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Chimps News

Research claims crows are as smart as chimpanzees

Crows and parrots have thinking skills that are right up there with the thinking skills of chimpanzees. This is what researchers are claiming.

Chimps enjoy movies starring people in ape suits

A new study revealed that chimps and bonobos become very engrossed in films that feature people who are dressed in ape suits.

Op-Ed: How our fellow animals can become mentally ill just like us

The lioness paces back and forth in her tiny cage. Her face appears passive, but her constant pacing suggests frustration, perhaps because her feet never touch grass, and she never sees anything but people staring at her.

Chimpanzees show the skills necessary for cooking

A research group at Harvard studied Chimpanzees in order to gain an insight as to how humans evolved the skills to cook.

Research chimp use questioned by U.S. judge

New York State Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jaffe has ordered officials at Stony Brook University to provide justification for their custody of Hercules and Leo, two chimpanzees used in research.

Chimps can learn words for objects

Edinburgh - According to some new research, chimpanzees can learn “words” for objects. This is a new insight into how chimps learn and develop.

NY court will decide if chimps should have same rights as humans

As the result of a lengthy battle by animal-right's activists, an appeals court in New York will decide if chimps should have the same rights as humans.

Video: chimps caught on camera teaching and learning

Scientists have captured stunning footage of wild chimpanzees teaching each other to use tools. The researchers argue that the primates are engaging in social learning.

Chimps use eyes to show empathy

Amsterdam - New research suggests that Chimpanzees may reinforce social bonds with each other by involuntarily mimicking a fellow chimp’s pupil size.

Is intelligence inheritable?

Atlanta - The inheritance of intelligence has proved to be a controversial subject over many decades, and one fused with the nature-nurture debate. To add to the mix, some researchers have said that chimpanzees inherit general intelligence from their parents.

Chimp retirement bill signed

The U.S. President has signed a bill to support the retirement of federally owned research chimpanzees over the next five years. This followed months of delays.

Chimp retirement delayed

The sixty NIH chimpanzees that were set to enjoy their remaining years at a sanctuary in Louisiana will have to wait a little longer due to "budgetary problems."

Young chimps copy human yawns

Young chimps yawn contagiously when they see humans do it. Some scientists think that this response could be a signal that the animals are developing empathy.

NIH to retire most of its research chimps Special

The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) issued a heavily anticipated decision to retire nearly 90 percent of its chimpanzees.

New hope for U.S. research chimps

The U.S. government has put forward a proposal to grant captive chimpanzees the same endangered species status as wild chimps. This proposal has not gone down well with all scientists.

Chimps contract malaria at the same rate as people

Chimpanzees have been studied for the first time relation to the incidences of malaria. The conclusion is that chimps can contract malaria just as easily as people and have similar survival rates if untreated.

Harvard to close monkey research center

Harvard Medical School has announced that it is to close down its primate research center. The move appears not to be motivated by concerns about animal testing (despite recent criticisms) but rather a consequence of a lack of funding.

Decision outstanding on research chimps

The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) will finalize plans for what to do with its remaining research chimpanzees by the end of March 2013. U.S. citizens have a chance to comment before the decision is made.

Video: Monkey doing push-ups and sit-ups like a boss

In a recently uploaded video, a monkey effortlessly does push-ups and sit-ups like a total boss. This really gives meaning to "it's so simple even a monkey can do it."

Video: Chimps show better working memory skills than humans

Researchers have found that chimps have a superior short term memory than humans in symbolic representation tests. This is significant because short term memory skills are an important element in IQ tests that purportedly measure "intelligence."

U.S. government scientists retire research chimps

U.S. government scientists have decided that almost all chimpanzees kept for federally funded research will be retired from laboratories. The chimps will be placed in a national sanctuary.

Video: Panic in Hanover zoo and Las Vegas as chimpanzees escape

Five chimps caused panic at a German zoo after they escaped using a ladder constructed out of tree branches. In a separate incident, police in Las Vegas shot and killed a chimp and tranquilized another after they escaped.

Review: The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary shows resilience of research chimps Special

In Quebec a hobby farm is the site of a sanctuary for retired research chimps. Operated by Gloria Grow and her partner Richard, Fauna Sanctuary tries to give these animals a sense of peace after their long years as lab subjects have ended.

Former lab chimps go outdoors for first time: video

Several chimpanzees who spent years in a laboratory were able to venture out into the daylight recently, many for the first time in their lives, and the event was captured on video.

50 years ago Dr. Jane Goodall began her research

Fifty years ago a young Jane Goodall, then 26, stepped on the shorts of Lake Tanganyika, in what is now Tanzania’s Gombe National Park. That step changed the way people view the natural world.

Scientists find gene for human language

Scientists have discovered a mutated gene for why humans have language and chimpanzees, our closest relative, do not. Only one gene is involved in the important barrier.

Op- ed: Chimp Philip Tells of The Escape from the Tacugama Sanctuary

Our cousin Philip who is a chimpanzee and an endangered species reports from his residence at the Tacugama Sanctuary tells us of his great escape and describes to us what his life has been like while living in captivity. But first let me tell you...

Tarzan Chimp Is World's Oldest: He Turns 75

Once a star from the famous Tarzan movies, Cheeta the Chimp is still a party animal at 75.

Chimpanzees 'hunt using spears'

Chimpanzees in Senegal have been observed making and using wooden spears to hunt other primates, according to a study in the journal Current Biology.

Did Chimpanzees have had their own Stone Age?

Evidence that shows they were using stone tools to crack nuts 4,300 years ago, appears they did.
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