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Op-Ed: The Re-History of the Muslim Brotherhood - Part 1

Recently, the Muslim Brotherhood has made news with their actions in Egypt. However, this is only another attempt in a long line of attempts to conquer.

Op-Ed: America's child President

In a time when America needs her president, Obama once again pits his federal government against the American people punishing them for government actions.

New Windows 8 App obscures The White House

Windows 8 and Tom Tom GPS traffic cam app doing their part for national security. The new traffic cam app makes it impossible for prying eyes to get too close to the White House.

Op-Ed: Holy War ticking time bomb for America

With Egypt on fire and Christians running for their lives under threat from the Muslim Brotherhood, is this only the beginning of the war against Christians around the world? Will the United States be next?

Op-Ed: Islamic Ideology — The fuel that drives the Jihad engine

Islamic Ideology proclaims the entanglement of religious and governmental politics into every element of Muslim life. With no escape from God's judgment Muslims must atone for every action.

Op-Ed: Credulous America — The deception of Islam

Radical Islam making good on their promise to infiltrate America. However, very few are willing to speak out. This is the first of many articles geared to bring to light the tactics and intentions of the Jihad and the radical Islamic moment in America.

Op-Ed: Conservative attorney may be recent-target of administration

Conservative attorney may the latest but not the last victim of a corrupt liberal administration. Attacking on all levels, in order to secure the destruction of careers, lives, and country.

FBI goes Round Two with terrorist – linked group CAIR

CAIR criticizes FBI on terrorist sting operation policies for what appears to be retaliation for being named a co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial.

Op-Ed: America's path to Revolution — Again

In a time when America's uncertainty has people looking to the future; it's important to remember many answers to today's problems await rediscovery in her past.

Op-Ed: Suicide — Killing the teens & young people in America

Teen and youth suicide is rising at an alarming rate while parents, schools officials, and experts are scrambling to learn why.

Southern Poverty Law Center holds press conference Special

In a press conference, The Southern Poverty Law Center released their annual statistical report of the number of hate groups and anti-government groups with guest Daryl Johnson, former Department of Homeland Security task force analyst.

Homicide: Number Two Killer of Teens in America

Homicide and teens are two words which are being used together at an alarming rate. With school shootings or attempted shootings reported daily, parents and officials struggle to understand this tragic trend.

Op-Ed: Farewell to Pontiff — U.S. Bishop share his respects

A Pontiff excuses himself from the most revered post in the world drawing questions and speculations while the search for a successor draws candidates from around.

Op-Ed: Show 'Parenthood' becomes infomercial for Planned Parenthood

Hollywood television show "Parenthood" is pushing a Planned Parenthood abortion agenda. Selling a trip to the abortion clinic like going to the dentist and offering no moral argument, given the show's name sake.

Op-Ed: Guns in classrooms — Bad idea

Many things do not mix well with guns. Classrooms full of students is one of them. Should it be the responsibility of educators to safeguard students with lethal force?

Op-Ed: Godless America

Atheism, the position of not believing in a God or the acknowledgment that in fact there never was God? Either way the topic is creating a back lash of controversy among religious leaders and followers alike.

Op-Ed: A peaceful place to vote in Raleigh, NC Special

Raleigh, North Carolina providing convenience and aid for those who find it difficult to have their vote counted with curbside voting assistance.

Op-Ed: Insane Glenn Beck quickly becoming the voice of reason

Glenn Beck, first New York and now Dallas. Since leaving Fox news his Internet network has been a runaway hit. To go along with his publishing house, clothing line, documentary company, and Mercury One, Glenn's charity/action organization.

Five tests show your man may want sex with other women

Too often a man's infidelity is blamed on weak character or an unhappy marriage. Now through research another explanation is offered.

Op-Ed: The world waits with bated breath as election draws near

All the world's eyes are on the American election, candidates battle for their place among the super powers of the world. Who will be the real winners?

Op-Ed: Obama’s secret plan for running the country:

Now more than ever the country is in need of its Commander in Chief. However, the current philosophy of the White House administration proves to be self-serving to the president with little regard to the welfare of the country.

Op-Ed: Islamic radicals holding First Amendment hostage

The First Amendment, an instrument of truth and justice. Or has The First Amendment become an instrument for lies and propaganda?

Backlit screen may cause sleep disorder

Tweeting, texting, and Facebooking may not be the only things keeping you up at night. New research shows how backlit screens on your favorite gadget, also maybe causing you to lose sleep.

Op-Ed: Maricopa County, AZ Seat to Unprecedented Judicial Corruption

Maricopa County, Arizona judicial corruption allegations reach unprecedented level, and battle lines are drawn leaving a wake of victims in it's path.

FBI Shopping for Social Networking Eves-dropping Software

FBI furthers it's reach into cyberspace and user privacy all in the name of security once again by suggesting the need for eves-dropping.

Op-Ed: The Biggest Mistake Computer Users Make

Everyday more and more hackers, virus, and worms threaten to steal or destroy valuable information sitting on users computers. Take steps to close obvious vulnerabilities left open on your computer.

FBI Counterintelligence releases Social Networking Risks Report

New FBI report details high risk methods of social networking deception used by so called hackers to gain personal information for the purpose of defrauding the unsuspecting user.

Op-Ed: Nuclear Escalation looms in Middle East

As nuclear tensions build in the Middle East the world holds it's breath in hopes of a peaceful resolution between Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. Iran, as a weapon of retaliation, denies oil to six European countries.

Operational in America — Sharia influence in schools

The growing influence of Islamic teaching in U.S. public schools is causing concern in several different states such as Massachusetts and Virginia.

Op-Ed: Operational in America — Sharia Law (Part 1)

Is Sharia law an unwanted imposition on American culture and society or the seed of fundamental change meant to challenge the Constitution for survival?
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