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Christ News

Swinging for Christ: Couple spreads word of God through swinging

Naples - A Florida couple says they are helping to spread the gospel of Christ by "swinging", calling it all a part of "God's plan."

Op-Ed: Holy Turin Shroud could be real

A recent study confirms that the Holy Turin Shroud was made earlier than previously thought. The recent scientific dating techniques should defeat the skeptic arguments against the Holy Shroud’s date and renew faith in Christianity.

'Miracle' in Russia: Putin's icon seeping myrrh

Moscow - "Miracle" in the village of Bol'šaja El'nja, Nižnyj Novgorod, Russia: icon of current Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said to shine and cry myrrh.

Op-Ed: Nazis and German Catholics and Lutherans

New York - Religious leaders must transcend those challenges that threaten to erode our commitment and obligation to turn our world from conflict and horror.

TopFinds: Christ's thorn at UK museum, Utah's golden money

A thorn from Christ's crown will be displayed at a British museum. Utah decides to allow gold and silver as legal tender. Will radiation in Japan slip into the ocean? These are the top stories on

New transit campaign in Toronto will go after Allah, Christ, UFOs Special

A new "skepticism campaign" is aiming to roll out on Toronto's transit system in 2011, taking on "well-known and widely believed claims" such as homeopathy, UFOs, Zeus, Christ and Allah, according to the Centre for Inquiry Canada .

Op-Ed: The Catholic Synod statement on Israeli settlements

New York - Pope Benedict XVI convened the first Special Assembly for the Middle East of the Synod of Bishops in Vatican City from October 10th to 24th.

Op-Ed: Forgive Me Father, But Anne can have Christ without Christianity

The question has been asked, can one have a relationship with Christ without having a relationship with Christianity? Father Raymond J. de Souza says no, but that is just one opinion.

Anne Rice: I follow Christ, but not Christianity

Author Anne Rice has said that following Christ does not mean “following His followers,” describing Christ as “infinitely more important than Christianity.”She doesn't want to belong to a church that is anti-gay, anti-feminist, and anti-life.

Op-Ed: Easter 2010: is Christ's message still relevant today?

Easter 2010 is approaching fast. On the (give or take a couple of years) 2000th anniversary of Christ's death, how relevant still is His message to the modern world?

Jokey Jesus may raise Christian ire in New Zealand

A poster depicting a jokey Jesus on the cross – due to be put up tomorrow – is likely to raise Christian hackles in New Zealand.

Perfectly timed for Easter, an atheistic book by Philip Pullman

Bestselling author Philip Pullman has timed the publication of his new book to coincide with Easter. While many people will be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, Pullman's book - as he says - will make the cross even crosser.

Good Samaritan and Children's Joy Reveal Meaning of Christmas Special

The Pope is attacked at the Vatican. Folks are wounded and killed in a fall in Toronto. Family stress is reported to increase at Christmas. But there's good news today after all, as Portland, Oregon shows in its stories and pictures of giving and love.

U.S. researcher says 'Shroud of Turin' could be genuine

The "Shroud of Turin,” believed to be the cloth in which Jesus Christ was buried, was found to be bogus after testing was done in the 1980s. But new evidence suggests the test methods performed were incorrect and biased.

Op-Ed: At the End of the World, Will You Be One of the Chosen?

Catastrophes loom, and the airwaves and newspapers are full of hypotheses of the world ending soon. In fact some have designated a special time for that to happen.

Op-Ed: London Calling, Fat Jesus poster banned

Still smarting from their ignominious retreat on the Lucas Cranach poster, the guardians of public morals at the London Transit Authority have banned yet another poster for being "offensive." This time it's an ad for a new play called "Fat Jesus."

Easter Greetings DJ

While Easter has its origin in pagan practices, thanks to the merging of Pagan Rome with Christianity in the third century A.D. by Constantine, Easter is now celebrated by Christians world wide. What Easter means to the believer.

Man Who Claimed to be Jesus Now Says He's the Antichrist

People thought it was shocking when a local preacher who claimed to be Jesus Christ was introduced, I hope they don't fall off their chair when reading this.

Puerto Rican Minister Claims He Is Second Coming of Christ & More

In 1973, Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda awoke one night and saw two hulking men at his bedside. They announced to him the arrival of the Lord and then Christ not only came, he "integrated" with de Jesus.

Cruise 'is Christ' of Scientology

In an even creepier turn of events for the already criticized religion, members of the Church of Scientology have now declared that Tom Cruise has become comparable to Christian's Jesus.

Preacher gets death for burning woman

"A Nigerian preacher has been sentenced to death for burning women he said were adulterous, and killing one."

The 'New Atheists'? A New Way to Propogate 'Old' Information

What is this "New Atheism"? Is it really New?

'Nativity' Booted From Ill. Holiday Fair

A public Christmas festival is no place for the Christmas story, the city says.

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A look at Grace community church s Good Friday service from the back  as singers celebrate on the st...
A look at Grace community church's Good Friday service from the back, as singers celebrate on the stage
The disciples look for the body of Christ.
The disciples look for the body of Christ.

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