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At least seven churches torched in Niger anti-Charlie Hebdo riots: AFP

Niamey - At least seven churches were burned Saturday in Niger's capital Niamey during rioting in response to the publication of a Prophet Mohammed cartoon in France's Charlie Hebdo magazine, an AFP correspondent reported.

Suicide bombing outside Nigeria church, 'several injured'

Kano - A suicide bomber blew himself up outside an evangelist church in northeast Nigeria on Thursday, injuring several people, witnesses and a rescue worker said."There was an explosion outside the ECWA church this morning.

Catholic Church in Australia links celibacy to child abuse

Sydney - The Catholic Church in Australia on Friday said that obligatory celibacy may have contributed to priests abusing children, and recommended that clergy should be given "psychosexual" training.

Alabama church to hold service in Buffalo Wild Wings

Hoover - An Alabama church is hoping that its members will go along with an unorthodox new weekly service — held within Buffalo Wild Wings.

Kenyan priest sentenced to death for Italian bishop's murder

Nairobi - A Kenyan Roman Catholic priest and four others were sentenced to death Thursday by a court in Nairobi for murdering an elderly Italian bishop almost a decade ago.

Nigeria preacher says cooperating after fatal building collapse

Lagos - Nigerian preacher TB Joshua on Thursday broke his silence over a building collapse that killed 80 at his Lagos megachurch but denied lack of cooperation and stuck to his theory of possible aerial sabotage.

Nigerian preacher under pressure over fatal church collapse

Lagos - A popular Nigerian preacher and televangelist was under mounting pressure on Wednesday to co-operate with the authorities after a fatal building collapse in Lagos that claimed at least 67 lives.

67 South Africans dead in Lagos building collapse

Lagos - South Africa's president announced Tuesday that 67 of his compatriots were among scores of worshippers killed in the collapse of a popular and controversial Nigerian megachurch.

Nigerian preacher suggests sabotage over deadly building collapse

Lagos - Nigerian preacher and televangelist TB Joshua on Sunday linked a deadly building collapse at his Lagos megachurch to a suspicious aircraft but rescue workers ruled out the theory of foul play.

Couple caught having sex in the doorway of a church

Derby - A couple in the UK were caught having sex in the doorway of a church. The incident occurred at the St Mary's church in Derby.

Ukraine's Russian Orthodox church elects leader as fighting rages

Kiev - Ukraine's wing of the Russian Orthodox Church elected a pro-Russian conservative as its new leader Wednesday, as Kiev appealed for the church to help unite the country being torn apart by a pro-Moscow insurgency.

Woman shoots porn in church and gets arrested

A woman in Austria has been arrested after she was accused of filming porn inside a church. A male told police that he recognized the woman by her breasts.

Strippers plan to protest topless at church

Warsaw - A church congregation and the employees of a strip club have been protesting each other’s establishments for years. The strippers plan on escalating the fight this Sunday by protesting topless.

Missouri church raffles off AR-15 rifles for Father’s Day

Joplin - A church held a Father’s Day raffle in which two rifles were given away, hoping to draw more people to attend the service in order to spread the Gospel. The event has caused a stir on social media sites.

Presbyterians vote to sell stakes in 3 firms operating in Israel

Detroit - Leaders of the US Presbyterian Church voted Saturday to divest holdings in three major corporations with ties to Jewish settlements in territories captured by Israel in 1967.

Dublin announces full probe into Catholic baby homes

Dublin - The Irish government said on Tuesday it would launch a full-scale investigation into controversial Catholic homes for unmarried mothers, following revelations that up to 800 infants died in one such institution over a 35-year period.

UN watchdog demands tougher Vatican abuse fight

Geneva - A UN watchdog urged the Vatican on Friday to live up to Pope Francis' vow to stamp out child sex abuse by priests, calling on the Church to ensure violators face justice.

Vatican has shown 'total commitment' in anti-abuse fight

Geneva - The Vatican on Tuesday said it had shown its mettle in the battle against child sex abuse by priests, telling a UN hearing that it was determined to stamp out the scourge.

UN anti-torture watchdog grills Vatican over child sex abuse

Geneva - The UN's anti-torture watchdog grilled the Vatican on Monday over efforts to stamp out child sex abuse by priests, as the Church defended an approach which victims said had "failed terribly".

20 injured as car crashes into Florida church

Fort Myers - A runaway car plowed into a Florida church, smashing through a wall and injuring around 20 worshippers attending Easter services, police said on Monday.

Review: Michael W. Smith breathes life into new 'Hymns' album Special

3-time Grammy winner Michael W. Smith's new album "Hymns" comes out on March 24 and it is available at Cracker Barrel stores and online.

Vatican names former victim on child abuse commission

- A former victim of sexual abuse by priests will sit on a new commission created to root out paedophilia in the Catholic Church, the Vatican said on Saturday.Pope Francis in a statement revealed the first eight names of officials who will sit on the com...

Kenyan pastor bans women from wearing underwear in church

Nairobi - A Kenyan pastor, Rev. Njohi, told his flock that women's undergarments are a hindrance to God entering their body and banned females from wearing them in "God's house."

'NATO 3' in court on terrorism charges, entrapment is alleged

Three protesters stopped by Chicago police before a 2012 NATO Summit protest, who posted video of what appears to be clear harassment, are in court on terrorism charges after nearly two years in police custody.

Spain's new cardinal says homosexuality a 'defect'

Madrid - Pope Francis' newly chosen Spanish cardinal, 84-year-old Fernando Sebastian Aguilar, has described homosexuality as a "defect" that can be corrected with treatment, sparking condemnation from gay rights groups.

Man baptised at the age of 99

London - A 99 year-old man from Brentwood in Essex in England has been baptised. “I have been thinking about it for a couple of years,” commented Norman Machin after the baptism.

Reaching Millennials: The pastor’s blog Special

The next adult generation of the American church are the Millennials, ages 18-29. They can be reached online. But, they want answers. These young adults want to know how the Christian faith should react to today's culture:

How the church feeds America Special

In the United States, no one need go hungry. Each month, churches are setting up soup kitchens and food pantries. If every church set up a small pantry, severe needs would be eliminated.

Texas mega-church linked to measles outbreak

A Texas mega-church previously opposed to vaccinations has been linked to at least 21 cases of measles and is now urging members to get the preventative shots.

Photo Essay: Toconao — ‘Stone town’ in the silence of the desert Special

Calama - Toconao, a small town in the Atacama Desert is home to an ancient native community. The charm of the village comes from its plainness, the calm of its people, its special climate, and its lovely religious architecture that has stood the test of time.
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A wheelchair in a church
A wheelchair in a church
Corey Elsen
The writing is a set of translations from Spanish names of numbers (uno  dos  and tres) and Arabic n...
The writing is a set of translations from Spanish names of numbers (uno, dos, and tres) and Arabic numerals (4–10, 21, 30, 100, and 200) to the unknown language. Some of the translated numbers have never been seen before, while others may have been borrowed from Quechua or a related language.
Jeffrey Quilter
Methodist Church
Methodist Church
Decorated door of the Sanctuary of Jesuit Brothers  Warsaw  Poland.
Decorated door of the Sanctuary of Jesuit Brothers, Warsaw, Poland.
Saint Ia of Cornwall  the main parish church at St Ives.
Saint Ia of Cornwall, the main parish church at St Ives.
God s grace is said to come from America s faith in God  a symbol of which stands in Fredericksburg ...
God's grace is said to come from America's faith in God, a symbol of which stands in Fredericksburg, Texas.
The Berlin Cathedral
The Berlin Cathedral
Márcio Cabral de Moura
Red Ice Creations
Church of the Holy Rude
Church of the Holy Rude
The Agiou Lazarou (Holy Lazarus)
The Agiou Lazarou (Holy Lazarus)
Lagos residents in church  praying into the New Year 2012
Lagos residents in church praying into the New Year 2012
Beauty within
Beauty within
The central hall of a Victorian workhouse  now a meeting room
The central hall of a Victorian workhouse, now a meeting room
The desecrated Virgin Mary Statue
The desecrated Virgin Mary Statue
St. Matthew Catholic Church
Church signs....
Church signs....
Mary s praying were cut off in the senseless act of vandalism that police are investigating as a hat...
Mary's praying were cut off in the senseless act of vandalism that police are investigating as a hate crime.
St. Matthew Catholic Church
The church of Tintagel  with a castle walkway through the cliffs.
The church of Tintagel, with a castle walkway through the cliffs.
Church signs....
Church signs....
Crystal Cathedral
Crystal Cathedral
Sarah Mount
Members of Greater Friendship Baptist Church participate in the MLK Parade in Savannah  GA.  1/20/14
Members of Greater Friendship Baptist Church participate in the MLK Parade in Savannah, GA. 1/20/14