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Op-Ed: Islamic Ideology — The fuel that drives the Jihad engine

Islamic Ideology proclaims the entanglement of religious and governmental politics into every element of Muslim life. With no escape from God's judgment Muslims must atone for every action.

Op-Ed: Show 'Parenthood' becomes infomercial for Planned Parenthood

Hollywood television show "Parenthood" is pushing a Planned Parenthood abortion agenda. Selling a trip to the abortion clinic like going to the dentist and offering no moral argument, given the show's name sake.

Op-Ed: Maricopa County, AZ Seat to Unprecedented Judicial Corruption

Maricopa County, Arizona judicial corruption allegations reach unprecedented level, and battle lines are drawn leaving a wake of victims in it's path.

FBI Shopping for Social Networking Eves-dropping Software

FBI furthers it's reach into cyberspace and user privacy all in the name of security once again by suggesting the need for eves-dropping.

Op-Ed: Is Morality Dead in America?

Reports indicate public morality in America continues to waiver in the lower numbers, experts speculate the cause. Some suggest media plays a big part.

More people online means more eyecare needed

As people spend more and more time in front of and looking at LCD computer screens, eye care becomes more important than ever, experts say.

K2 - What Parents should know about Marijuana Alternative

K2 drug gains world attention as new and dangerous threat with a potency ten times that of marijuana. The repercussions of its use are uncertain as authorities scramble to set a precedence.

Hewlett Packard's loss is Oracle's gain?

Redwood, California - On September 6, 2010 Oracle hardware server giant and company consumer announced the hiring of former Hewlett Packard Chief Executive Officer Mark Hurd.

California Cannabis 'Entrepreneur' Leads Charge for Legalization

In March, John Hoeffel of the Los Angeles Times reported a man named Richard Lee, an Oakland marijuana entrepreneur, is leading the chard in the debate over legalizing the possession and use of the drug outside of medical need.

Are Rich People Healthier and Happier?

According to a new Gallup study those who have do better than those who do not. The wealthier among us would seem to fair better health wise due to greater access to resources.

Internet Address Shortage is Coming

With the entire new technology out there it's no wonder we are running out of IP addresses. IP addresses are the way all the different pieces of technology are able to find each other.

Newbold's approach to Ohio politics Special

Craig Newbold, self-made businessman in the technology industry and life-long resident of East Liverpool, Ohio is throwing his hat into the ring of politics.

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