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Chimp News

Pregnant chimp adopts orphan in 'unheard of' act

Sydney - An Australian zoo Wednesday unveiled a baby chimp adopted by a pregnant female in an "unheard of" act after his mother died during birth.

Photo Essay: An urban safari on the coast of Spain Special

Fuengirola - It is so easy to forget that a whole different world exists just around the corner in the popular Spanish seaside resort of Fuengirola. Every now and then I have to remind myself by visiting yet again.

Santino the chimp's stone-throwing tactical war on zoo visitors

A chimp whose behavior gained attention of researchers and earned him notoriety among zoo visitors is back in the news. Santino recently demonstrated what seems evidence of a nonhuman species deploying premeditated tactics in aggressive confrontation.

Can a chimp beat scientists in 2010 hurricane predictions? Special

Washington - NOAA's track record in predicting the number of Atlantic hurricanes is so abysmal that a trained chimp could do better, says The National Center for Public Policy Research, and they're putting him to the test in storm, climate and weather predictions.

Chimp saw female zookeeper as ‘sex object’

In Russia, a female zookeeper was violently attacked by a lonely sex-starved chimp who she reportedly claimed was trying to rape her.

Not a Single Sighting of Moe the Chimp

Search continues for Moe the Chimp who seems to have just vanished into the thicket of Devore. The door is closing on the hope he is found alive.

Washoe, The First Signing Chimp Has Died

Washoe, the female chimp who was the first to learn sign language has died. Washoe lived at the Central Washington University's Ellensburg campus in 1980. She had a vocabulary of about 250 words in sign language.

Forbidden fruit: Chimp ladies love it

Pilfered fruit that is boldly plucked under the farmer's gaze may be the secret to stolen love, at least for wild male chimpanzees and their consorts, according to British researchers.

Hiasl, a 26 Year Old Chimpanzee In Legal Battle - "He Is A Person" Activists Declare

The protection of one's legal rights is an important issue. Those rights include the right to own property, to not be tortured or denied shelter. Seems reasonable enough - until you discover Hiasl is a Chimpanzee.

Who Knocked Up Teresa? - A Maury Povich Mystery in The Chimpanzee Community!

In what could be described as a story ripped from the pages of The Maury Povich Show, Teresa, a female chimp living in a retirement community for the aged, has turned up with a newborn baby? But, who is the Baby Daddy? All of the males had been sterilized

Chimps More Evolved Than Humans

Have our ape ancestors come further than us in terms of evolution?

DNA Results Released: The Daddy's Identity Finally Revealed

In one of the most anticipated DNA tests in recent history, the results are finally in! The official announcement was made on ABC's Good Morning America. 7 males were tested, as the paternity of the the little girl was unknown. Only DNA held the answer.

Chimp Returns Finger Other Chimp Bit Off

A trainer at the San Diego Zoo lost part of his finger to a chimp Wednesday.

Chimpanzies use hammers

"Back when people were fashioning humanity's first wheels in Egypt, chimpanzees were bashing nuts with heavy stone hammers in West Africa, a Canadian-led team of scientists announced yesterday. The scientists say the discovery of the 4,300-year-old st...

Congo's smoking Chimp, rescued from War, dies at 62

Congo's smoking chimp called Gregory, dies at age 62.

Escaped chimp gets snack, cleans bathroom

Judy goes on an eating and cleaning binge.

Baby chimpanzee arrives naturally at Chimp Haven

Despite the fact that all the male chimps there had vasectomies, a newborn has arrived at Chimp Haven.

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Silvia  a 41-year-old blind chimp in Tenerife s Loro Parque Zoo has had her vision restored after un...
Silvia, a 41-year-old blind chimp in Tenerife's Loro Parque Zoo has had her vision restored after undergoing a human-like cataract operation.

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