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Cinema News

Billy Elliot live is U.K. cinema hit

A live screening of "Billy Elliot the Musical Live" has topped the U.K. and Ireland box office. This is the first time an event screening has reached number one.

Clooney marries Amal Alamuddin in star-studded Venice bash

Venice - Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney and Lebanese-British lawyer Amal Alamuddin married in Venice on Saturday before partying the night away with their A-list friends in one of the most high-profile celebrity weddings in years.

Review: McKellar's Newfoundland comedy may charm, but never seduces Special

Feel-good comedies like “The Grand Seduction” remind me of “nice guys” who try to attract women with flowers and nonstop compliments. Sure, he's harmless, he may even be sincere, but where's the edge? What makes him different from the others?

Review: Memoir tells story behind 'The Room' with expected hilarity Special

If you've never been to a public screening of Tommy Wiseau's 2003 cult film “The Room”, you've been missing a wonderful, surreal experience. Few legitimate intentional comedies hurt your belly from laughter the way this terrible flick can.

Murdoch's 21st Century Fox sees profits fade

New York - Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox reported a drop in quarterly profits Thursday despite revenues rising strongly at the film and television conglomerate.In the second fiscal quarter to December 31, net profit fell by half to $1.

Op-Ed: 'Dr. Strangelove' – Still hilarious and potent after 50 years

Could present-day Hollywood produce a satire as bold and subversive as Stanley Kubrick's 1964 masterpiece, “Dr. Strangelove, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb”? Not bloody likely. And there are several reasons for that.

Music helps elderly remember, documentary reveals at Sundance

Park City - It won't cure dementia or Alzheimer's disease, but music can nevertheless help sufferers "wake up" their memories, reveals a moving documentary presented at the Sundance Film Festival.

Brokeback Mountain, the opera, makes world premiere

Madrid - "Brokeback Mountain", the Oscar-winning epic about the relationship between two cowboys in the American West, is coming to the stage as an opera, with a world premiere in Madrid this month.

Short Documentary: 'The Way of the Dodo' — Ümit Mesut and film

London - Ümit Mesut started working life as a rewind boy in a cinema. Now his wife thinks he's obsessed and should see a doctor, but Ümit simply loves what he does for a living. Videos and DVDs mean nothing to him, as he prefers the real thing.

'Gravity' leads BAFTAs with 11 nominations

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) handed "Gravity" 11 nominations while "12 Years a Slave" and "American Hustle" grabbed 10 each.

Photo Essay: Movie magic at London's Cinema Museum Special

London - London’s Cinema Museum is devoted to keeping alive the spirit of cinema from the days before the multiplex. The museum is tucked away in an old Victorian workhouse in south London.

Op-Ed: Frank Capra made other great movies too, y'know

When modern movie viewers hear the name Frank Capra, chances are high that only one title (if any at all) comes to their minds. No Christmas cookie for guessing that I refer to “It's a Wonderful Life”, a beloved holiday tradition for some.

Op-Ed: Joan Fontaine and her five greatest roles in the movie business

Carmel - Joan Fontaine passed away Sunday at the age of 96 due to natural causes. Her death is certainly buried in the news because of Peter O'Toole's passing, but that should not take away from Fontaine's immense talent and beauty.

Op-Ed: All Rise — 10 best courtroom dramas in film history

Beverly Hills - There’s nothing better than to watch an intense courtroom motion picture on a hot summer evening. Unfortunately, for most of the United States and Canada, it’s cold now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t crack a sweat with these unforgettable films.

Op-Ed: Remodeled cinema re-opens in San Francisco, movie-goers rejoice! Special

San Francisco - Sleek, new and very 21st Century contemporary, the newly renovated Embarcadero Cinema in San Francisco held a morning-breakfast reception for members of the press on November 5.

Popcorn shown to make moviegoers 'immune to advertising'

Cologne - A group of researchers from Cologne University has shown that eating popcorn while at the movies has a unique side effect — it numbs the eater's interest in advertising.

Review: I, Frankenstein — A new type of monster movie

January 2014 is the release date for an all new monster movie. This movie will feature everyone's favorite monster, Frankenstein, as a hero. The twist of this movie will be exciting, thrilling, and have you gaping in interest and terror at the same time.

Review: Watermark is cinematic eye candy of Burtynsky's photo art Special

Toronto - The latest documentary tracking the photographic project of Canada's Edward Burtynsky is visually mesmerizing, but it's also layered with an urgent message on how mankind has mishandled water and its ecological value.

Weinstein scissors out 20 minutes from ‘Snowpiercer’

London - The Weinstein Company is cutting around 20 minutes of footage from Joon-ho Bong’s film for its North American release. What’s the reason behind Harvey Weinstein scissor fury? Viewers are too stupid to get the complete version.

Review: 'Fruitvale Station' a balanced, powerful look at Grant tragedy Special

It would have been so easy to make this movie preachy, or sentimental, or one-note. But writer-director Ryan Coogler boldly sidesteps these traps in his debut, “Fruitvale Station” – a raw, moving depiction of Oscar Grant's last day alive.

Report suggests income from 3D movies is falling

In the U.K., movies screened in 3D in 2012 generated 18 per cent of the UK's gross box office. However, this represented a decline on 2011's takings.

Police respond to movie theater 'active shooter' publicity stunt

Jefferson City - During the opening weekend of "Iron Man 3", Goodrich Capital 8 Theaters held a publicity stunt, with a man in full tactical gear, carrying a fake gun, entering the cinema. Police and several customers were not amused.

Review: Polanski tells his own story in slanted but fascinating doc Special

How do we reconcile that a man who could drug and violate a 13-year-old girl could also make undeniably great films like “Chinatown”, “Tess” and “The Pianist”? Unfortunately, “Roman Polanski: A Film Memoir” doesn't answer that question.

Review: Depression tale 'Mad Ship' looks great, but lacks coherent tone Special

If you took 'The Grapes of Wrath' and turned it into a dark tragedy about sexual blackmail, then added a long coda about raving insanity, you'd get something like 'Mad Ship'. It's a strange film, although one with gorgeous visual images to spare.

Review: 'No' depicts TV advertising winning 1988 Chilean referendum Special

Leave it to a fictionalized period drama to celebrate advertising's potential to change the world. “No”, set during the 1988 Chilean plebiscite to vote Augusto Pinochet out of power, turns history into a feel-good dramedy about a mass-media triumph.

Op-Ed: The Academy Awards — Predictions, preferences and predilections

We're two weeks away from the biggest, showiest, most controversial American public spectacle of the year. No, not the presidential inauguration – that's over. I'm talking about Hollywood's annual self-smooching love fest, the Academy Awards.

Op-Ed: The five most overrated movies of 2012

It's awards season again in Hollywood. Every year about this time, there's a certain select group of films you've been hearing about, with all kinds of nominations. It's up to the discriminating moviegoer to ask: Which are the least deserving?

Digital projection killing drive-in theatres

Drive-in theatres could be all but extinct in the US by the end of the year, when Hollywood plans to discontinue the distribution of 35-millimeter film prints to American theatres.

Op-Ed: 10 Free Classic Horror Films to enjoy for Halloween

Hollywood - Between Hurricane Sandy and the Halloween holiday many of us may be spending the next few days inside, so if you still have power, a gas generator or even a computer with a real strong battery here's some free flicks to bide the time!

Op-Ed: Paul Thomas Anderson continues his streak of compelling film art

Could Paul Thomas Anderson be the most gifted and talented American filmmaker of our generation? No, I'm totally serious. Could he be?
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Cinema Image

A selection of film books on display
A selection of film books on display
Old laundry box for a launderette in the United Kingdom
Old laundry box for a launderette in the United Kingdom
Foundation stone for the workhouse (1871) that became the cinema museum
Foundation stone for the workhouse (1871) that became the cinema museum
A selection of usherette and usher uniforms from cinemas of yesteryear #3
A selection of usherette and usher uniforms from cinemas of yesteryear #3
Signage for an old cinema chain
Signage for an old cinema chain
Old device for printing cinema tickets circa 1930
Old device for printing cinema tickets circa 1930
Old cinema sign from the 1940s
Old cinema sign from the 1940s
Photo by Julie Falk
Researchers are discovering that actions portrayed in movies likely influence  real life  behaviors ...
Researchers are discovering that actions portrayed in movies likely influence "real life" behaviors, especially for children and adolescents.
Bob Cotter
Old cinema signage - the mystery of movies
Old cinema signage - the mystery of movies
A cinema ratings board from the 1930s
A cinema ratings board from the 1930s
Entrance to the cinema musuem
Entrance to the cinema musuem
Old signage from a cinema
Old signage from a cinema
Laundry box for the clothes of ushers and usherettes
Laundry box for the clothes of ushers and usherettes
Signage for the British Film Institute (1970s)
Signage for the British Film Institute (1970s)
LG’s LW6500 model with Cinema 3D TV offers flicker-free and a brightness booster to allow users to...
LG’s LW6500 model with Cinema 3D TV offers flicker-free and a brightness booster to allow users to switch on the 3D feature without much dimming of the picture.
LG Canada
A selection of old movie cameras
A selection of old movie cameras


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