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Thousands of Ethiopians march in government rally over IS killings

Addis Ababa - Tens of thousands of Ethiopians marched through the capital Wednesday in a government-organised rally condemning the murder of a group of Ethiopian Christians by Islamic State militants in Libya.

U.S. anger over IS 'atrocity' against Christians in Libya

Tripoli - The United States condemned the "brutal mass murder" of 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya following a video released by Islamic State militants purportedly showing their execution.

Boko Haram out to wipe Christians off the map in Nigeria

Over 70 million Christians living in Nigeria are in fear for their lives as the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram continues its murderous rampaging across northeastern Nigeria, reaching into as far as Chad, Cameroon and Niger.

IS shows purported executions in Libya of Ethiopia Christians

Tripoli - The Islamic State group on Sunday released a video purportedly showing the execution of some 30 Ethiopian Christians captured in Libya.

Muslim and Christian population will soon be equal globally

There will come a time in the not to distant future when the old adage, "Love thy neighbor as thyself" will become more important than it has ever been. This is because the world's religious profile is rapidly changing, maybe for the better.

Vatican backs use of force to stop IS 'genocide'

Washington - The Vatican's ambassador to the United Nations has endorsed military action against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria -- an unusual move because the Vatican traditionally has opposed force in the region.

Taliban attacks on Pakistani Christian district kill eight

Lahore - Eight people were killed and more than 50 injured when two Taliban suicide bombers attacked churches in Pakistan Sunday, sparking mob violence in which two other suspected militants died.

US-led strikes on IS after group seizes 220 Christians

Birut - The US-led coalition has carried out air strikes against the Islamic State group in northeastern Syria, where the jihadists have launched a new offensive and kidnapped 220 Assyrian Christians.

Fears grow as IS 'seizes 220 Assyrian Christians'

Birut - Islamic State group jihadists have abducted 220 Assyrian Christians in northeastern Syria in recent days, a monitoring group said Thursday, as international concern grows for the minority group.

Christians flee jihadists after Syria kidnappings

Birut - The kidnapping of nearly 100 Assyrian Christians by Islamic State militants in Syria has prompted terrified families to flee their homes, activists said, as Washington vowed to defeat the group.

US condemns IS jihadist kidnap of Christians in Syria

Birut - The United States has condemned the abduction by the Islamic State group of dozens of Assyrian Christians in Syria and demanded their immediate release.It was the first mass kidnapping of Christians in the war-torn country.

Op-Ed: Why aren’t Islamic State terrorists Islamic terrorists?

The White House Summit on Combating Violent Extremism ended last week with much politically correct discussion, but no definite plan on how to combat violent extremism, and certainly no willingness to define it.

ISIS vows to take down Rome

In the most recent propaganda video released by the militant group ISIS, the terroristic group vows to conquer Rome. Some say it is a blatant attack on Christians.

Egypt strikes Libya jihadists after beheadings video

Cairo - Egypt carried out air strikes against Islamic State group targets in Libya on Monday after the jihadists posted a video showing the decapitation of 21 Coptic Christians, the military said.

IS in Libya says it has beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians

Cairo - The Islamic State group in Libya released a video on Sunday purportedly showing the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians, prompting Egypt's president to threaten a "suitable" punishment for the killings.

Egyptian Coptic teen seized in Libya found dead, says hospital

Benghazi - An Egyptian Coptic Christian teenager abducted in Libya by armed men who killed her parents has been found dead, a hospital source said Friday.

Florida gives Satanists right to erect 'Angel in Hellfire' scene

Miami - In 2013, Florida passed a law which gave equal representation to Christians, Jews, secular humanists, atheists, and Pastafarians, thus allowing them to construct testaments to their own faith (or lack thereof) on the grounds of the state Capitol.

Swinging for Christ: Couple spreads word of God through swinging

Naples - A Florida couple says they are helping to spread the gospel of Christ by "swinging", calling it all a part of "God's plan."

Op-Ed: Fighting terror prayer challenge (selfies OK)

On Sundays, our parish sings the Beatitudes, from the Sermon on the Mount. But this time, the words reached through the millennia to highlight the headlines of today: wars, beheadings, and the jihadist genocides of Christians and people of other faiths.

Rick Francona: Expert opinion on the Middle East Special

An interview with Middle East expert Rick Francona on opening borders to Christian refugees, World War III, ISIS, and reducing the conflict between Israel and Gaza.

Mosul's Christians ask, 'Where is the conscience of the world?'

On Saturday, the Vicar of the only Anglican church in Iraq warned that the end was "very near" for Christians in that country. Mosul is Iraq's second largest city, and six weeks ago, 35,000 Christians lived there. Today, there are no Christians in Mosul.

UN Security Council denounces persecution of Iraqi Christians

New York - The United Nations Security Council has denounced militant persecution of Christians and other minorities in Iraq, warning such actions can be considered crimes against humanity.

Op-Ed: China Christians fear persecution after church demolished Special

Wenzhou - After initial optimism at new Chinese President Xi Jinping's seeming tolerance of religion and a growing number of Christians in China, Chinese Christians are concerned over the removal of crosses and destruction of a church in the south.

Op-Ed: Dangerous to be a Christian Special

2013 was a dangerous year for Christians. Many were tortured and killed, mostly by Islamists throughout the Middle East. Jesus said "love your enemy," so Christians don't usually seek revenge, making them easy targets.

'Miracle Girl?': Teen wakes from coma when family sings hymns

Provo - "An amazing miracle" has taken place deep in the heart of Mormon country, say family and friends of a brain-dead teenager who awoke from a coma after they sang hymns by her hospital bedside.

Christians in Findlay, Ohio, celebrate Christmas Special

Findlay - Christians in Findlay, Ohio, are preparing to celebrate Christmas this holiday season, along with believers around the world. Some are handing gospel tracts to store clerks, feeding the hungry and sharing the message of the Bible with prisoners.

Human rights groups plead for help in Central African Republic

Human rights groups are seeing first-hand the ravages of war in the Central African Republic (CAR), as gangs of Christians and Muslims rampage through the streets, ignoring peacekeeping forces, mutilating, killing and committing other atrocities.

France to send more troops to troubled Central African Republic

The U.N. deputy secretary general is warning that the Central African Republic (CAR) is descending into chaos, and urgent help is needed. Strengthening of the African Union-led forces is called for, turning the crisis into a peacekeeping mission.

Ancient Christian Syrian village taken by rebels; minority flees

Damascus - People are fleeing from one of the longest-established locations of the Christian religion, where the language of Jesus is still spoken and which is recognised as part of the world’s common cultural and religious heritage.

Op-Ed: Islamic persecution of Christians intensifies

The Middle East crisis continues as the Arab spring has given way to a Christian winter, Muslims demolish Church building in Egypt, and an Egyptian court sentences a Christian family to 15 years for converting from Islam.
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Examples of  loving  Christians reacting to an atheist organization s request to put up a placard ne...
Examples of "loving" Christians reacting to an atheist organization's request to put up a placard next to a "God is love" sign.
Christian swingers  Dean and Cristy Parave
Christian swingers, Dean and Cristy Parave
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A hate billboard set up by Billboard Express at request of anti-MIitary Religious Freedom Foundation Group
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Muslim mobs burned houses, businesses, and churches
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Christians in Pakistan
Christian swingers  Dean and Cristy Parave
Christian swingers, Dean and Cristy Parave
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The National Christian Center is a non-denominational church building of the Christian Association of Nigeria in Abuja.
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A riot of colour – a previous Pride march in London
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...and some more loving words.
Mosul s Christians have been forced out of the homes by ISIS  leaving behind a Christian legacy dati...
Mosul's Christians have been forced out of the homes by ISIS, leaving behind a Christian legacy dating back almost 2,000 years.

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