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Chinese economy News

Op-Ed: China to inject huge cash stimulus, but no easy outs

Beijing - The news is that China is planning a big fiscal stimulus, but don't expect the worries to go away soon. Misreading the Chinese economy is an art form. Numbers, like people, can lie their heads off; it just depends who’s doing the reading.

Elite Talk: A talk with Yves Leterme on China's economic reforms Special

The 48th Prime Minister of Belgium Yves Leterme shared with this author his perspectives on China's sweeping economic reform package and what it means for the world economy in the foreseeable future.

Elite Talk: A talk with Yves Leterme on Chinese Dream Special

The 48th Prime Minister of Belgium, Yves Leterme, recently shared with this author his interpretation of the Chinese Dream, and also his impression about the father of the Chinese Dream — Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Op-Ed: Oversimplifying China — West tells China how to run itself, again

Sydney - You have to wonder about the various interpretations of the Chinese economy coming out of Western sources. Some are hardnosed, rational perspectives, some are just too simple.

China remains a magnet for fortune Special

Chengdu - Fortune's choice reflects how China remains a magnet for global businesses amid economic transition. As the curtain rose on the 2013 Fortune Global Forum (FGF) in Chengdu Thursday, China is once again in the spotlight.

China's economy will soon overtake the EU and US economies

In its new report, Looking to 2060: A Global Vision of Long-term Growth, the OECD has announced that China’s economy will surpass the combined economies of the European Union (EU) Member States in a year.

Absurd enough? World Bank tells China to adopt Western economics

Sydney - We, who bask in the genius of Western economic theories on an hourly basis, hope to bring China around to our Nirvana-like level of brilliance. The World Bank has decided to help China escape its sinful prosperity.

Max Keiser: US Dollar is Warren Buffett toilet paper

Independent financial analyst and former stock broker Max Keiser sat down with Russia Today on Friday to discuss the current economic situation between China and the United States.

China's economy grows with 8.9 percent

It seems the global economic crisis has hit every corner of the world, except for China: the statistics bureau said in Beijing has said that the Chinese economy has grown with almost 9 percent in the third quarter of 2009 from a year earlier.

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Andy Serwer of the Fortune magazine thinks China s economic development is one of the biggest storie...
Andy Serwer of the Fortune magazine thinks China's economic development is one of the biggest stories in the world. (People's Daily Online/Phoenix Lee)
Pudong  China s financial and commercial hub  situated in Shanghai.
Pudong, China's financial and commercial hub, situated in Shanghai.

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