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Chrome News

Google announces new privacy functions with new browser update

Google has announced new privacy improvements and data retention practices across their core products. The intention is to keep all user information safe and to put the user back in control.

Google started logging people into Chrome without their consent

A security expert has discovered that Google had quietly made important changes to Chrome's login requirements. Matthew Green spotted that Google was logging users into Chrome without their knowledge.

Op-Ed: Chrome the top web browser now ten years old

When it was first released 10 years ago Chrome was marketed as a fresh take on the browser. It was first launched as a Windows only beta app, before it made its way to Linux and MacOS in 2009.

Chrome will no longer accept extensions that mine cryptocoins

Beginning today, Wednesday April 4, Google's Chrome Web Store will refuse to accept extensions that mine cryptocurrencies. The company complains that over the past few months there has been a rise in "malicious extensions".

Google switches on Chrome's built-in ad blocker

Google has enabled Chrome's controversial built-in ad blocker in an update released today. Starting with Chrome version 64, the browser will now automatically remove ads that Google deems to be intrusive. Users cannot globally disable the setting.

Chrome has a big lead in competition for most used browser

The Chrome browser dominates over all others in terms of its usage on the Internet. However, the measurement of usage is complicated and there can be some measures that overestimate the usage of a browser and others that underestimate usage.

Google confirms that Chrome is getting a built-in ad blocker

Google has announced significant changes to its approach to online advertising. Confirming previous rumours, it has said it will enable automatic ad blocking in Chrome next year. It will also withdraw its own ads from sites that use them irresponsibly.

Google open-sources Chrome for iOS

Google has open-sourced the iOS version of its Chrome web browser, enabling external developers to experiment with the code and build their own versions. The work has taken several years to complete, owing to the complexity of Chrome's iOS app.

Google to phase out Chrome apps on Windows, Mac and Linux

Google has announced it will discontinue support for in-browser Chrome apps on Windows, Mac and Linux PCs in 2018. It launched Chrome apps to allow developers to build rich online experiences, but it admits better solutions are now available.

Microsoft launches all-new Skype app for Linux desktops

Microsoft has unveiled a completely rebuilt version of Skype for Linux, bringing the previously abandoned app up to the standard of its Windows and Mac counterparts. The new release is faster, more responsive and supportive of new features.

Chrome bug lets you download full Netflix movies for free

A recently discovered bug in Google's Chrome web browser makes it possible for anyone to download full movies from DRM-protected sources including Netflix and Amazon. Pirates could easily bypass Chrome's copy protection systems to access content.

Microsoft: Edge gives you 50% more battery than Chrome, Firefox

Microsoft has slammed the battery life of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, claiming its own Edge browser allows laptops and tablets to last for up to 50 percent longer on a charge. It is also updating Edge with even more power saving features.

Google disables pressing backspace to go back in Chrome

Google has removed the "press backspace to go to the previous page" feature from experimental versions of Chrome after determining people frequently trigger it by accident in forms. After entering lines of data, hitting backspace can delete it all.

Fewer perks for employees could be new normal in Silicon Valley

San Francisco - Okay, the $100,000 chrome panda stays. But a lot of the lavish perks that made internet file-sharing startup Dropbox one of the most sought-after places to work are being cut or eliminated.

Save webpages to read later with Google's new Chrome extension

Google has quietly launched a new Chrome extension that lets you save webpages to the cloud for later reading. The extension rivals existing tools with the same purpose including Pocket, Evernote and Microsoft OneNote.

Chrome to dethrone Internet Explorer as most popular browser

Google Chrome is now very close to becoming the world's most popular web browser. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are about to swap places in the charts as Microsoft's aging browser continues to quickly fall out of favour with many consumers.

5 astonishing (and free) Chrome hacks you didn't know you needed Commissioned

For years, savvy Internet users have been making simple changes to their Google Chrome browsers to optimize their online experience.

Chrome app launcher being killed off as Google simplifies browser

Google has announced it will remove the app launcher from Windows, Mac and Linux versions of its popular Chrome web browser. The company is making the change to streamline the browsing experience as few people actively use the feature.

Can you hack a Chromebook? Google offers $100k for your time

Google has set a challenge to security research and friendly hacking communities. It will pay $100,000 to anyone who details a working exploit that gives them remote and persistent access to a Chromebook computer, an attractive new reward.

The next version of Google Chrome could be up to 26% faster

Google is claiming some impressive performance improvements for the next version of its Chrome browser, due in a few weeks. The use of a new compression engine known as Brotli could let some webpages load as much as 26 percent faster.

Google Chrome can now save up to 70 percent of your mobile data

The Android version of Google's popular Chrome browser now features an enhanced Data Saver mode which can reduce mobile data usage by as much as 70 percent. It is supposed to improve performance on slow networks and lower bills.

Google Chrome to end support for Windows XP and Vista next year

Google has announced that its Chrome web browser will no longer be supported on Windows XP, Windows Vista and some older versions of Mac OS X from next year. Users still have a little time left but the company is keen to get people upgrading.

Google keen to deny Chrome OS rumours, platform 'is here to stay'

Google has publicly debunked recent theories that it will kill off its Chrome OS cloud operating system by publishing a blog post emphatically saying the platform is going nowhere. It was thought Chrome OS may merge with Android next year.

Google could be planning to kill Chromebooks and ChromeOS

Google is planning to join its ChromeOS cloud-based operating system with Android, according to a new report. The company is restructuring so all its operating systems are based on Android but has denied it has plans to kill off ChromeOS.

Google removes always-on 'OK Google' voice search from Chrome

The latest version of the Google Chrome web browser, released earlier this week, removed support for always-on listening for the 'OK Google' hot-word to start voice searches. Google says it is hardly ever used but the move has upset those who do.

Google kills Chrome's most confusing icon

Google has simplified a Chrome feature which has often confused users and created more questions than it was supposed to answer. The Page Security address bar icon now indicates more clearly whether a website is secure, protected and safe to visit.

Obscure 16-character Chrome bug crashes browser on mouse click

A bizarre bug in Google's popular Chrome browser is being widely reported online today. The browser instantly crashes when confronted with a 16-character URL, immediately going unresponsive as soon as the link is hovered over or clicked.

Microsoft caught recommending Edge when downloading Chrome

Microsoft has been caught trying to convince Windows 10 users to give its Edge web browser a chance by "recommending" it when making a Bing search for rivals Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It could be viewed as anti-competitive by some.

Google Chrome is going on a diet today

Google has updated its Chrome web browser with several new features designed to make the browsing experience feel much faster, especially on low-end devices. There are also some major improvements to battery life, another traditional issue in Chrome.

Google to kill Adobe Flash in Chrome from next month

Google has said that it is going to continue contributing to the slow death of Adobe Flash next month by updating Chrome so that it freezes all Flash media by default. The company says performance and battery life will be improved as a result.
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Google s Chrome.
Google's Chrome.
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Google Chrome app launcher
Google Chrome app launcher
Chrome acceptable ads
Chrome acceptable ads
Updated Data Saving mode in Chrome Mobile
Updated Data Saving mode in Chrome Mobile
Google Chromebook
Google Chromebook
Google Chrome
Google's Chrome.
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A look at three Web browsers.
A look at three Web browsers.
Google will now show red warnings for sites infected with malware and other  unwanted software
Google will now show red warnings for sites infected with malware and other "unwanted software"
The Asus Chromebit  an $85 Chrome OS dongle computer
The Asus Chromebit, an $85 Chrome OS dongle computer
The simplified Page Security icon in Chrome 46
The simplified Page Security icon in Chrome 46
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Save to Google extension for Chrome

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