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China US relations News

China cancels visits to US farms sending stocks down

In an unexpected move, China canceled planned visits to US farms. The trips had been touted by the Trump administration as building goodwill between the two countries who have been involved in a trade war.

Russia and China claim US promotes protests in their countries

While the State Department urges US citizens to avoid unauthorized protests in both China and Russia, both countries have claimed the US promotes protests.

China planning counter measures against US trade policies

The trade war between China and the United States appears about to intensify soon, as China is taking steps to retaliated for such measures as the ban on doing business with its telecommunications giant Huawei.

Op-Ed: Chinese users rally around Huawei after US moves against it

After a US government order that will limit or end trade with any foreign company that is regarded as a security risk Google (Alphabet) cut off Huawei's license to use Android proprietary apps and services on its Android phones.

Op-Ed: US will not grant China waivers to buy Iranian oil after May 1

Washington - Officials in the Trump administration claim that China will not be given any time to "wind-down" purchase of Iranian oil nor any extension of waivers granted to it that expire on May 1.

US increases power to regulate Chinese investment in the US

Congress has acted to increase national security controls over merger and acquisition transactions involving China particularly with respect to technology firms. The Trump administration is also threatening China with even more tariffs.

China warns it can hurt big Dow-listed U.S. firms in a trade war

The Chinese government-controlled Global Times tabloid said that China could hit back at Dow Jones listed U.S. firms should the U.S. keep exacerbating tensions over trade.

Op-Ed: China angry at U.S. sanctions and weapons sales to Taiwan

Washington - Sanctions have been imposed on the Chinese Bank of Dandong with the U.S. Treasury department accusing it of being "a conduit for illicit North Korean activity".

Op-Ed: Trump threatens U.S. action against North Korea

Washington - Last month in South Korea, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned that a military option was still on the table in dealing with North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

Op-Ed: China vs. U.S. in the South China Sea — a very deadly situation

Sydney - The possible conflict between China and the U.S. over the South China Sea islands has some truly bizarre issues built in. The U.S. has stated it intends to “block access” to the islands. This could very well mean war with China.

Op-Ed: China’s PLA, cyber theft and simplistic spin

Sydney - The US is getting calls for action to deal with cyber theft by the PLA. This is a far more complex situation than either side is prepared to admit. The spin has seriously dumbed down the real issues.

Op-Ed: Cyber War — Chinese 'security risk' to Australian NBN

Sydney - Huawei Ltd has been banned from participation in Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN). The trouble is that it’s widely rumoured that Australia’s equivalent of the CIA, ASIO, was the main factor in the ban.

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