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Chimpanzee News

Chimpanzee beds are cleaner than human ones

New research will surprise those who think they have a high level of personal hygiene. A microbiological study of the sleeping areas of chimpanzees and human beds has found that, socially, the sleeping areas of chimps are cleaner.

Population of chimpanzees fashion drinking sticks

A population of chimpanzees in the Ivory Coast have been observed fashioning tools to use as drinking sticks. The findings provide further evidence about different subcultures within chimpanzee populations.

Chimpanzees show the skills necessary for cooking

A research group at Harvard studied Chimpanzees in order to gain an insight as to how humans evolved the skills to cook.

The key to bigger brains is in the DNA

Scientists have identified a human DNA element that spurs nerve growth and brain growth when placed in mice. The consequences are that the larger brain might have a greater memory capacity.

Chimps can learn words for objects

Edinburgh - According to some new research, chimpanzees can learn “words” for objects. This is a new insight into how chimps learn and develop.

No 'human rights' for chimpanzees

New York - A U.S court has ruled that a chimpanzee is not entitled to the same rights as people and does not have be freed from captivity.

Video: chimps caught on camera teaching and learning

Scientists have captured stunning footage of wild chimpanzees teaching each other to use tools. The researchers argue that the primates are engaging in social learning.

Chimps use eyes to show empathy

Amsterdam - New research suggests that Chimpanzees may reinforce social bonds with each other by involuntarily mimicking a fellow chimp’s pupil size.

Chimpanzee 'language' translated to English

New research brings insight into Chimpanzee language and how gestures could be used to convey a specific meaning, raising questions about the origins of our own language development.

Animal magic, chimps can self-med

Some animals are very adept at practicing medicine to heal themselves. A biologist based in Japan has found a remarkable example of "animal magic" involving chimpanzees.

Chimp retirement bill signed

The U.S. President has signed a bill to support the retirement of federally owned research chimpanzees over the next five years. This followed months of delays.

Chimp retirement delayed

The sixty NIH chimpanzees that were set to enjoy their remaining years at a sanctuary in Louisiana will have to wait a little longer due to "budgetary problems."

Photo Essay: An urban safari on the coast of Spain Special

Fuengirola - It is so easy to forget that a whole different world exists just around the corner in the popular Spanish seaside resort of Fuengirola. Every now and then I have to remind myself by visiting yet again.

41-year-old chimpanzee has cataract operation, regains her sight

Santa Cruz De Tenerife - A heartwarming story comes out of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Silvia, a 41-year-old blind chimpanzee at the Loro Parque Zoo, has undergone a cataract operation and has had her sight restored.

NIH to retire most of its research chimps Special

The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) issued a heavily anticipated decision to retire nearly 90 percent of its chimpanzees.

Chimps contract malaria at the same rate as people

Chimpanzees have been studied for the first time relation to the incidences of malaria. The conclusion is that chimps can contract malaria just as easily as people and have similar survival rates if untreated.

Video: Monkey doing push-ups and sit-ups like a boss

In a recently uploaded video, a monkey effortlessly does push-ups and sit-ups like a total boss. This really gives meaning to "it's so simple even a monkey can do it."

U.S. government scientists retire research chimps

U.S. government scientists have decided that almost all chimpanzees kept for federally funded research will be retired from laboratories. The chimps will be placed in a national sanctuary.

Video: Panic in Hanover zoo and Las Vegas as chimpanzees escape

Five chimps caused panic at a German zoo after they escaped using a ladder constructed out of tree branches. In a separate incident, police in Las Vegas shot and killed a chimp and tranquilized another after they escaped.

Movies only part of the fun at 15th annual kids film festival

Toronto - Thirteen days of movies, games, interactive exhibits and plenty more family-friendly fun are part of the 15th annual TIFF Kids International Film Festival, starting April 10 in downtown Toronto.

Cheetah the Chimpanzee of 1930s Tarzan films dies at 80

Cheetah the Chimpanzee, one of Hollywood's most famous animals who appeared in 1930s Tarzan films, has died of kidney failure, aged 80. The primate sanctuary in Florida said he died on December 24 after having outlived his co-stars.

Malaria originated in gorillas and not chimpanzees: Study

Researchers have discovered that the most common form of human malaria—Plasmodium falciparum—may have originated in western lowland gorillas. The closest genetic match between malaria that infects humans and one that infects gorillas has been found.

Travis the Chimp owner Sandy Herold passes away

The former owner of the chimpanzee who attacked its owner's friend, horribly disfiguring her has passed away. It has been reported that Sandy Herold, Travis' former owner died Monday.

Attorneys in chimp mauling case and lawsuit freeze owner's assets

Following the February mauling by a pet chimpanzee, both victim and defense attorneys have come to an agreement to freeze the owner's assets. In March, a $50 US Million lawsuit against the chimp owner was filed.

Op-Ed: Family of chimp attack victim seeks $50 million in damages

The family of the chimpanzee attack victim in Connecticut is seeking $50 million in compensatory damages. The victim lost her hands, eyes, nose and some part of the jaw.

Chimp in stone attack

Researchers say a chimpanzee from a zoo based in Swedish zoo has regularly planned his attacks on visitors to the zoo it was reported today.

Two white tiger cubs have a surrogate mom, a chimpanzee

The two tiger cubs were separated from their mother after their sanctuary flooded, when a hurricane hit. Now the cubs are attended by a chimpanzee, which emulates her caregiver.

Not a Single Sighting of Moe the Chimp

Search continues for Moe the Chimp who seems to have just vanished into the thicket of Devore. The door is closing on the hope he is found alive.

Orthopaedic Surgeon Operates on Chimpanzee

An orthopaedic surgeon at the University of Liverpool has performed a groundbreaking operation on a chimp in Cameroon to correct a deformity more commonly seen in dogs.

Did Chimpanzees have had their own Stone Age?

Evidence that shows they were using stone tools to crack nuts 4,300 years ago, appears they did.
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Chimps show superior working memory skills than humans
Chimps show superior working memory skills than humans
Kyoto University
Silvia  a 41-year-old blind chimp in Tenerife s Loro Parque Zoo has had her vision restored after un...
Silvia, a 41-year-old blind chimp in Tenerife's Loro Parque Zoo has had her vision restored after undergoing a human-like cataract operation.

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