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Chocolate News

Riley Smith talks 'Chocolate,' 'Nancy Drew,' and 'True Blood' Special

Actor and singer Riley Smith chatted with Digital Journal about his new single "Chocolate" and his experience on such shows as "Nancy Drew," "True Blood" and "Nashville."

Review: Riley Smith charms on his sultry single 'Chocolate' Special

Singer-songwriter and actor Riley Smith released his new music video for his single "Chocolate." Digital Journal has the scoop.

Gazans delight in home-produced chocolate goodies

Gaza - Off a bumpy dirt road in Gaza city, a group of children stood outside a half-open factory door, desperate to get their hands on what was being made inside. "We want chocolate!

Brazil cocoa follows in footsteps of famed wines, boosting prices

Coaraci - With an attentive eye, Henrique Almeida watches a technician carefully open a hundred cocoa pods, while another worker on the plantation collects samples in bags to check whether the batch conforms to the "South Bahia" geographical indication.

Essential Science: Chocolate is much older than we thought

Chocolate remains the feel-good food for many and humans have been using it in various forms for thousands of years. New Canadian research suggests that the sweet treat’s origins are older than any previous research has indicated.

EU judges offer no 'break' in Kit Kat trademark war

Luxembourg - The European Union's top court on Wednesday ordered the EU's intellectual property office to "reconsider" Kit Kat's bloc-wide trademark, prolonging Nestle's decade-long battle to claim exclusive rights over the chocolate bar's distinctive shape.

Dark chocolate consumption reduces stress

The results of the first human trials examining the influence of dark chocolate consumption on cognition and other brain functions, shows a marked reduction in both stress and markers for inflammation.

Tickled pink: Japan lovers taste new chocs on Valentine's Day

Toukyo - It is a marriage made in Heaven for cute-obsessed Japan: this Valentine's Day, lovers can present the object of their affection with a world first -- naturally bright pink chocolate.

Why daily chocolate treats might be good for cognition

Food research is a veritable feast of ideas. The latest offering is that the administration of cocoa flavanols affects cognitive function, to the degree that cognitive performance can be improved by a daily intake of cocoa flavanols.

Mars recalls chocolate over Salmonella risk

Slough - Global confectioner Mars has recalled a number of its products over fears they have been manufactured contamination with the bacterium Salmonella.

Cadbury says chocolate may become smaller after Brexit

Cadbury announced that the prices of their products may increase or shrink after Brexit. However, the company is committed to remaining in the United Kingdom.

Hot Docs Podcast Festival brings Science Vs to Toronto

The inaugural Hot Docs Podcast festival was a definite success. Fans of podcasting flocked to the Hot Docs cinema on Bloor St. over the weekend to enjoy the wide range of programming on offer.

Review: Kilwins — Long Island's ideal place to satisfy your sweet tooth Special

Babylon - Kilwins, situated in both Babylon and Patchogue on Long Island, is the ideal place for someone to satisfy their sweet tooth. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Lower fat chocolate? Now possible thanks to U.S. researchers

Anybody out there like chocolate at all? Anybody maybe LOVE chocolate? In case anybody does and worries its fat content is a trifle high, some physicists have come to the rescue by inventing a way to make chocolate with a lower-fat content.

New study shows chocolate or cocoa may boost athletic performance

A British study performed at Kingston University showed that eating dark chocolate and cocoa may improve athletic performance and help during fitness training. Chocolate and cocoa are already known to have a positive effect on cardiovascular health.

Remarkable history of coffee and chocolate yeast

Wild strains of yeast are necessary for the natural fermentations required for chocolate and coffee production. New genetic data indicates that the yeasts associated with coffee and cacao beans have had a special history.

A fungus that causes frosty pod rot in cacao trees clones itself

The fungus that causes frosty pod rot in cacao trees, the source of chocolate, reproduces by cloning say researchers at Purdue University.

Watchdog group finds lead in popular brands of chocolate

Health watchdog group As You Sow has released a list of popular chocolate brands that it says contain dangerous levels of lead and cadmium.

No break for Nestle as EU rejects Kit Kat claim

Luxembourg - Swiss food giant Nestle failed Wednesday in a bid to get the EU's top court to let it trademark the shape of its four-fingered Kit Kat chocolate bar in Britain.

Beer yeast creates the perfect chocolate

Making high quality chocolate is an art form and food technologists are continually experimenting with new processes. In a left-field move, one group has started to use the yeast from manufacturing beer.

Op-Ed: A bar of chocolate a day helps you lose weight. Really?

There is plenty of good science out there, and there is plenty of bad science. A scientist and journalist, John Bohannon, has highlighted how quickly 'bad science' can circulate with a spoof feature on chocolate and weight loss.

KFC to bring edible coffee cups to the UK

Food chain KFC has announced that UK customers will soon be able to eat their coffee cup thanks to the development of a new heat-resistant chocolate coated cookie biscuit.

Chocolate candies found to have unsafe levels of metal

San Fransisco - Independent testing has found 62 percent of chocolate products contain levels of lead or cadmium at a level that violates California’s proposition 65 law.

Can chocolate improve memory?

New York - In a new study, chocolate was found to improve the memory of people aged between aged 50 to 69. Sounds good? The only catch is that you would need to consume an excessive amount of chocolate to achieve the memory feat.

Monkey goes on chocolate bender in France, gets Tasered by police

Marseille - Fueled by chocolate, an aggressive monkey went on a rampage and was taken down by police using a stun gun in a Marseilles neighborhood. Kids had been giving the North African Macaque chocolate, and the critter's rampage incited a flurry of phone calls.

Fart pills can make your farts smell like roses and chocolate

Gesvres - Christian Poinchevalhas, from France, created a pill that he says is designed to make your farts smell like roses and chocolate.

World chocolate supplies running low as consumption grows

The demand for chocolate in our world is outstripping the supply of the stuff and experts are saying it could lead to increased prices and even stockpiling. The good news is media is all over the story. But does knowledge of the looming crisis help?

Scientists brewed tea in a chocolate teapot

Experts based in York have managed to make a teapot made from chocolate, and it was able to hold boiling water for two minutes.

Hershey increases chocolate prices after 3 years

Fans of Hershey products are going to have to pay a bit more for their favorite sugary confections. An average raise in price of 8% just happened. The cost had previously stayed at the same level since 2011.

Master Spanish chocolatier arrested for spiked candy

Santa Pola - For those chocolate addicts out there, this particular treat would have been an even bigger high. A master "turronero," or nougat-maker, in Spain has been arrested for making chocolates spiked with the main ingredients of magic mushrooms and marijuana.
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Chocolate Image

Bitter chocolate brownie  served with malt ice cream rolled in honeycomb and layering of Devon cream...
Bitter chocolate brownie, served with malt ice cream rolled in honeycomb and layering of Devon cream toffee sauce.
Twitter user @LenEdits tweeted this picture of the Stan Lee chocolate bar during the Sweet! shop deb...
Twitter user @LenEdits tweeted this picture of the Stan Lee chocolate bar during the Sweet! shop debut.
A sample of the Midnight Dark bar from Fearless Chocolate
A sample of the Midnight Dark bar from Fearless Chocolate
A picture of the real thing which this Kickstarter is supposed to give you a taste of.
A picture of the real thing which this Kickstarter is supposed to give you a taste of.
Van Robin
Carobs hanging of a carob tree(Ceratonia siliqua)  Mallorca.
Carobs hanging of a carob tree(Ceratonia siliqua), Mallorca.
Chocolate most commonly comes in dark  milk  and white varieties  with cocoa solids contributing to ...
Chocolate most commonly comes in dark, milk, and white varieties, with cocoa solids contributing to the brown color.
User:Aka / Creative Commons
Mayan Coffee and Chocolate stall.
Mayan Coffee and Chocolate stall.
Courtesy of Elliot De Alba of Elly's Munchies
Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate
Luisa Contreras (CC BY 2.0)
Because of the prevalence of frosty pod rot in Central America  cacao production has moved to West A...
Because of the prevalence of frosty pod rot in Central America, cacao production has moved to West Africa.
A plate of fudge
A plate of fudge
Flickr user Honey Bunny
Cadbury s ad campaign  created by Fallon London
Cadbury's ad campaign, created by Fallon London
Fallon London / Cadbury
Hershey s Chocolate
Hershey's Chocolate
Via Wikimedia / MissingHailstone
A chocolate display.
A chocolate display.
Lalita Krishna, chocolate media
Sugar  milk  cocoa and butter mixture
Sugar, milk, cocoa and butter mixture
A bunch of various chocolates
A bunch of various chocolates
Heather Annette Miller, Penn State
Chocolate Christmas tree
Chocolate Christmas tree
screen capture from news video

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