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Chip News

No action on CHIP leaves millions of children without health care

Almost 9 million children across the U.S. are at risk of losing health care under the Children’s Health Insurance Program, known as CHIP. Lawmakers failed to renew funding for CHIP by Sept. 30, and states are at risk of running out of money.

World's first 1000-core processor can be powered by an AA battery

Researchers have unveiled the world's first 1,000-core processor chip. Dubbed the "KiloCore," the supercomputing chip is capable of running 1.78 trillion instructions every second and is built from a record-breaking 621 million transistors.

Samsung to exclusively build the chip inside 2016's top phones

Samsung has reportedly scored an exclusive contract to manufacture Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 flagship mobile processor in a deal worth over $1 billion. Samsung already builds its own Exynos-branded processors as well as the chips in Apple's iPhone.

Rumour: Intel Broadwell-E series to include a 10-core processor

Intel may be working on a new processor for true PC enthusiasts. The upcoming chip is rumoured to have 10 individual cores, a selling point that will only give noticeable performance gains in applications like video editing and big data crunching.

Intel has an 'army' of 1000 working on chips for Apple's iPhone 7

Apple is reportedly turning to Intel to help manufacture the processor for its next iPhone after controversy surrounding its dual-sourcing of the chips inside the iPhone 6S series. Intel is apparently very keen to replace Qualcomm for the next phone.

Apple: iPhone 6S batterygate claims are 'misleading'

It has been a few days since reports that some iPhone 6S handsets have as much as two hours more battery life than others began circulating online. The time has been enough for Apple to issue a response in which it dismisses the claims as "misleading."

Carbon nanotube processors could be 1000x faster than silicon

A new method of engineering the processors that power computers could result in chips with 1000 times the performance of today's best offerings, according to a group of researchers.

Next year's phones to charge to 80% after just 35 minutes

Mobile processor manufacturer Qualcomm has unveiled the next generation of its ultra-fast charging technology, revealing that next year's phones will be able to reach 80 percent capacity after just 35 minutes of external power.

Next-gen phones will defend against malware from the processor

Phone processor manufacturer Qualcomm has announced that it is building malware protection directly into the core of its Snapdragon 820 chip, destined for next year's flagship devices. It will use machine learning to intelligently protect a host device.

Intel's new processors offer 20% more power, 30% more battery

Next month, Intel will be unveiling a new range of processors for desktops and mobile devices. A leak has revealed we can expect 10-20 percent improvements in performance while saving 30 percent battery, creating an all-new generation of powerful devices.

Moore's Law continues as IBM announces new smaller computer chips

IBM has announced that it has successfully halved the size of the smallest components on today's computer chips to create the fastest processor ever seen using a circuit of the same area. The development continues Moore's infamous law.

World's thinnest ever light bulb produced

By taking advantages of the properties of graphene, scientists have created the thinnest light bulb ever. The bulb is the size of a silicon chip.

This $9 computer wants to 'work, play and everything in between'

A $9 computer seeking crowd-funding right now is making waves in the technology world because of its promise of being able to do anything an ordinary computer could do, while still fitting with ease into the palm of your hand and carrying that low price.

Intel buys fitness-tracking band maker Basis

San Francisco - Intel announced it has bought fitness-tracking band maker Basis Science as part of a move into the hot wearable computing market.The California-based chip maker on Tuesday did not disclose how much it paid for Basis, which makes a strap-on wrist band t...

Taiwan Semiconductor lifts Q1 guidance on upbeat outlook

Taipei - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, the world's leading contract microchip maker, on Wednesday raised its first-quarter guidance buoyed by robust demand for sophisticated chips used in smartphones and tablets.TSMC said revenue, gross profit margin a...

Taiwan's TSMC making chips for new iPhone

Taipei - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co has started producing chips for Apple's next iPhone, a report said Wednesday, as speculation swirls that the US firm could be offloading rival Samsung as a supplier.The world's leading contract microchip maker last...

Taiwan's TSMC making chips for new iPhone

Taipei - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co has started producing chips to be used in Apple's next iPhone, reports said on Wednesday, as speculation swirls that US firm could be offloading rival Samsung as a supplier.The world's leading contract microchip ma...

Super chip provides real-time images of the heart

Scientists have developed a catheter-based device that can provide forward-looking, real-time, three-dimensional imaging from inside the heart, coronary arteries, and peripheral blood vessels.

Intel earnings sink as personal computer era fades

San Francisco - US chip giant Intel on Thursday reported that its net profit last year sank 13 percent but that the troubled personal computer market appeared to be stabilizing.California-based Intel said that it made a net profit of $9.6 billion on revenue of $52.

Anti-stroke device in development

A device called the Watchman is in development. This is an implant designed to minimize the effect of strokes on the heart.

Brain chip helps injured rats to move

With a futuristic brain patch, brain-injured rats regained the ability to reach out and grab a bit of food. This new technology might one day help people will spinal injuries.

Video: Watch McDonald's staff save baby choking on chip

CCTV captured the moment staff and customers at a McDonald's outlet in Sydney, Australia battled to save the life of 14-month-ld Nevaeh last month. McDonald's staff saved the toddler's life when she stopped breathing after choking on a chip.

Newly developed chip implant in eye 'helps blind people to see'

Ophthalmologists in Germany have fitted a pioneering experimental chip behind the retina of a man born with an inherited form of blindness. He can now distinguish bright objects and identify simple cutlery items like knives, forks and spoons.

Crisp packets made from plants coming and going

While it was announced that environmentally-friendly crisp packets, made from potato peelings, could soon be on shop shelves across the UK, a North American company cut back on its use of compostable snack bags.

British scientist first human 'infected' by computer virus?

Reading - A young British scientist stakes a claim to being the first human infected with a computer virus after he contaminated an electronic RFID chip implanted in his hand.

Electronic chip new tool in malaria detection

University of Glascow researchers have begun developing a powerful diagnostic tool in the battle to diagnose and treat Malaria.

New IBM chip will let an iPod store 500,000 songs from 40,000

IBM scientists have developed a breakthrough technology with a new chip that will be able to store a hundred times more songs than the current iPods and other MP3 players in the market.

Dog starts car after eating chip

A woman motorist tried to start the car with a key remote but it didn’t work, so she called the car service agency AA to help her get going. The patrolman used her dog to start the car after the dog ate the electronic car starter chip.

Ever Wonder About The History Of The Potato Chip?

I like doing word searches while I am, um.....uh, busy in the bathroom. I saved a couple of the completed ones I did about a month ago (word searches, that is!). One of the topics was about the history of the potato chip with related words to seek out.

IBM using self-assembling material

IBM has developed a way to make microchips run up to one-third faster or use 15 percent less power by using an exotic material that "self-assembles" in a similar way to a seashell or snowflake.
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Chip Image

CHIP is a $9 computer
CHIP is a $9 computer
Next Thing Co
Google Bristlecone
Google Bristlecone
CHIP is a $9 computer
CHIP is a $9 computer
Next Thing Co
Next Thing Co
The back of an RFID chip
The back of an RFID chip
Intel’s new self-learning chip promises to accelerate artificial intelligence.
Intel’s new self-learning chip promises to accelerate artificial intelligence.
© Intel Corporation
The chemical chip can control the delivery of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. This enables chemi...
The chemical chip can control the delivery of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. This enables chemical control of muscles, which are activated when they come into contact with acetylcholine. (Credit: LiU/Ingemar Franzén)
LiU/Ingemar Franzén
HP tutorial
CHIP is a $9 computer
CHIP is a $9 computer
Next Thing Co
The Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 [screenshot of introductory video]
The Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 [screenshot of introductory video]
A 3D carbon nanotube computer chip design
A 3D carbon nanotube computer chip design
Max Shulaker, Live Science
Image of hand with implanted RFID chip  next to RFID reader.
Image of hand with implanted RFID chip, next to RFID reader.
Amal Graafstra via Wikimedia
CHIP is a $9 computer
CHIP is a $9 computer
Next Thing Co
Feline chip implant
Feline chip implant
A mico chip on the the edge of a finger
A mico chip on the the edge of a finger
Samidha Verma