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Chrome extension plays clown music when you read about Rob Ford

Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, has made numerous news headlines, and now there is an extension in Chrome that will play clown music whenever you read a news story or article about him.

Google's Android 4.5/5 Lollipop rumored to bring new simple look

Android 5 was expected to be released last year. Instead, we were greeted with the arrival of Android 4.4. It's that time of year where Google announces new updates at their annual developers conference.

Google to upgrade its search engine

Google is to upgrade its search engine, the tech giant has announced. This will be the first major upgrade in three years.

Op-Ed: Is Google's Chromecast worth looking into?

Its name is the 'Chromecast', but it's often described as the 'dongle'. Could this low cost solution answer the woes surrounding the internet-enabled TV industry? Furthermore, is it really worth pursuing in such a device?

Microsoft finally buries IE6 with baking of a celebratory cake

Originally released in August 2001 shortly after Microsoft's most prominent operating system, Windows XP, Internet Explorer v6 was used by 99 out of 100 surfers in its early heyday.

Browser wars: Chrome tops Firefox worldwide, Explorer still leads

Google Chrome is now the second most popular Web browser worldwide, just edging out Mozilla's Firefox in worldwide adoption in November.

Google to launch Chrome operating system this fall

Speaking at CompuTex Taipei, Asia's biggest IT trade show, Google VP of product management Sundar Pichai said Google is planning to release its Chrome operating system this fall. The OS will be free and is set to take on Microsoft Windows.

Google I/O: Chrome Web Store Announced

Google kicked off its annual web developers conference, Google I/O, in San Francisco yesterday featuring more than 5,000 developers and 80 presentations.

Google to cut Internet Explorer 6 support for Gmail

Google’s Gmail and Calendar support for Internet Explorer 6 are going to be suspended late in 2010, according to a company statement.

Google releases its operating system as open source

On Nov. 19, Google released the source code for the Chrome OS, its operating system based on the Linux kernel and working through a browser window interface.

Op-Ed: Google’s Chrome OS demo, apps are online

Google, after a rather coy interlude, have demonstrated the new Chrome operating system for the first time. It’s fast, loads quickly, and isn’t apps-cluttered. Its initial version will be for netbooks and their solid state drives.

Google's Brin and Schmidt talk Gmail outages, Chrome, book deals

This morning, Google cofounder Sergey Brin and CEO Eric Schmidt spoke with a dozen reporters in New York about many Google-related topics, from recent Gmail outages to hiring new staffers to the proposed resettlement on its books archive.

Op-Ed: What is Google up to with its new operating system?

No, Google’s Chrome is not designed to knock Microsoft off its intimidating market perch. It’s a signal that the next big thing in computing lies in a direction that Microsoft hasn’t really planned for

Browser wars heat up as Google releases Chrome update

Google has overnight released an upgrade to its Chrome web browser, bringing speed and a few new features to the table in the fight against competitors such as Mozilla's Firefox and Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Google: 10 Million Chrome Browser Downloads in 100 Days

Google has removed the beta from the Google Chrome with the new update. It has been downloaded by 10 million users in just 100 days of launch.

Google reveals plans for extensions in Chrome browser

Google Chrome was an instant hit when it was introduced three months ago. But everyone complained about the lack of extensions found in other browsers, such as Firefox. Google is responding to those complaints.

Study shows Google's Chrome is the fastest of all browsers

A new performance study compared Firefox 3.0.4, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 7, Opera 9.6, and Safari 3.2 browsers. Results showed Google’s Chrome loads Web pages faster than others.

Use Multiple Google Accounts Simultaneously in One Browser With Google Chrome

Do you want to use multiple Google accounts in one browser? Using Google's new Web browser called Chrome, you are now able to access two different Google accounts using a single browser.

Google Chrome surpasses Opera, gaining share from IE

Google’s new Chrome browser has overtaken Opera in browser market share in just two days. Opera achieved the same feat in a decade.

Google, the world's most powerful 10-year-old

Google Inc. was founded on Sept. 7, 1998 with four computers as servers and a $100,000 investment. In the last 10 years, it's grown to a $150-billion market value company with nearly 20,000 employees worldwide.

Digital Journal TV: Is Google's Chrome the Best Web Browser?

The browser market got a bit more competitive this week with the launch of Google's Chrome. If you're used to using Firefox, Explorer or Safari to browse the Web, you might be asking yourself if it's worth switching. Here is your in-depth review.

Google is watching more than streets with the addition of facial recognition software

In a week which has seen Google enter the browser wars with the beta version of Chrome, a more subtle innovation has been introduced to the Google Picasa photo collection products.

Op-Ed: A Little Thing To Know About The Chrome Browser Before You Use It

Ready to use the new Google Chrome? If you are a writer, developer, musician or anyone who posts creative works beware. Post on Chrome and your work becomes part of the Google network. Fellows, Google isn't going to pay you a dime for your genius.

Google's Chrome Tops Internet Explorer and Firefox in Speed Tests

Google's Chrome browser is faster than other leading browsers, including Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 7 based on the [url= t=_blank]Acid3 test[/url] for browsers.

Google introduces new web browser called Chrome

Google introduced a new web browser called Chrome that will go head-to-head against Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari and others.

Gleaming Chrome Makes A Comeback

HAMBURG (dpa) - Whatever happened to chromium plating? - during the 1980s these gleaming embellishments seemed to have vanished from the car world.After the excesses of the 1980s designers opted for the lacklustre combination of matt-coloured or shiny ...

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A look at all three popular Web browsers