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Cicadas News

Tourists complain French cicadas are 'too loud'

Paris - It is the quintessential sound of the Mediterranean in summer, but for some French tourists the cicadas of Provence are just too noisy.

Cicadas arrive in Northern Virginia, but where are they hiding? Special

Manassas - Last month several media reports noted the Brood II cicada population is expected to explode along the U.S. East Coast. While some areas saw cicadas aplenty, other areas which anticipated a large showing have seen few.

17-year cicada broods make their presence known in New Jersey Special

Watchung - As the unusual cold snap broke on Sunday, the 17-year cicadas made their appearance known - emerging from the ground in swelling numbers.

Cicadas begin to emerge en masse along US east coast

The world’s biggest orgy is almost underway. After living underground for 17 years, cicadas from North Carolina to Massachusetts have started tunneling to the surface to begin their noisy mating ritual.

Millions of cicadas swarm regions of Alabama

Swarms of singing insects are buzzing regions of Alabama and other states, as millions of cicadas hatch from an unusual 13-year youth underground, to spend brief, busy adulthoods eating, chirping and reproducing, before dying off in July.

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Once a cicada successfully mates  the female cicadas will deposit tens of eggs in tree branches wher...
Once a cicada successfully mates, the female cicadas will deposit tens of eggs in tree branches where the larvae or "nymphs" then hatch and burrow into the soil.
Lorax (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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