino horns, alarming conservationists around the world.

Namibia, Zimbabwe lose vote to allow ivory trade: CITES

Johanesburg - The global conference that governs wildlife trade voted Monday against proposals by Namibia and Zimbabwe to be allowed to sell their ivory internationally, in a move welcomed by many conservationists.

Tough times for S.Africa's all-female anti-poaching unit

- South Africa's all-female "Black Mambas" anti-poaching team had never lost a rhino since they were formed in 2013, but the killing of two animals earlier this month shattered their proud record.

All global trade banned in endangered pangolins

Johanesburg - The shy, scale-covered pangolin is to receive the highest level of protection against illegal trade to try to save it from extinction, after a vote Wednesday by delegates at a global conference.

Shy pangolins need world spotlight to survive

Johanesburg - Reclusive, gentle and quick to roll up into a ball, pangolins keep a low profile.

Wildlife meeting weighs how to save endangered species

Johanesburg - Thousands of conservationists and government officials open talks in Johannesburg on Saturday to thrash out regulating international trade in elephant ivory, rhino horn and hundreds of endangered wild animals and plants.

How CITES works, and 5 species to look out for

Johanesburg - The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) is a treaty to protect wild animals and plants against over-exploitation through commercial trade.

Zimbabwe to send more elephants to China to keep them safe

Citing a "better and safer environment," a high-ranking official in Zimbabwe says more of the country's wildlife will be captured and sent to China in 2016. The announcement is being met with a considerable amount of skepticism.

'Queen of Ivory' arrested, charged in major smuggling operation

She's known as the "Queen of Ivory" and for more than 15 years, she allegedly helped smuggle more than 700 elephant tusks out of Africa and across the world. She kept a high-profile, owning a popular Chinese restaurant, yet managed to evade capture.

Op-Ed: Will rhino horn ban be lifted, following increased slaughter?

Bangkok - Rhino poachers have been busy in 2013. It is only early March and already there are reports of 146 animals illegally killed this year. In 2012, 668 Rhinos were illegally killed.

Prince William makes impassioned plea to save endangered species

Bangkok - Representatives of 177 countries gathering in Bangkok for the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, (CITES), received support, yesterday, from Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, second in line to the British Crown.

Iceland May Resume the Slaughter of Endangered Fin Whales

Gentle, and increasingly friendly to whale watchers, fin whales enjoy worldwide protection as their population struggles to recover from whaling. However, Iceland defies world agreements and hunts these whales, often selling the meat illegally to Japan.

Hammerhead sharks abandoned by endangered species group

Doha - Despite its name, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), has done less protecting and more abandoning of endangered species this year.

One-time ivory sale prohibitted by CITES

The United Nation’s Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES) in Doha, Qatar rejected requests for a one-off sale of stockpiled ivory.

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This photo released by National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. (NSPCA)  shows dea...
This photo released by National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. (NSPCA), shows dead reptiles and amphibians on top of a metal table at the Johannesburg Zoo, South Africa, Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014.
Miona Jeneke/NSPCA
Found in Madagascar  this amphibian has an incredible defense mechanism. When a predator tries to ea...
Found in Madagascar, this amphibian has an incredible defense mechanism. When a predator tries to eat the frog, the frog’s skin secretes a thick fluid that sticks to the mouth and eyes of the predator, causing the animal to release the frog. This species is listed in CITES Appendix I due to an unsustainable pet trade.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters
A chameleon (Parc Endemika) in the wild  and alive.
A chameleon (Parc Endemika) in the wild, and alive.
Antony Stanley from Gloucester, UK

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