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Childhood obesity News

Schools forced to slim down on bake sales

Once a time-honored, childhood tradition, the scholastic bake sale might not have many semesters left in American schoolhouses.

Obese sibling plays larger role in obesity than overweight parent

A new study suggests that having an obese sibling increases a child's chances of becoming overweight more than having obese parents.

Girl, 9, confronts McDonald's CEO on childhood obesity

At the McDonald's annual shareholder meeting on Thursday, a 9 year-old girl faced the company's CEO in objection to the fast food giant's poor nutrition - just days after the return of the "mega potato" in Japan.

McDonald's anti-obesity proposal fails

Fast food chain McDonald's has rejected for a second time an anti-obesity proposal tabled in response to the growing epidemic of childhood obesity fuelled by junk food.

Scientists discover new genes linked to childhood obesity

In the largest study of its kind to date, an international team of researchers has identified two new gene adaptations that increase the risk of common childhood obesity.

Researchers link child obesity to meals outside the home

A group of researchers from the University of Granada in Granada Spain discovered a strong link between children eating at home and their level of nutrition.

McDonald's pressured to retire iconic Ronald McDonald character

Over 500 health organizations across the US have mobilized against McDonald's, saying the fast food giant is peddling poor nutrition to America's children.

In sugar versus 'corn sugar' products, both are very bad for you

With members of the American sugar farming industry suing over the 'corn sugar' advertising label levied by those with high-fructose corn syrup interests, the end result still remains that both sweeteners are quite unhealthy.

Study: Obesity linked with feeding babies solid foods too soon

Feeding babies solid food earlier than six months have a higher risk in becoming obese before they reach the age of three, researchers say.

Potential recruits 'too fat to fight' says US military group

Washington - A new report suggests more than 9 million young adults are too overweight to serve in the military, a growing concern that will threaten national security within 20 years if the trend is not reversed. A veterans military group blames school lunches.

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Childhood obesity

Childhood obesity Image

The US military sees school age obesity as a growing threat to national security.
The US military sees school age obesity as a growing threat to national security.
photo: akuban/flickr
Photo: wfyurasko
Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions
Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions
Nick Sherman/flickr